Body temperature during the Crystalline Process ~ December 1, 2020

Body temperature during the Crystalline Process  
 Individually, experiences will vary with the physical body during the transition to a higher Crystalline Based organism/body. It is also to be known that Light is actually cold and once a certain frequency/vibration of the physical body has been attained, that there will be periods where the entire body may feel cold internally. It depends upon what part of the Light Body/Crystalline process that the physical vessel is going through at any given time. For example, a sudden Activation of the plasma in the blood to a higher Crystalline frequency can create a temporary coldness in the body that can last minutes or even days. The physical vessel acclimates to the upgrades rather quickly in most, while Others may take longer for the body to acclimatize to a new and higher Light frequency.
 Also, for many of You, when You are in Higher Divine Energies or levels of higher consciousness information being purveyed, You will feel the Divine Energy coming from the individual or energetic surroundings that is translated into a cold feeling, shivers, goosebumps, as a form of confirmation for You. The Divine spoken word is of Higher Light, again, Light is cold, and when a spoken word is coming from a High Divine Light One, You may feel the shivers as a confirmation, and also importantly, an integration into Your energetic field, of that Higher Truth and further Activation of Your DNA, in the least. 
 Also, by Being an advancing empath, You may also be near Another, and when they are receiving a frequency upgrade, actually feel them as well, the cold they are feeling. Because Fem and I are NOW very deeply connected, just by Her saying She has shivers, feels the energetic cold, instantly, I will feel it for She Creates it into my/Our reality. 
 Sometimes, when I am doing energetic Light work upon the surface, and also when Other Divine Ones are as well, depending on what We are doing, it can even snow in areas not used to snow, by a rapid temperature drop due to immense Light being introduced to the area, hail storms, etc. 
 In some of the old horror movies dealing with ghosts and demonic presences, they would attribute the cold filling the room as a demonic presence, in real life, the cold entering the room when You were experiencing bad things with entities, WAS ACTUALLY Your protective Light, assuring Your safety, in the least. It was a trickery of the Dark to keep You from the Light and make You afraid of the cold, and also to confuse. If the darkness truly had any power, You would NOT be here reading this now. Your Angel Comrades are Light, that is cold to You in the old human body, and not as cold as You acclimatize more to the Higher Light Quotient.  
 So, You still have a combination of feeling cold temperatures from the weather as well as feeling energetic Divine coolness. The above may not be all, however, it touches on perhaps the most significant reasons why Your Ascending body feels different cold sensations. 
Love and Light Rick

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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