December 4, 2020: The Veiled Face of War Declared on Humanity [videos] ~ December 4, 2020

It’s been 31 days of election fallout and I’m going to halt the countdown. It will get resolved, but will take time as we show the world what happened.

Georgia Governor: Container Video Is ‘Concerning,’ Secretary of State Should Offer Explanation

Michigan GOP: Secretary of State Trying to Delete Election Data Amid Audit Calls

As far as the “news” it’s getting wild out there. The headlines may sound great—and then they’re denied. Then we get more confirmation… like concerning Gina Haspel and the US special forces raid in Frankfurt to seize the Dominion servers. Like the law suits the Trump legal team has filed in corrupt states the media claims were all thrown out because they lack substance. Utter lies.

This is ‘The Information War’, and very few will know what to take as fact, and what as fiction. Former SEAL Michael Jaco addresses this in a recent video and unless you’re a seasoned Truther with excellent sources and solid intuition, I recommend you release the need to know the details and just let it ride or it could drive you crazy.

The military are very active and getting this done. Trump and his administration are exposing the scandalous election infractions and we hear some officials have already been arrested over it.

It doesn’t all need to be public—just enough. It has to be dramatic and sensational enough to demand and maintain the attention of the public who are resisting the truth. Many believe the corporate media lies and DO NOT want to know. They can’t handle any disruption to their lives—no matter how pathetic they may have become or how much of a departure from the lives we always wanted to lead—or believed we lead.

It’s time for “the Clockwork Orange treatment”. We have to force them to watch the corruption, the evil, the violence, the death and destruction of their country and the Human race. Kew told us they would push Humanity to the precipice to frighten them enough to wake up. They have to be so horrified that they can never forgot what we allowed to happen on our planet. That is partially what this military (psy)op is all about.

It’s also about safely removing the very real threats to the continuation of the Human race.

For awhile now I have been sharing the odd strategic Tweet from a fellow who tracks air traffic, and he’s now been discovered by the independent media at large. You can listen to a video from him below if that interests you. He does show evidence that a tremendous amount of military activity is taking place—far and away above normal—and a significant amount to the Guantanamo Bay Naval Prison in Cuba. Flights are not limited to the US, either but there is record domestic activity. He says it is not in the typical training areas, either. It’s all over. It appears the US military are cleaning up the world, and we understand that was the plan all along.

In fact, when the world learns exactly what the US Military (and perhaps others) have done, they will openly weep, in horror, and in gratitude.

Monkey Werx Overwatch SITREP 12.4.20

No matter how the lying, treasonous legacy media makes it appear, we are winning this war and President Trump will be shown to be the victor in the 2020 election.

On Saturday at 1 pm EST POTUS is holding his Victory Rally in Georgia. Two can play at that game, right? Biden and the media pretend he is the President-Elect and he’s said to be setting up his cabinet and getting intelligence briefings—but don’t worry. It’s all part of the show. We know Trump won and that a red tsunami washed over the US of A. You can set a reminder and watch at the RSBN video link below tomorrow.

The relentless terrorism in California rages on.

Utility Southern California Edison cut power to more than 50,000 homes and businesses as of Thursday, and is considering pulling the plug on more than 240,000 customers as windy conditions persist.

Out-of-control fire forces residents to flee in Southern California

We often get winds when that nonsense is ongoing in California. I had to stand up our trash bin at the street twice yesterday morning because the wind knocked it over and the truck won’t pick up the trash unless it’s upright—but they don’t shut off the power and we are beyond parched here in the desert.

We had no monsoons (‘non’soons as they are calling them) and almost no rain to speak of since last winter. We had several brush fires very near us this past summer and they never cut the power despite the homes and businesses in the area and the flames rapidly cut a large swath through the open desert clearly visible from the road.

I trust all of that sort of thing in California will be addressed at the right time but in the interim, the People are going to get a real taste of terrorism. The Patriots have limited resources and have to pick their battles. The Plan dictates the order of operations and at the moment it seems like their hands are full with the election fraud and rounding up some bigger fish in the pond while the media and corrupt politicians are distracted.

Lawsuit Settled: Verizon to Give NYC ½ million lines of Fiber Optic Instead of Inferior Hazardous 4G/5G

There is push and pull. Actual “proof” of a health crisis called Covid-19 is impossible. It’s info that is distorted and made up. Fake science. Fear porn. When people are terrified they don’t ask for proof and most wouldn’t recognize it if it jumped up and bopped them in the nose. They don’t have the background or the inclination. Some made it a point to do at least a little research.

A judge with guts.

— Rocco Galati (@roccogalatilaw) December 4, 2020

The problem with this war is that the ones who declared it are cowards. They hide in their castles and lavish estates on private islands and use minions to do their dirty work and misdirect Humans to look elsewhere.

Since they own the mainstream media they have the power to misinform and create fictitious accounts the brainwashed public take as reality. They don’t even question.

In truth, there is very little that happens on this planet that is an accident. Events, people, situations, things are manipulated to create the outcome the control freaks desire. Fires? Arson. Plane crashes? Mass murder. Autism? Toxic vaccines. Cancer? They know what causes it and have suppressed the cures.

Humans think it’s just the way life is. Shit happens, right? Some lone gunman off his head goes berserk in a church. They don’t know there is an enemy calling the shots; preying on them; stealing from them; pulling psychological operations on them; experimenting on them; crashing the stock market; herding them like cattle; scheming for war to generate more Human sacrifices.

We get this news from Scotland.

44,000 School Buses Use “FirstACTS” To Secretly Identify And Track The Behavior of 5 Million Students

The ones who do the controllers’ bidding in the public eye know all the buzz words Humans love to hear; the virtue-signalling. They give them the slogans to use: “Build Back Better”. Does that grate on your nerves like it does mine? It’s a four-letter slogan to my ears.

They lie through their teeth and when the public should remember and learn, they allow them to do the same thing all over again next time. Election after election was stolen and no one seemed to care. They listened to the politicians spin their lies, knew they would not deliver, and voted for them anyway—or didn’t vote at all. They did not take responsibility for directing their government which is the way it was designed. Eventually it was so out of control the psychopaths could not be stopped—until now.

Unfortunately, politics is the most easily remedied of our problems on this planet. Wait until the unsuspecting public hears the worst of it. It’s coming.

When we unify and work together, we win. Look at the incredible progress we’ve made since the citizen journalists and the public came forward to state what they saw and their experiences with respect to the election. The election rigging is stunning in its scope. This participation from the public changes everything. Why did it take this massive event to get people to pay attention? It is by design.

Along with the negative events we have plenty of positive news. LT from And We Know updates us in another spectacular video with his unique touch and acknowledgments not to be missed. If you didn’t catch any of the proceedings from the Michigan Election Hearing you will be stunned by the footage here. Very different from Arizona.

12.3.20: Michigan VOICES tear down DEMOCRAT walls! SO AMAZING!

Simon Parkes remarks thusly regarding Joe Biden’s new boot.

In regard to the Biden boot – Look at the other ankle – Don’t be misdirected…

I think his point is that while many believe the boot hides the monitoring device, it’s too large to go comfortably inside the boot and the boot is designed to take our attention away from the other ankle which is where the transponder is. We’ve seen the same bulge on Turdeau’s ankle.

Huawei detainee Meng Wanzhou wore one, too. They’re used for house arrest. A Google patent exists. They can check out any time they like, but they can never leave. I don’t know why these images won’t translate sometimes.

Meng Wanzhou, Huawei detainee in Vancouver, BC Canada

While they are meant to stay, others were meant to leave according to Simon’s update.

1005 Chinese diplomatic agents attached to diplomatic missions across the US – Have quickly departed the mainland US – As evidence of the CCP is now known to White Hats.

We have another crew member with the gift of making great videos. A couple of days ago we featured a short article from Martin Geddes that so eloquently distilled the essence of why some people simply can’t grasp the reality of the Coronavirus psyop. Rather than reading the article, you may wish to listen to Anthony’s audio rendering put to striking imagery. You may want to subscribe as he features a lot of excellent information on his channel.

GWHQ Martin Geddes | The digital coup & the great exposure

They really want us all to take this vaccine, folks. Don’t do it. I’m serious. Don’t do it. You might not live to regret it.

Remember: “My body, my choice.” I would go to jail before I’d let them jab me—and then what’s to stop them jabbing you when you’re there, alone, unable to defend yourself?

How far will the Patriots take this? We’ve heard from some with military sources telling us that at least some of us will have to defend ourselves to prevent being force-vaccinated. That’s a little scary, isn’t it?

These are things people need to think about. The New World Order psychopaths are perfectly willing to forcibly vaccinate us. It’s not conspiracy theory. It’s fact. COVID-19 enables them to do all the things they were never able to do at any other time and many people think nothing of it. They are the lemmings we are preventing from plummeting from the cliff. They have been telling us to shut up and comply for decades and we’ve just plucked them from the brink of destruction. They’ll thank us later. Maybe.

Obama would take the COVID vaccine on live television if Fauci assured him it was safe

If you think these psychopaths/clones would be taking the vaccine you and I would get, you don’t know anything about these freaks. Believe nothing!

Biden to get COVID-19 vaccine live on TV and ask all Americans to wear masks for first 100 days of presidency

99.98% survival rate

— John F Kennedy Jr. (@HSRetoucher) December 4, 2020

Our crew member/war correspondent in Germany brings us a video showing a march for freedom in Spain. What? You didn’t see it on CNN or MSDNC? No worries. You see it here.

Video: Die Polizei demonstriert in Valencia für die Freiheit und gegen das Tragen von Masken

The translation of the title is incredible. Amazing things are happening to Humanity as we are forced to choose a side; either good or evil. You can see the video with the English-speaking narrator at the link if you wish.

Video: The police demonstrate in Valencia for freedom and against the wearing of masks

Meanwhile, up in the north 40, the gulag is shutting down Christmas.

Quebec bans Christmas gatherings for majority of residents

Possible phenomenon in the night sky December 21, 2020

This might be a spectacular vision in our skies on December 21st. Interesting timing, wouldn’t you say? Will it pass for the fabled “Star of Bethlehem” present at the birth of Christ? We’ll find out.

Modern Humans Have NEVER Seen What’s About to Occur in the Night Sky! – The GREAT Return…

That is all I have time for today. Check out the comments under each post for great info the crew shares there.  ~ BP

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