Your Sunday Digest for December 13, 2020: Freedom is Ours for the Taking [videos] ~ December 13, 2020

Shall we play a game? Let’s play “Follow the Leader”. The Commander-in-Chief says…


— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 12, 2020

The data collected on the Dominion voting machine activity on November 3rd indicates massive fraud.

CONFIRMED: Dominion voting machines in Georgia were remotely controlled during election… foreign interference now a FACT

“The evidence of fraud was not where we were looking,” said our source. “It was cleverly hidden in the error rate.”

Well, there goes the “glitch” excuse. Read more at the link below.

Error Rate On Dominion Machines Set 1000x Legal Rate…Fake Ballots Approved Via Internet Connection

The rally for President Trump in Washington DC on Saturday was a tremendous success and the President showed his appreciation with a fly-over in Marine 1. I heard one speaker tell the crowd, “Welcome to the swamp.” People get it. The education process was very effective and the students have graduated with honours. Congratulations to the Q Team and President Trump and his family and supporters for an excellent job.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 12, 2020

We learned this week that Rudy Giuliani and Devin Nunes both tested positive for the Kung Flu. Rudy reports that he recovered miraculously fast, and came back better than ever. That echoes what the President and others reported after treatment so it seems like key figures are being stated to contract the disease as an example to the public how easy it is to treat. They like to use the word “miracle” and suggest they are better than before they got the virus. Are they all now immune? That’s certainly the suggestion if you read between the lines.

Somehow, the Patriots need to find a way to remove the cabal’s power to instill fear and to end the lockdowns, masks, and social distancing which are destroying our societies and our nations. The People have to emerge from this scamdemic SOON. Dare we say, “Emergence is coming” as the Cicada 3301 group predicted? I believe so.

What I have picked up in my journey brings 17 into focus again. I didn’t watch very long so I missed that it was 17 jets in this Tweet.

If you listened to the Miracles Intel Call on Wednesday you probably heard that Gen. Flynn is leading a coalition of 17 nations in the largest military operation in the world and will make arrests of the cabal criminals.

A lot of people panicked when they saw the Russian navy positioned between the UK and the coast of Europe. When you hear that the UK is noticeably missing from the above noted coalition to take down the cabal, perhaps you’ll see that situation differently. Russia is our friend, and that is why the deep state was screaming, “Russia! Russia! Russia!” for years—and still are if they get the chance. They tell you who THEIR enemies are, not yours and mine. Trump and Russia are their enemies.

I would also point this out:

Are they ready for their FISA vaccine?

— John F Kennedy Jr. (@HSRetoucher) December 12, 2020

The Army-Navy game? You can’t make this up.

Scott Mowry told us months ago that when President Trump says the military are going to be spearheading and delivering thousands of “vaccines”, he is talking about our cure for the cabal. The military are going to eradicate the infection of evil. Forget the virus. It’s a non-issue other than being a psyop. It’s a psyop the White Hats have used to their distinct advantage in many ways. Watch!

Therefore—just so we’re clear—the massive amount of military activity is not about WWIII. It’s about a deep clean of our planet. The military are disinfecting for us. MERRY GITMAS! And what additional delights will present in these coming festive weeks? Wait and see.

Do you recognize a crime when you see one? A crime against Humanity? Can you find it? This has to end. Lock them up! Penalize the airlines who treat people this way.

This World has become openly wicked in a hurry

— Drebonacci (@Drestradamus) December 12, 2020

Not everyone may see the degree to which the New World Order has infiltrated our society. They corrupt everything, including religion. This examination of the soldiers of Satan and their work in the church is shocking when we see how they are using the COVID crisis to control the People. They want to de-Humanize us and are driving a wedge between us and our faith; our spirituality. The main example here is in London, Ontario Canada. Yikes. Beware, folks. 7 min.

The Vortex — M&M’s

It just might be easier to address the COVID psyop on the small, local level. If your elected officials are on your side, you can work together. In Mossyrock, the elected officials know they are public servants and there are great videos in this thread showing the spirit of unity in The People.


The entire town of Mossyrock, WA is out rallying after the Mayor of Mossyrock announced he will not be abiding by @GovInslee’s COVID lockdown orders.

— Katie Daviscourt🇺🇸 (@KatieDaviscourt) December 12, 2020

LT brings us this video from And We Know to sum up the gist of the major developments. Never give up. Yes, Trump won the election, and that will be proven.

SCOTUS got you down? It’s not FINISHED! Stand for TRUTH…hold the line.


Sidney Powell Sounds the Alarm, Announces Emergency Filings in Key Swing States

Simon Parkes agreed to do another update from his perspective and says not to worry; don’t panic. It’s uncalled for. He gets into the legal options of the election according to the Constitution, the States, etc. and tells us all avenues are NOT exhausted to return President Trump to office as many in the media—including independent media—are claiming.

Let’s leave the 5D chess to the Maestro. If you’re going to leave a sweaty puddle on the floor you’d best not watch.

12th December Update Current News

Scott Mowry’s update today got into the “rumours” and he has not debunked them, so… it appears there is substance to them. Q said some time ago, “You and your families are safe.” The military will get it done and will never again underestimate the satanic forces on our planet.

Scott wrote:

OVER THE LAST WEEK, THE WAR AGAINST THE DEEP STATE HAS REALLY, REALLY ESCALATED AND INTENSIFIED. IN FACT, THERE WERE SEVERAL RUMORS SWIRLING AROUND LAST WEEK OF ELEMENTS OF THE CHINESE COMMUNIST MILITARY ACTUALLY ATTEMPTING TO ENTER AMERICAN SOIL.  HOWEVER, THESE SAME REPORTS INDICATED THESE CHINESE TROOPS WERE QUICKLY AND EXPEDITIOUSLY WIPED OUT BY THE U.S. MILITARY AND AT THIS POINT IN TIME, IT HAS BEEN REPORTED ALL BRANCHES OF THE U.S. MILITARY HAVE NOW BEEN FULLY ACTIVATED AROUND THE WORLD, WITH MOST PARTICULARLY A DIRECT SHOW OF STRENGTH IN AND AROUND THE AMERICAN CONTINENT.  • On Thursday, December 10, there were widespread reports of an incident in Maine where a 2.9 earthquake registered on the Richter scale, which actually may have been the explosion of a deep underground military base occupied by 50,000 Chinese soldiers struck by a bunker buster bomb dropped by the U.S. Military.” Scott and his team are working very hard to bring you not only the latest important news, but the context to understand it, as well as decoding the covert language and meaning behind the “comms” issued by the Earth Alliance whether it’s President Trump, his team, QAnon, etc. When you understand what is really going on,  you can relax and enjoy being in this reality at the most significant time in Human history. It’s all good, my friends. You can tune in tonight live at 6 pm Pacific/9 EST or listen to the Miracles Intel Conference Call archived version later. My buddy Laura Legere will be the co-host tonight. Details below.

Our conference call line is: 

Dial-in number (US): (712) 770-4598 Access code: 767664#

International dial-in numbers:
Online meeting ID: scottm6975
Join the online meeting:

Replay Number: 712-770-5402 Access code:  767664# / followed by # again

Backup Number: 425-535-9162

If you encounter any issues with our Miracles Intel Calls please reach out to Free Conference Call Technical Support: (844) 844-1322

The Plan IS being executed by the Earth Alliance folks, and failure is not an option. The Saturday morning Tweet from Dan Scavino says it all.

RSBN brings us the “KEEP CHRISTMAS” rally in Washington. Christmas isn’t only about religion. It’s part of our culture; peace, joy, good will toward men; generosity and a time of giving and caring for each other; a time to make the world a better place. It sets the tone for a way of life we can adopt year round. We can’t let “happy holidays” replace “Merry Christmas”. Live streaming now.

LIVE: “Keep Christmas” Rally & Celebration from Washington, D.C.

Stand firm, folks. No guts, no glory. This is a warrior!

Every business owner in America needs to watch this video. I have been saying this for months. Unless the Democrats plan to mass murder people for non-compliance— these shutdowns mandates are worth the piece of papers they are written on.

There are more of us than them.

— Candace Owens (@RealCandaceO) December 12, 2020

We are all fighting back in our own ways and even this peaceful Canadian is packin’. I’ve got a tape gun on my hip because I won the war against my other half to move. It took eleven years, so I know all about patience and never giving up. Miracles happen every day, and I’m going to have high speed Internet. What a concept.

It’s going to be a crazy month, and I asked for it. We all did.

As you were, folks, and trust the Plan. We’re in good hands and I hear ’21 is gonna be a good year.  ~ BP

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