Eclipse Gateway+ Goddess Gateway /Vesica Piscis Fire/Water = New Feline Codes of Creation 21/12/ Solstice ~ December 8, 2020

We will birth The New Via our Solar Plexus and Sacral, when the Fiery Flames of Power and Passion (In Action) meet the deep watery depths of Emotion, Intuition ,Womb Wisdom and Creativity…. ……..

will Fire ( Power/ ego) vaporise Water

or will Water ( unhealed Karmic patterns and Patriarchal attitudes ) extinguish Fire….

OR ….

will they Meet In BALANCE….At ZERO POINT…., as Equal Forces , as Forces of New Creation based on Power that is grounded in Grace, Humility,Womb Wisdom + Freedom and Sovereignty (that comes from healing and learning the Karmic Lessons)….

……Exactly where we are at Now the Eclipse Gateway (Fire/Solar) / (Nov 30 -14 Dec) overlaps The Goddess Gateway (sacral/ water)/( Dec 12-21) climaxing with the birth of the New Sun/ Son / Horus on Solstice which coincides with the Great Conjunction of Jupiter (Horus/ New Son/ Sun) and Saturn ( Lord of Karma and time/ have we learnt our karmic lessons and ready to move into a new timeline) at ZERO POINT ( 0 degrees Aquarius)!!!

The White Feline Codes of New Creation ( blueprint drawn up via the Feline Beings of Lyra, Andromeda and Sirius) which were seeded during the Sun Sirius Conjunct In the Chamber of Horus (link below) on 4 July 2020 and dispensed via the Lions Gate 8;8 and integrated by US (Sentinels of The God/ Goddess) via the Isis Pyramid / Womb on the dark Moon of 18 August (link below) ….which we have been carrying as Light Codes within our physical body (gestation / pregnant with Light codes) ….are Now Ready To be Birthed in this intense Viscia Pisces of Eclipse/ fire+ Goddess gateway/ water/ sacral …culminating on the 21of Dec.

If you have had the feeling of “carrying “ more “weight” that usual , particularly in the Solar+ Sacral region, you will now begin to “feel” LIGHTer as we have begun the process of shedding/ anchoring/ Birthing These LIGHT Codes Of New Creation / Feline Blueprint. YOU were the channels/ conduits/ birthing passage of this Great Birthing of this New Blueprint…..The Rainbow Blueprint .

The Rainbow Blueprint/ Codes of New Creation have been drawn out by the White Felines under the Guidance of Thoth Creation Wisdom (emerald Sun/ link below) and Seshat (also one of the archetypes of the current Venus/ Inanna Cycle in the Gemini Archetype which coincidentally happens to BE At Solar Plexus on her current shamanic journey as Inanna and will enter Sacral Chakra on 12;12!!! …coincidence much?!?! YESSS…Venus / Inanna will hold Space at both Solar Plexus (for the Eclipse gateway ) and Sacral during the Goddess Gateway of 12-21 (birthing passage of the New Son/ Sun/ Light/ Horus!!! (The other representatives of the Gemini Metagoddess apart from Seshat are Athena/ Wisdom and Strategy, Ixchel / Midwife and womb wisdom and Iris The rainbow Goddess!!!) We are being assisted in this birthing /anchoring by Goddess Sekhmet (Transmutation of the Old via the Solar Fire (previous post)) and Goddess Bast the gateway Goddess who assists with releasing the Old Traumas (death) and bringing in the new blueprint (birth) ….seeing lots of cats lately?!?!

It is important to navigate this Vesica Piscis of The Eclipse and Goddess Gateway with Intention and awareness. We are balancing (A)Transmutation (old karma of patriarchy ) and Healing the ancestral and karmic wounds and also (B)Transmitting (Out like a Spider’s web/ GrandMother spider/ wise woman) The New Codes of Creation ….

So Keep your Focus…

@what all needs to be Transmuted :release all old toxic and stagnant energy and lower emotions, get the FLOW moving, @what are you Birthing….A Timeline of Grace , kindness , Compassion, Integrity and Courage where All Sentient Expressions of LifeForce Energy and their interconnectedness as ONE (Gaia and her offspring’s)are revered, honoured and protected in accordance with God’s Will/ Blueray +Maat’s Principles of Truth , Justice , Balance, Harmony and Morality.

Link on Sun Sirius Conjunct…/sun-sirius…/

Link On Pyramid of Isis…/18-august-808…/ ….

this post has further associated links at the bottom of the post Thoth+Emerald Sun…/the-emerald…/

Previous post on Transmutation…/lunar-eclipse…/

Be Light ,

InLight ,



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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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