No one can stop this ~ December 10, 2020

Editor’s Note: This was sent to me by my good friend J. Please watch and BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Our country was taken from us And there is only one way to take it back. Adhere to the constitution. The founding document of the former United States of America. To restore America, we must rebuild it from scratch. Most people would say it has to be torn down to be rebuilt. That is wrong. Illegal. And a way to get a lot of people killed.

Old ways have not worked.

The National Civilian Security Force would secure it first – then rebuild within the tyrannical system

Block by block. Street by street.

No meetings. No drills Just a commitment to engage domestic enemies if called upon.

“So how will the decision be made to engage, in a Nation Wide Force?”

That’s easy. Leaders will be made organically. The “firsts” to come in. The ones who agree with our core objectives, methods for obtaining those objectives, and core values.

“What is it that you want? Can we see your core values? And your core objectives?


What is it that you want?

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness according to a governing system as described and framed in the original constitution of the United States.


We want life with the right to live. To protect ourselves. To protect life.


Freedom. Not to do what we want, when we want. But the right, given by God, to be self-governing. To control ourselves. And having a fair and legal election is part of that. And that did not happen.

And the pursuit of Happiness

This should be obvious, but… in most cases, people do not understand this phrase And the pursuit of Happiness. The keyword in the phrase, that most miss, is the word And. For it is this word And, that ties the pursuit of happiness, to – and making it dependent upon – Life and Liberty.

Can we see your core values? And your core objectives?


Absolutely. A constitution can be purchased anywhere books are sold, and/ or found for free online.

“But… surely the constitution does not outline your core objective and value and how to obtain them.”

Oh, yes it does. Watch.

Why are we doing this? Why would we want to create a National Civilian Security Force? The answer is simple. Because they have, and are. Just like Hitler’s brown shirts article here. Look.

These are their ideas for new policing. The article was written in June. And some of these have already been put into law in some states. Time is running out.

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