November 28, 2020: Our Entire Planet is Shrouded in Scams [videos] ~ November 28, 2020

We are now 25 days into #ElectionGate and it’s nearly December!

We’re dealing with the most blatant election fraud known to Humans and we’ve been handing off our rights and freedoms to the New World Order fascists for over 9 months and much of the world sees nothing wrong with it. Don’t they see anything at all suspicious? Don’t they know anything about the Human body? Can’t they do math?

Some folks are fine with masks—wearing them out walking the dog and in their cars!? I think lab rats are harder to train.

How can re-breathing your own exhaust long term, be healthy? What does common sense tell you? What do they do at a hospital when people are suffering from a malady undetermined? Quite often they put them on pure oxygen. It’s miraculous what oxygen does for the body and the mind. Why on Earth would you restrict oxygen?

Now the psychopathic governments are telling some of us we have to wear them in our HOMES! You see how that goes?

The “totalitarian tip-toe” is now a goose step down the streets of most places on the planet. What will it take for people to get it?

It seems like some would be content to be locked in their homes and having to ask for government permission to leave for any reason indefinitely. Is that LIVING? From my perspective that is barely existing. They told us the virus was going to mutate and they were going to engineer a second wave and they’ve done it in some places—the public unaware that in Sweden where they didn’t lock down, life goes on pretty much normally now.

How bad will the civil rights abuse get? As bad as it needs to get for people to wake the hell up, and refuse to go along. We need MASS civil disobedience.

Clearly we are made of different stuff. I’ve resisted all along and I do not comply. I rant and rail every day against the Nazi tactics and lies—and stupidity.

People who think “contact tracing” is a GOOD thing, are threats to our society and our freedom. The virus is not nearly as big a threat as the collateral damage. The “virus” that not one scientist has been able to isolate and prove exists, is less deadly than the flu. That is not what’s killing people.

What’s mutating is the cause of most of the covid-related deaths; drug overdoses, heart attacks, bacterial pneumonia from contaminated masks, lack of access to necessary surgeries, suicides… are people getting the picture? A minuscule, microscopic or even imaginary “virus” has now wreaked all that damage on our global societies—because the media says it’s real.

It’s not rocket science to realize that isolating sick people is prudent, and isolating healthy people is tyranny. It is long past time for The Great Awakening.

On Thursday, Ontario Canada MPP Randy Hillier was charged for “covid crimes”. He’s the fellow who previously questioned members of parliament about the government’s plans to build “isolation camps” in Canada and his mic was shut off when he pressed for more information. Someone published that document and it was apparent what the grand plan is. If we read between the lines, we know it’s not about a plandemic and protecting our health.

You can’t believe anything you hear on the Canadian maintream media, folks. Sheila Zilinsky confirmed in a November 26 phone interview with Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson exactly what I have said: that the CBC is WORSE than CNN.

Explore the other off-shoots of this devious little virus in a video on Rumble…

EXPLOSIVE! Steve Quayle, Gary Heavin, Mike Adams: DECEMBER DEADLY SURPRISE & COVID 2.0

On a more positive note… I’m just now listening to this and will jot down a few  highlights as I go.

We have an encouraging update from the Trustee of the Global Accounts, Kim-possible and a her move to provide funding/stimulus directly to President Trump this week. It is sounding like the gap may be closing between what Kim and her team believe should be done, and what the Trump administration and the Q team have been doing. It would be nice if all the most powerful people would see eye to eye and play nicely together.

Tank tells us that at the recent G20 (virtual) meeting, the globalists were trying to force countries into continuing the China virus charade. This move by Kim frees Trump to help those nations so they cannot be squeezed and don’t HAVE to go along with the fascist plan to roll out the totalitarian governments and move into Covid 21. Tank is reporting that there are now a whopping 50,000 doctors world wide telling us the Kung Flu is NOT what they have been telling us.

So… we may see a shift in strategies… perhaps regarding vaccines… we’ll have to wait and see the ripples this development causes. I think you’ll be glad you took the 40 minutes to listen.


There’s more good news.

Current Actual Election Result Update: President Trump Has 13 Paths to Win 2020 Election — Biden Has Only 10 Paths to Win

This just popped in and I haven’t listened but it’s good news so…

BREAKING! PA Judge Rules Election UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Effectively Gives State to TRUMP!!!

There’s talk of POTUS making another pardon. Could it be Julian Assange?

We hear they’re letting prisoners out of jails due to Covid so let’s see them spring Julian Assange. Video at the link.

Julian Assange Update: COVID-19 outbreak in Belmarsh & Possibility of a Pardon

This news is very interesting considering the names involved.


— John F Kennedy Jr. (@HSRetoucher) November 27, 2020

Here’s a lighthearted, creative, and sensible approach to covid, vaccines and the surrounding hype. The good Doctor Barron speaks at the link below. 13 min.

Go Ahead—Make My Day!

Have you heard? Bacterial pneumonia is on the rise due to mask-wearing. An Old Man in a Chair, Dr. Vernon Coleman covers the story. We need to end the insanity—and right quickly, folks. Masks are for surgeons, superheroes and bandits and this cheeky diatribe will delight the awakened. 14 min.

The Mask-Wearing Collaborators Are Going to Kill Us All

It’s time to end the hysteria, folks. Just stop it. Attorney Reiner Fuellmich tells journalist Ben Swann he has filed a law suit in Germany. He says the data their research unearthed shows that the pandemic was staged, that masks do not work, and that the media is fueling the panic. These are crimes against Humanity and the perpetrators are being addressed. 2:22

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich updates Ben Swann on lawsuit on Lockdowns, masks & vaccines Covid

The Germans and the Poles are working together and holding a Kung Flu protest at the border today. Protests continue in London, as well.

LIVE: Polish and German corona sceptics protest at border in Frankfurt an der Oder: counter expected

Some of us are looking forward to Christmas. Others… not so much.

We can see the global psychopaths aim to cancel Christmas. Ain’t happening. They will NOT.

*also won’t work

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) November 27, 2020

What has happened in Canada related to the Dominion voting machines built there? How were their elections affected? We know some very unexpected results came out of the last election that did not make sense and could not be explained. Another one stolen?

FLASHBACK: “Internet Connection” Glitches Shuts Down Dominion Machines in Ontario for at Least 90 Minutes

The anti-constitutionalists are falling away but who is replacing them? Boycotts can be very effective.

Ed Stack, Dick’s Sporting Goods’ Anti-Gun CEO is Stepping Down

The woo-woo files are getting more woo-woo by the week. We could revise an old favourite song of mine to “Two moons…”


— 神 奈 備 (@K4NN4BI) November 23, 2020

That’s it for now. Thanks to the crew for all the super updates and links. Couldn’t do it without you.  ~ BP

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