December 5, 2020: Decoding the Matrix [videos] ~ December 5, 2020

The “movie” is getting unreal and the news is the front line of the war. What we’re getting from our trusted sources is fantastic and shows forward momentum. The reckoning is indeed coming. I hear and see that “the Patriots are in control”.

From more back-burner sources there is also increasing information suggesting an elusive reality we’ve been looking for but can’t quite make out in the haze. It’s like the hot illusion hovering over the highway off in the distance, the mirage that vanishes when you get too close.

It’s tantalizing when you get some threads to pull on, but when you follow them they either end up in a hot mess you don’t have time to unravel or the string ends. Snipped in the middle and leading nowhere.

What you thought was a fact is suddenly lanced like a festering boil and all the substance runs out, leaving you with frustration or perhaps anger at the one with the lance.

Why does it have to be so complicated? Why can’t we have just one truth? Why is everything such a big secret? What are we—children?

In essence, we are children. In this reality, anyway. We are out of our league.

This is the information war, folks. This is the irregular warfare the generals spoke of.

The Alliance (including President Trump) has gone to great pains to show us that the US Military can be trusted. Yes, there was infiltration at the Pentagon and over the past few years the traitors were outed and replaced. We saw Colonel Vindeman lying in the Russian Collusion hearings—then fired. The subsequent ranks are not corrupt. They are our fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters and children. They serve us and their country courageously and have been asked to do the most shocking things. Their sacrifices will come out later.

Getting back to the more esoteric topics, in the most basic terms, I believe it’s safe to say that as Humans we are more than we believe we are, and are trapped. For the most part it’s our minds that have imprisoned us, and that is perhaps a more formidable task to undo than a physical prison break from a high security facility.

Very few know the truth about the ties that bind, and those that do cannot explain it because we are lacking the background and mentality to assimilate the truth. They fear too much truth, too fast = panic, so they are gradually putting us through college to educate us as to the nature of our reality.

There IS a war going on; a war for our minds. Our jailors don’t want us to discover the truth of who we are, our origin, or how we came to be here. They don’t want us to learn that we can escape, or how it’s done.

There is all manner of mischievous warfare ongoing between the evil magicians who have us locked in this endless maze of pain, suffering, and deception—and those facilitating the prison break.

This is all painfully vague, I know, and for good reason. It’s all conjecture based on years of parsing information from many sources, as well as intuition. The above may come as a relief, or may simply add fuel to the frustration. Sorry. It’s dangerous and reckless to say more because it can’t be proven. I don’t want to mislead or misinform. It’s up to each of us to walk this road to freedom at our own speed and explore the roadside pullouts at our leisure.

In the BIG picture, we’re all being gathered by our liberators in humane traps like unsuspecting lobsters and will eventually be released on a stunning beach somewhere and can skitter away to explore a new world we didn’t even know exists because when we passed through the prison gate our minds were wiped. I believe when all is said and done we will get our full recall back. Total recall. Sound familiar? Movies and television shows provide millions of clues but most of us are clued out.

Most of us currently have no recollection of previous incarnations or who we really are. We are like babies needing to be taken by the hand and led out of a nasty nightmare into the Light of day—and freedom. Utter freedom from technological control mechanisms we can’t perceive.

There are those who believe they have discovered the reality about certain aspects of our plight, and they posit their theories in videos and on websites and blogs for our conscientious nibbling but we’re on our own to link those concepts to the other pieces of the puzzle to come up with THE BIG PICTURE.

We can prove none of it, and have to go on our personal feeling as to what makes sense to us.

So there you have it—and you’re probably no further along than you were because a lot of very intelligent people fly on this ship. Starship Earth, but a lot of new passengers have jumped on in recent weeks so we do a lot of review. I feel like that is what we’re meant to do.

That gets us to WHERE we are—and we’re not going there today. We have discussed it a number of times when someone who appears to have inside information (like Yellow Rose for Texas channel) brings us a buffet of delectable hors d’oeuvres, but further discussion will have to wait—unless the crew, of course—decides to drop truth bombs in the comments for intrepid explorers—which they frequently do.

What I was getting to in an inefficient and long-winded way, is that the media appears to be controlled—possibly by the Earth Alliance. Just an observation I’ve been sensing for some time now. The way the mainstream media is behaving seems contrived—not because they lie and manipulate the truth—but because the way they’re behaving seems odd.

What about the way The Hill suddenly began being as far anti-Trump as you can get, and the Fox departure from a relatively positive Trump camp at least some of the time to a traitorous string of attacks and literally called the election in Arizona… it’s just so very odd and makes me wonder if they’re not in on it… playing roles.

Stranger things have happened. The crew draws our attention to an intriguing Twitter thread about Kew (the Q team) and some rambling about who or what comprises the speaker called “Q”. It gets weird. But we remind everyone that way back when, Q said some odd things… like “trolling is fun” and “shall we play a game” and “wait until you learn who has been speaking to you here”—which really got our attention. They said, “learn our comms” so that we could decipher the messages. They couldn’t just come out and tell us things that would rile the opposition or risk national security.

SerialBrain2 came out as well in Divine timing I felt was no accident to provide an education as to how the “comms” can be decoded and an entire contingent of vloggers made a living featuring Q’s posts, SerialBrain, the meaning, how they related to current events, the occult, and the value therein.

Click anywhere in the box below to launch in Twitter. Click again to open up all the threads and read.

So let me get this straight

Q may be an ET AI flipped by white hats set to 22 for disclosure
(Double the 11 in the Rob Reiner Spinal Tap scene)

Q is the earliest gospels of Jesus
(I propose that the suppressed Gospel of Thomas may be this work)

Quetzalcoatl is a mesoamerican

— Gnosis4Man (@jushangininther) September 22, 2020

LK Dark to Light channel also discusses a number of SerialBrain decodes in his videos here.

Simon Parkes told us his sources relayed that the Q Team comprised less than 10 people, some military, some civilian, and a super-duper Quantum computer. Some of us have wondered if the Q team representative who has been typing over 4,000 messages to us over more than three years has been AI—artificial intelligence—or a quantum computer system.

Is it possible—just possible—that the system has been secured by the “good guys” to out wit, out play, out last the evil reptilians? Is that system learning as it goes? I recall a post where they said they went too deep and must pull back. Very, very odd. That phrase lodged in my psyche and remained a pea in the mattress of this princess.

You may recall the creative efforts of Shawn, The War Drummer and his videos about SerialBrain which were much like the And We Know videos we now watch in their detail and theatrical brilliance.

How did we come to take SerialBrain2 so seriously? President Trump made a fuss at a rally where he did one of those unmistakable, seemingly bizarre segments in his address that sounded very unpresidential where he spoke of Elton John. His segues are fascinating, I must say.

But, really, we do it without like, the musical instruments. This is the only musical: the mouth. And hopefully the brain attached to the mouth. Right? The brain, more important than the mouth, is the brain. The brain is much more important.

He would have appeared quite mad to regular people but to us —the meaning was crystal clear. He appeared to be validating both SerialBrain2 AND Shawn’s interpretations. But after awhile Shawn changed his tack and stopped doing SB2 videos. There were too many people doing SB2 and he couldn’t get views anymore. He said he wanted to do something different—and he did. You can see his videos here.

What’s really interesting are the ones about SB2 Psyop and SB2 Exposed. I haven’t had time to explore those.

In this audio below he speaks of that early part of his journey and his interaction with SerialBrain. It was good to hear the War Drummer intro again and Shawn’s unique voice as he tells the story of how the “ciphers” needed to understand what we see happening in our world are found within the Q drops on the Q boards. That was when drops had to be extracted from the 8chan boards, before the aggregators,, and were created. I miss because I can’t seem to do a search on the others and get what I’m looking for.

And the SerialBrain2 website eventually went the way of the dodo bird and the Reddit account is all there is, as far as I know, which you can read here.

This is a fascinating audio discussing “twilight language”. This is the audio portion of a War Drummer video from New Year’s Day, with a couple of ads and therefore no visuals. 53 min. total but the first 30 minutes are the important part.

Decode Q like SerialBrain2

There is a lot to understanding the communications going on under the radar every single day. Numerology. Reverse and mirror numbers and concepts. Gematria. What is intimated versus what is stated outright. We have to learn to read between the lines. We have to understand there are no coincidences.

If you listened to the Naughty Beaver video I shared the other day you heard that the reptilians used technology to lock us into this matrix and it was controlled by AI. I think it’s commonly accepted that we have all been under a mind control programme. Some have suggested the White Hats/Earth Alliance hacked the system and were then able to execute the liberation process to free us from the ties that bind—the invisible ones we can’t detect and therefore cannot fight against.

I’ll leave you to explore that Twitter post above if you wish. Crazy stuff—unless it’s true. I’ve no idea, but I have my suspicions based on all the years I’ve been watching this process with an open mind.

And yes, Naughty Beaver and others called out Joseph Gregory Hallett. I called him a madman before I even listened to the video and within it, others used those very words. Open-minded is one thing; gullible is quite another and there are a lot of gullible Humans on this planet else we wouldn’t be fighting this battle now.

If I could leave you with a positive message, I would say I do believe there is an “armada” as NB called it, overhead and they are here to keep the evil ones at bay and free us. Disclosure of our galactic friends is on the Earth Alliance MAP (military action plan).

Anyone who can’t guess or accept that we are not alone in Creation will get dragged through Disclosure kicking and screaming. Where We Go One, We Go All. No one left behind. I believe the visual proof will leave no room for doubt but the mind is a tricky thing—and easily tricked—so we’ll see how that goes.

The statement that you’re only as strong as your weakest link is too true, and we’ve not the luxury of time any more. The slow ones are going to have to come along with the rest. Q estimated that 4 – 6 per cent of Humans would never wake up. It’s unfortunate, but probably realistic. Q has been very accurate—even years ahead to the day and hour—time and again. There’s no denying it.

So there we have begun the post with the woo-woo material rather than leaving it until the end as we usually do. I like to change it up and fight predictability.

It’s 11:11 and I can’t tell you how often I see numbers like that when I take a peek at a clock. Time for walkies. Back in an hour…

Simon Parkes’ update for today. Very interesting points concerning Gina Haspel which might explain why some said she’s “gone”. Convenient deaths, perhaps? New identities? Like JFK Jr. and Princess Diana? When you ask if they’re still alive Q might say “no”, because those personas were eliminated and new ones adopted while they work in the background. Just something to consider.

Again… odd. No details.

JUST IN: GOP Senator Kelly Loeffler’s Campaign Staffer Killed in an Accident

I saw 1:11 flit by as well and ran out of hours to add more news so this is the end for now.  ~ BP

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2 Responses to December 5, 2020: Decoding the Matrix [videos] ~ December 5, 2020

  1. gratzite says:

    Good to see my countryman Simon Parkes mentioned at the end.


  2. Neil Vidican says:

    All this shows is MORE reason for me to PURGE both my humanity, as well as my masculinity….for BOTH have made this so-called ‘life’ miserable and depressing.

    Also, IF folks can’t handle we’re not alone in the universe….LET them kick and scream…they can HANG THEMSELVES for all I care. Just let me get a good seat and a snack and let me watch, as well as point and laugh.

    I soooooooooooo want OFF ‘starship earth’ and be able to find my REAL home world, folks.


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