December 7, 2020: A Day to Remember & A Grim Reminder [videos] ~ December 7, 2020

Lest we forget… on December 7th, 1941, a planned act of war on the part of the global El-ites bombed the Pearl Harbor naval base near Honolulu, Hawai’i. That was just one of many terrorist acts blamed on someone else, and nearly eighty years later, most of the world still doesn’t know the truth.

Pearl Harbor monument, Hawai’i

Today, we honor and remember those who lost their lives during the attack on Pearl Harbor 79 years ago.#HonorThem #PearlHarbor

— U.S. Navy (@USNavy) December 7, 2020

As a result, they were also able to pull off the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11 and most people don’t know who planned and executed that, either. It seems we are doomed to repeat our mistakes unless we have a mass awakening and the entire world understands what this Kung Flu hoax is.

Brasscheck TV addresses the cold-blooded machinations of the “ruling elite” in a video at the link below.

A surprise attack? Not quite.
In the mass media, this issue is barely raised and if it is, it’s raised to dismiss it as a half-baked “conspiracy theory.”

But in serious academic military history circles, the consensus of real historians is that the US not only deliberately provoked the Japanese into the attack on Pear Harbor, they also knew it was coming and let it happen.

The comment by the Project for the New American Century, headed by people like Dick Cheney, that the US needed a “new Pearl Harbor’ takes on new significance in the light of these facts.

Just how cold blooded at the people at the top? Very cold blooded indeed.

Behind the Pearl Harbor Attack: There’s more to the story…

There is hope, however. If there is a positive side to the Wuhan Flu, the People have awakened in sufficient numbers by the obscene mandates from corrupted (shadow) governments that they are willing to stand up and fight the tyranny. They are learning just how psychopathic the control freaks are.

The problem is, the enemy owns nearly all the big media companies and if they don’t talk about it, it almost doesn’t exist in the minds of the unsuspecting public. I think we touched on this next story recently but in case you missed it, the pot and pan brigade was successful. Video at the link.

Denmark Says No to Vaccination Law and Government Relents

The overt battle in America is getting attention as the American People are appalled at the degree of election fraud and the fact that THEIR President—they man they voted for in 2016 and campaigned for and supported to vociferously in 2020—was declared the loser in the November election. Once again, the media went to work to create a reality wherein creepy, sleepy Joe Biden won the popular vote.

Now we watch the battle to prove the election fraud and award millions of stolen votes to their rightful owner; President Donald Trump.; the People’s Champion for good over evil.

Dan Scavino posts the best Trump event photos. We can tell who really voted for President Trump, and who voted for Joe Biden. (almost no one voted for Joe Biden)

I’ve heard it said that 100 million people voted for President Trump’s second term.

Civil disobedience, folks. Take back your freedom!

This Bar Was Shut Down for Violating Covid-19 Rules, Here Is How They Reopened

When the insane “death tolls” came out and they told us how many were testing positive I said they have to be testing for something that’s in nearly every single one of us. We don’t all have it, and it was impossible for it to spread that fast.

Months later, that is confirmed, again and again, by many people. In fact, the man who devised the PCR test, Dr. Kary Mullis, said it would not detect a pathogen, but he conveniently died on August 7th, 2019.

David Icke may have shared his best video to date in this one about the Kung Flu hoax. He lays it all out and anyone who thinks this party is about protecting our health needs to listen up. Facts matter—and this makes SENSE. Must watch. Video at the link.

The ‘Virus’ Hoax: How They Do It

Have you seen this? Facts. They lied. Covid is a total con job, folks.

Review report Corman-Drosten et al. Eurosurveillance 2020

It’s a Corona Christmas in many places, my friends. I’m sorry if you will be suffering this fate.

We see evidence of the Christmas screw job the New World Order is unleashing at holiday time.

Nottingham Christmas market closed because too many people wanted to go

Canada, too. True North reports in a 4-minute video.

A Christmas in Lockdown

Dave has the current events all figured out in this latest X22 Report update from Friday.

Ep 2345b – [DS] Panics, Sends Message, Everything Is About To Change

I find myself wondering if this is the same Mike Adams I had to turn off a few months ago because his articles and videos were over-the-top pessimistic. His recent updates have been very positive, however. He’s done a 180 and is now giddy and confident all will be well. WTH? His old ones used to be so heavy I thought he’d been threatened and forced by the deep state to publish fear porn.

It sounds like someone on the White Hats team had a little pow-wow with Mike and told him there’s no need for all the negativity; no need to scare people and bring the energy down. That is why I began this blog 9 years ago—to examine what we are seeing and hearing, providing perspective and the truth about it so people know it’s under control and that there is an incredible future ahead. We’ve got this.

Check out Mike’s amusing and thorough update from December 4 here. “Branch Covidians”, indeed, lol.

Situation Update – Dec. 4th – Offensive cyber warfare mechanisms activated, election outcome now bending toward national defense scenario

FBI raided the home of an IT expert in Arizona’s Maricopa county.
“The agents were looking for evidence of a cyberattack on an unnamed organization and stolen voter data. They left with eight hard drives, three computers and a bag of USB sticks.”

— Ron (@CodeMonkeyZ) December 7, 2020

I was expecting news like the following, my friends. Many of you were, too. For those unaware, evil people have a habit of causing accidents for specific people by taking control of their car remotely with a laptop. Piece of cake.

They also have a habit of placing bombs on vehicles. Did you hear the suspicious story of Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings? We examined that tragedy a few times back in 2013. Another strategic hit for different reasons.

Horrible. Almost looks like a bomb exploded. For Harrison Deal, I pray that his untimely death will be thoroughly investigated.

We should ALL pray for the families & friends of GA government officials. We should pray for our country & our President. We should pray for ALL.

— Lin Wood (@LLinWood) December 5, 2020

There are disturbing reports about witness intimidation after they came forward to testify what they experienced at polling stations and election facilities recently. This is partially how the globalists were able to control the truth about what they have been doing for a very long time, around the world. They have no honour and know no shame. They are evil.

Would they? They would. Did they? No idea what’s going on here.

‘Mysterious’ disease alarm: Some 300 hospitalized, 1 dead in India as medics fail to identify cause of patients’ suffering

From the woo-woo files, if you care to indulge. We are constantly reminded that “truth is stranger than fiction”.

I need to pack and get ready to move so will close for now. I’m listening to Scott Mowry’s fantastic Miracles Intel Call from last night and he said Trump has now secured access to 22 Dominion voting machines. The truth will out. He also mentioned Michael Jaco and read a long list of people supposedly either arrested or about to be arrested. I missed part of it because I’m trying to do too many things at once.

Stay positive because amazing developments lie ahead. The Patriots will not disappoint.  ~ BP

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