November 27, 2020: Black Friday Special Conditions for Obsessed Consumers [videos] ~ November 28, 2020

November 27, 2020: Black Friday Special Conditions for Obsessed Consumers [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture November 27, 2020

Day 24 of #ElectionGate… nine months of “2 week” lockdowns and masks, it’s nearly December, and it’s Black Friday in America.

What’s special? The consumers the New World Order groomed to hypnotically buy, buy, buy and spend, spend, spend on costly, superfluous products that miraculously become obsolete after a set time period—are going to be shopping online like never before due to lockdowns, social distancing, mask policies and other absurd and ineffective measures to control an imaginary health crisis. Now they’ve created an army of cyber shoppers and can make Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and big box retailers even richer.

There’s lots going on, including battles between the awakened and their oppressors, the military, the Trump administration, and the fur is flying. Censorship is through the roof, and Big Tech foolishly believe they can prevent the Truth from coming out and being realized by the public. Stupid, desperate people.

I stumbled on this while surfing Twitter. Cyber expert Ron Watkins has a warning regarding the voting machines to which, as far as we know, the Patriots have not yet had physical access. We do believe the White Hats have superior sources for all the election hacking proof, however.

If Georgia uses the same Dominion machines for their Senate runoff in a few weeks, it will effectively overwrite any digital forensic evidence of fraud during the General Election.

Those machines need to be impounded ASAP.@SidneyPowell1 @LLinWood @realDonaldTrump

— Ron (@CodeMonkeyZ) November 27, 2020

This is a very interesting development.

BREAKING: President Trump Announces Rally in Georgia on Saturday Night – December 5th

City of Phoenix in Maricopa County, Arizona

Arizona voters note: I’ve never heard of “electronic adjudication” machines and the bill conveniently flew through approvals and passed in February 2020. There’s too much room for error. The more hands on, the greater the opportunity for meddling.

Faulty uploading, glitches… all the terminology to suggest it just “happened” and no one is at fault.

“Faulty upload” in Arizona gave Biden more than 6,000 of Trump’s votes

They say they would address ballots with “smudging” in a new, faster process and then they hand out Sharpie markers to voters and tell them to use them not a ballpoint pen to mark their ballots. I don’t see a problem, do you? This sounds like election fraud was planned well in advance. The trap is slowly tightening.

Ducey signs ‘electronic adjudication’ bill to speed ballot counting

Maricopa County Plans To Speed Up Ballot Counting In 2020


— John F Kennedy Jr. (@HSRetoucher) November 26, 2020

The Sun is getting real.

No 1 paper by readership In Uk accuses govt. of lying.

— Rocco Galati (@roccogalatilaw) November 22, 2020

There are military operations across the planet in various spots… so it’s just best to be out of the way, safe at home so the White Hats can do their job and not worry about civilians. That is one of the reasons the lockdowns have been allowed to persist. Double ops. The good guys know how to turn lemons into lemonade. It’s part of the Sun Tzu strategy to win the war without fighting and we’ve had a number of confirmations that many arrests have been taking place.

@mil_ops German radio tells its listeners: US Army is starting extensive helicopter landing training that will last the whole month of december, mainly at night, precise locations tba, ppl shall stay at home

When she first arrived on the scene we couldn’t figure out if Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez was a plant by the White Hats or if she was installed by the deep state. She’s too far out there to be real. She says idiotic things and has zero credibility and is much better suited to bartending than politics.

PIRRO INTERVIEW: Attorney Lin Wood is on the War Path Against Alleged Corruption, “Trouble’s coming AOC’s way too, Stay tuned”

I must say we’ve had a lot of fun at the expense of Occasional Cortex. This 10 min. video from Mini AOC is a “best of” compilation.

Patriot Parabellum near Kelowna, BC has a message. There was also an EAS in that province; two, actually, while he was making this video. He goes over the latest outrageous edicts from the BC government. What will it take to get the People of Canada to speak up and rebel? It’s going to go further and further until they do because THAT is the purpose of this operation. We innerstand the strategy. It’s a wake-up call to oppose the public servants trying to dictate life for those of us who sign their paycheques. 11 min.


Love this guy in the UK. It’s one of those, “Well, when you put it THAT way…” dialogues where the ridicule puts the scamdemic into perspective. Watch on BrandNewTube and see the other great videos on that new platform.

Paul Weston_ Covid-19 Virtually Disappears In Liverpool – Political Media Silence

Here’s Steffen Rowe doing the 13 minute news update for Speak Project on Thanksgiving Day. He also calls for patriots to step up and be heard; to oppose the tyranny and corruption.

UNITED Network News Breaking Report 11 26 2020

Did you hear about the BBQ restaurant in Toronto targeted by the deep state’s goons? The owner defied the lockdown and opened for business. He had so many customers he ran out of food. He doubled and tripled his food supplies and still ran out because the People were supporting him so strongly. Then this happened. Our foreign correspondent on the crew reports…

“Update on Adam Skelly, owner of Adamson BBQ in Toronto, Canada. At 6 am this morning, police changed the locks on his business (they neglected to do so for the back entrance). He went in and had the locks changed. By this time, there were over 20 police there (all caught on video by Rebel News). The police then told him he’d be charged with obstruction of justice if he opened the doors. Now there were 50 police, some on horses blocking access to the restaurant. He was then arrested (this was also filmed).

There is a gofundme page to help with his legal costs, their goal was $10K, they’re now over $48K. #IStandWithAdam was trending all day, even in the U.S. I so love the patriots world-wide.

Here’s the link to the fund:

There’s also an online petition to free Adam Skelly on Rebel News website They’re hoping to get 15K signatures, they’re currently at 14,368. Please sign the petition if you believe he is being treated unfairly.

The irony is, his restaurant is across the street from a Costco whose parking lot is full and their lunch counter is open. So you can eat at Costco but not at his restaurant. The number of karens who have posted comments saying he should be fined and jailed is astounding. No one can force you to go eat there, why do they want to force the restaurant to close? Who are these heartless creatures?”

There you have it. Outrageous, isn’t it? Support Adam Skelly if you wish. If there’s a class action lawsuit in progress through Rocco Galati he should join it.

Check out this great update article from investigative reporter Jon Rappoport. Keep fighting back, people. Do not let up. We outnumber them by millions.

The walls of lockdown fascism are cracking, in large ways and small. Actually, there is no small. Every act inspired by the fire of freedom counts.

Rebellion rising; the people have had enough

The following is a common sense discussion on Talk Radio about the absurd situation in London now in Tier 2 of the covid measures when most people, they say, don’t believe what the government and media are saying.

People are getting informed, they’re having discourse, unifying, and coming up with organized methods to address the problem that is destroying their nation; wherever that might be.

Richard Tice ”steaming with frustration and incandescent anger’ over government Covid tiers

And have a boo at this old article where the English bully boys appear in an exclusive club. Many believe BoJo is batting for the NWO.

The Bullingdon Club

The royals have scammed the public for decades. Poor, poor royals. There’s your miscarriage! The pillow fell out. Off with their heads!


— John F Kennedy Jr. (@HSRetoucher) November 26, 2020

Here’s LT’s latest video. Hopefully it will be available to everyone.

11.26.20: FACTS bring CANNON BALL fire BOOMS from Gettysburg!!!

That is all for now, folks. Stay strong, do not waver in your faith in The Plan. It’s all coming together exactly as it must.

We issue a caution to warn everyone it isn’t always easy when heroes are at work—and look at that; someone already created a meme.   ~ BP

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