The Great Reset explained ~ November 26, 2020

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Editor’s Note: This article needs to be read to gain a thorough understand of the various means and guises used by the Dark to gain total control over Planet Earth. Those who are aware see how humanity now lives under economic slavery, yet enough of humanity live freely through having free minds.

Although this article sees, and presents, the playbook of the Dark correctly, the “ending of the story” is far different in Earth’s holographic reality. The wonderful news IS the freedom of humanity is assured.

Why is this? The very act of faith, belief and trust in any religious, or spiritual practice insures freedom (of the mind and heart, which they do not want) for the human mind! Personally, my own understanding of reality has grown from the Baptist religion, to an understanding for the importance of vibrational energy, to realizing my own Divinity (Galactic presence), to an ultimate awareness of my True Quantum Nature.

Exploring your own belief system will ensure growth into a new phase of positive and happy reality for you. How? Your own Quantum Magnificence (even if you do not have this understanding yet) ensures the Quantum LOVE you ARE, to exist and BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Bill Gates left Microsoft the day before Covid-19 happened?

In countries like Africa in the year 2000, all countries were talking about vision 2020?

Is there a connection with everything and Covid-19?

Are the pandemic and lockdown a (smokescreen) for something bigger to come?

I hope this message will drop the scales from your eyes and reveal the true agenda what is actually going on. Distractions, even Christians are following the worldly agenda without questioning what is really going on. What is being (planned) for the world and how are all of the (events) of this year being used?

Let’s go back one year:

October 2019

In New York, there was an event called 2001. This was a global pandemic exercise. A simulated war game was played out for a global pandemic exercise and crisis management. It was set during the months of November and December last year. Fifteen people sat around a round table from different countries and organisations. The United Nations, Bill Gates foundation, the World Bank, CIA, John Hopkins school of medicine, UPS foundation, Lebanza airlines, Marriott hotels, US centre for disease-control-prevention, and the Chinese centre for disease-control-prevention. A small special group of guests also attended. This meeting almost went under the radar at the time. They played out an imaginary scenario likely to take place while eating and drinking merrily together. It was a new (Coronavirus) beginning in pigs but spreading to humans. It would be a respiratory illness, from symptoms ranging from mild flu, through to severe phenomena. The sickest would need intensive care due to breathing difficulties. They said it would begin small and controllable at first, but would quickly spread in 6 months to infect (33) million people 10 million cases diagnosed worldwide with 66 million dying in the first 18 months. What you have here is the Masonic number 33 being used. You have the number 6. 18 months broken down is 6+6+6=18 or 666. They talked about travel bans and restrictions, the collapse of the health system, the crash of the economy, stock markets plunging, leading to consequences that could last a decade. They raised certain concerns like people posting disinformation and misinformation. Limiting internet access was discussed and banning hardcore activists. Censoring all the internet information was discussed in the case of a Coronavirus breaking out worldwide. They discussed about imposing penalties including arrests and fines if, people spread material that was not the same with their narrative. They considered the role of social media and how it would delete accounts like on Twitter and Facebook. They even debated the total shutting down of the internet but concluded that this would only heighten tensions and conspiracy theorists more. The answer was to flood the zone with a centralised message to brainwash the masses. They talked about winning over religious groups to support their agenda. They spoke about anti-vaccination groups, and how they would (deal) with them. The World Health Organisation was to be pushed through as the centre of all true instruction for governments, and how leaders were to respond to large scale issues. They discussed the potential for riots in the street, that would lead to martial law and in some states and detention centres being used. The only way to solve all these problems would be by global businessmen and government leaders working together hand in hand. They would have to centralise the flow of data and respond as one body. Technology giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon would lead by example. So, was it just an imaginary scenario now you know all this?

The three organisations that created and planned it last October were: The John Hopkins Centre for health and security, the World Economic Forum, and the Bill-Melinda Gates Foundation.  What is the World Economic Forum?

It was founded in 1971 by Klaus Schwab who was born in Germany in 1938. He is currently 82 years old. Germany was a state built on fear, violence, brainwashing and control. It arose out of an economic crisis with the rise of the Third Reich. Klaus Schwab was born in Nazi Germany. Back in July of 1940 Hitlers economic minister, Walther Funk unveiled the plan for a financial New Order. This was a plan of uniting states together whether conquered or not into one economic system. Gold would be rendered unnecessary, detaching it from the economic system. Sound familiar?

Klaus Schwab released his book in 2016 and another one a few months ago in 2020 titled Covid-19 the Great Reset. Next year he is publishing yet another book called the Global Reset, showing how a socialist system is going to replace Western Capitalism. Every year in January in Davos Switzerland he orders a gathering of about three thousand people for five days, from the world’s wealthiest people and companies. International political and economic leaders are in attendance. Celebrities especially those with many Twitter or Facebook followers can join, like Bono of U2 who speaks out on many top political issues. Top journalists are involved. In January 2020 at the beginning of this year, representatives of 117 countries representing 121 nationalities gathered in Davos for the fiftieth anniversary of the World Economic Forum. President Trump was invited to speak there, although he spoke contrary to most of their ideas as he is pro-Christian. The United Nations are fully behind the World Health Forum, the European Union, the International Monetary Fund, fully back the forum. Professor Klaus Schwab released his vision for the world in 2016. In that year Davos was called the fourth industrial revolution. This was a fusion of technologies that was blurring the lines between the physical, the digital, and the biological spheres. This is a marrying of AI with the physical known as transhumanism. The internet will be connected to people so downloadable information can be uploaded for everybody by the means of biology. The industry will Challenge the idea what humanity is really all about and will happen fast at brake-net speed. Everything is going to be digitalised even the currency by taking away the coin monetary system implemented thousands of years ago. This imaginary scenario back then is just what we have passed through right now. Professor Schwab talks about in his book digitalising the entire education system. His book can be purchased on Amazon called COVID-19: The Great Reset. A computerised teaching system would then infiltrate the organisations like the medical board, health and safety, TV, media places of work, governments with corrupt information that can be pumped out to the masses in a fear and panic campaign. This system will convince many good workers from all branches of industry to accept the information as the truth, as all the governments will marry data together. This will affect income, and there will be a new worldwide wealth distribution. Small shops will close, ATMs will disappear and cashless systems will be promoted to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. People will then begin working from homes. Not only content with his book he spoke at the World Government Forum and coined the word (globalisation) 4.0 This was the term used to signal the coming shift in globalised structures. Everything is going to be globalised and digitised. To bring all this in they said they need time and opportunity to remind the country in 2020. In June 2019 in the UN headquarters of New York, there was a meeting of two leaders the UN Secretary-General, met with Professor Schwab and the Economic Forum signed a contract to implement the fourth industrial revolution. They penned a document called the Strategic Partnership Framework to create a new social contract. They are redefining what it means to be a nation, society, institutions, and business. This Covenant was agreed with the United Nations. This was penned to sign up the 2020-30 agenda called Agenda 20 and Agenda 30. Six areas of focus were targeted number 6 used again. This would include: financing the agenda, climate change, health, digital cooperation, gender equality and the empowerment of woman, education and skills. This document was signed by a business organisation and a governmental organisation agreed to speed all this up. This moves the world to a privatised and undemocratic global governance. In other words, power is moving towards the economic forum and away from the individual nations and countries. It’s only meant to be politicians that have power in the UN. But now businessmen like Bill Gates are moving in to influence and sign agreements away from normality. Things are changing within the UN drastically to push forward a One World Government system. The UN relies so much on being financed by top businessman that make up the Economic Forum. Transformation in technology will be like nothing humankind has ever experienced before. The response to it must be integrated and responsive. Public, private, civil education and health sectors must be all singing from the same page globally. They were talking all these things through way before Covid-19 happened. On the 11 March 2020, the World Health Organisation declared Covid-19 a pandemic. The very next day on the 12th March the World Economic Forum acting as a partner to the World Health Organisation launched the Covid action platform. It was said that it was the first action plan of its kind to convince the business platform or to bring all the businessmen for collective action behind the World Health Organisation to be one body. They wanted Covid-19 response teams and experts from the Health organisation with business leaders from around the world which will hold regular virtual meetings which they have done since March with 700 top leaders. Governments began to give billions of taxpayers’ money to these organisations like the World Health Organisation and the Bill Gates foundation. In May 4th 2020 the European Union and several European Governments held a Covid-19 donor convention, pledging 7.4 billion euros of taxpayer’s money towards this end. This money would flood into the coffers in a non-transparent way. It was not so long ago the Bill Gates Foundation had to pay Governments, now it was the other way around. On Wednesday 3rd of June 2020 when the rest of the world was preoccupied with the pandemic a looming Great Depression had started and race riots in the US. The World Economic Forum quietly announced the phrase the Great Reset is coming and the initiative. The announcement of the Great Reset was disclosed by the Prince of Wales Prince Charles and by the Economic Forum chairman at a virtual meeting. Several lectures that included world leaders were present from the UN, the monetary union, and more to announce the coming Great Reset in a (smokescreen) from the pandemic. Adverts and teaching were introduced. Reset wording was cleverly woven into conversations, and politicians clearly disguised the word reset in other matters when making statements. Also, in June 2020 Schwab published his book called the Great Reset. Inside his book, it explains what the Great Reset is. It is all the world leaders to transform the world economy. To reset or restart the world’s economy from scratch. He predicts in his book that worldwide wealth will be redistributed at the end of Covid-19. Because of COVID-19, the power of governments will be intensified to be able to action things without challenge. While we were in lockdown, 5G masts were rolled out at breakneck speed in many cases overnight, with reports of masts near schools. Many petitions for anti-abortion laws were ignored and sanctioned while people were being brainwashed with the pandemic. In the book, it continues to state the resetting of the world financial system. The same people who were talking about the Coronavirus a year ago are the same people echoing about the Great Reset. They want to increase taxation within each nation. From June 2020 they stored up their network of ten thousand global shapers in 428 cities of the world. 148 countries were activated to go out and find a young generation to hand their master plan over too. These would be the high flyers, the rich, and young businessmen who are making a name for themselves. Young thinkers who can be brainwashed or conditioned into puppets that they can then mould for the fourth industrial revolution. Prince Charles said there is only a short time to do this and we must act now. Workplaces, schools, and religion coming together must be implemented. The religions coming together will be called One World Religion. Our entire world has been shut down, and never has there been an opportunity to reshape it. They go on to say that the pandemic will continue for about a year and a half and gradually diminish in 2021 next year. It’s predicted there could be another wave of coronavirus next year or maybe several depending on what happens with the Great Reset. In January 2021 there will be a meeting where the keynote speaker is the founder and Chief Executive Officer from Chipsafer. Chipsafer is a company who deals in RFID chips for cattle. As the Elite class humans as cattle this is very interesting. The farmer can know where the animals are and receive warnings if the animal is outside of a specified area or if an anomaly is detected. We transform the data gathered with our sensors into actionable information. The farmer can access all the information through his personal digital account. Chipsafer seeks to improve the safety and security of livestock herds while reducing ranchers’ environmental impact and providing traceability across the bovine lifecycle. So, let’s rephrase that to work with humans: Chipsafer seeks to improve the safety and security of human herds, while reducing environmental impact, and providing traceability across the human lifecycle. Don’t forget they like to use the term herd-immunity. November the 2nd 2020 the Times Magazine published its magazine the Great Reset. So, is it an accident they are printing and publishing a magazine on the day of the election?

The economic forum reveals about the Great Reset on their website:

Inside the magazine is one article on how our world will look like in 2023. It states that Joe Biden began a new approach after defeating Donald Trump. The magazine believes that the election is crucial and tied into the Great Reset. Trump is pro-Christian while Biden wants to reverse everything he has done. Four hidden political dynasties are controlling the worlds education-religion-financial and government written in Amos and the book of Joel in the Bible. Luciferase is a generic term for the class of oxidative enzymes that produce bioluminescence and is usually distinguished from a photoprotein. The name was first used by Raphaël Dubois who invented the words luciferin and luciferase, for the substrate and enzyme, respectively. This is part of Bill Gates quantum dot tattoo system to place a barcode into humans. Isn’t it ironic that Lucifer the illuminator is used to pattern this product as it glows under ultraviolet light?

Please study the Georgia Guidestones and these Mason monstrosities tell you that they want to reduce the world’s population. The managing director of the IMF or the International Monetary Fund, a few weeks ago in November of 2020 announced a new (Bretton Woods) moment or an economic calamity. The Bretton Woods Conference, formally known as the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference, was the gathering of 730 delegates from all 44 Allied nations at the Mount Washington Hotel, situated in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, United States, to regulate the international monetary and financial order after the conclusion of World War 2. The US, Russia, UK and China were the leading voices here. Two men led this historic gathering who were John Maynard Keynes from the UK and Harry Dexter White from the US. These two powerful political figures drew up plans to change the political system of the world. In July 1940 Hitler released his economic plan for the world to join together all the different currencies. That same plan was sent to John Maynard Keynes who thought it was an excellent plan and accepted three-quarters of it. He began to put together his own project for the British government using Hitler’s ideas. He mused on the idea of an international bank, and a super police force that would enforce this system. This was pushed through to government and accepted in paper form in 1941. Harry Dexter White was the second most important person in the treasury. He received a phone call in December 1941 from The American treasury secretary who was his boss at that time. He told him he had a dream at the end of the war about an international currency and a central fund to administer it. White set himself a task to produce a post-war plan on this notion that was similar to Keynes. His world currency was called Unitas or UN for short. Both these men at the same time had devised a plan for a world economic system to change it after the end of the war. Both men met and shared each other’s plans in 1942 and ended up merging them together to create a world currency. Both men kept this under wraps as they had to be careful of people’s views on this topic until the time was right. This information, however, got leaked to the Financial Times and immediately America shelved the plan for a future date. At Breton Woods, they were to heal the world’s economy but had to compromise as the plan had been exposed to early. So, what was the compromise?

They created the IMF the International Monetary Fund and the World bank. Both of these institutions are based in Washington DC on the same road opposite each other. World currencies were going to be attached to the US dollar. Presently in the IMF boardroom, there are two art busts as you enter the building of Keynes and White. Keynes was a practising homosexual behind closed doors, and White became the first director of the IMF in 1946. However, he soon resigned from that position once he was accused of being a Russian spy. He had contact with Communist spies within America for ten years and was being investigated by the FBI. He was a supporter of the Russian Socialistic economy. He was a spy with an agenda with other spies around at the same time one notably working in the Times magazine called Whittaker Chambers who promoted the UN. The IMF was then held forth as an institution that would come and help nations after the Second World War. If nations were in trouble the IMF would lend them currency. In 1964 the IMF returned to Keynes ideas more and more and set up the SDR or Special Drawing Rights which were a form of international money, created by the International Monetary Fund, and defined as a weighted average of various convertible currencies. In 1971 the World regularly called for a second (Bretton Woods) and establish this original vision of a world currency. Two weeks ago, from 21 November 2020, the IMF called for a second Bretton Woods, as the answer to the economic tragedy that is about to hit our world. In 2007 when the financial crisis began in New York City and 2008 the financial crisis hit the world stage. Its crippled banks around the world. From that time economists have said the economy is on a life support machine. 20 trillion dollars were pumped into the World Economic system afterwards just to keep it afloat. The banking system cannot exist without trillions of monies being poured into its coffers. The crisis that happens in 2007 and 2018 has basically sacrificed the world economic system as we knew it. In 2008 the IMF loaned 200 billion dollars to Greece. This is the largest amount ever leant in history to a bankrupt state which will never be paid back. Since 2008 banks around the world have been printing money without limitation. So, what will the IMF do to help the world in the pandemic of Covid-19?

They were placed on a pedestal at the world financial and political stage becoming the most powerful group on the planet. By the end of 2009, it had leant 85 billion to 18 different countries around the world and promised another 80 billion to three other countries. The IMF operates like a spider’s web, once you are caught in it you are stuck fast for good. For decades they have gone into South America, Africa, and Asia lending money to nations that will never be able to pay it back. The same year in 2008 the EU and the G20 came together to raise the IMF financial gains to 750 billion. In the G20 summit in 2009, they discussed issuing a national world currency above everything else to be digitalised. Money is power in exchange for financial aid the IMF gains control over the economic policies of nations. Very quickly laws are implemented and you begin to lose the sovereignty of your nation. By the end of 2019 going into January 2020 of this year, the world’s total debt rose to an eye whopping (250 trillion dollars). 322 per cent of the GDP (Gross domestic product) of the world.  This means the world is so deep in debt that a solution was needed hence the pandemic and Covid-19. Nations are being held to ransom with interest rates and debts they can never payback. Regulations were being brought in just like before Covid happened. The Covid-19 pandemic is a smokescreen to bring about the Great Reset. Vaccinations are needed to infect humans with the digital certificate so they can track everybody and their finances. Vaccines and flu shots are proven by many Christian scientists to be the cause of many immune diseases. We then eat food and drink and poisoned water which weakens the immune system even more. If we get sick, drugs mask the problem giving us side effects making us less effective to use the power of the Holy Spirit. As of March 2020, these groups are responsible for shutting down the world’s economy. The UK in 2020 was expected to borrow 55 billion pounds for this year alone but ended up borrowing 208 billion pounds instead. Germany since March was loaned 500 billion pounds and Ireland 24 billion pounds. America is more in debt than any other nation. They are 21 trillion dollars in debt. Through further loans, it will increase another 16 trillion dollars to 37 trillion dollars in debt. The IMF in June 2020 this year warned this is the (mother) of all financial crisis. Covid-19 has set the stage for these institutions to step up to the plate and initiate the fourth industrial revolution when everything changes, where they combine biology to the computer system, by the means of vaccinations and RFID chips. They want to join computers to our biological systems. In his book Covid-19, the Great Reset Schwab talks about the catastrophe now is unparalleled in world history. He goes on to say that ‘history shows that (epidemics) have been the great (Reseter) of countries economy and the social fabric.’

Why should it be different with Covid-19?

Covid-19 is the opportunity to reset the whole economic realm of our world, as well as the very fabric of our society. It allows to push through legislation like abortions, and vaccines with AI tracking technology onboard. Saving lives versus the economy is not important, as this also tackles the depopulation agenda. So, while they emphasise a pandemic and a health scare this is greatly exaggerated. They will blame the financial crisis on Covid-19. Schwab in his book states that 60 per cent of business will close permanently. 50 per cent of jobs we are familiar with will disappear forever. These jobs will be taken over by robots and machines. 85 per cent of jobs that will be operating in 2030 are not even created yet. The smokescreen of the Coronavirus, the race riots, and the election in America is not really what is happening, there is a greater agenda afoot called the Great Reset. They want to end capitalism, and sovereignty and rebuild the world according to their master plan. Hyperinflation will be on a world scale. Governments will be open to manipulation and be sucked into taking up a new cashless digital monetary system controlled by the IMF. In the US in recent months an 18-step plan has been put together in how to go cashless that will be worked from January of 2021. Debt cancellation is being discussed from individual governments, while we worry about masks that don’t work. Whoever cancels that debt governments will be indebted to them. Major wealth transference or the re-distribution of wealth is coming, a socialist-communist idea. A world tax system is also coming. Just before Jesus comes back there will be a political system that’s going to be joined with the economic system and religious system. It will be global and make way for the rise of a man called the man of sin or the anti-Christ. It will be one of the greatest political leaders the world has ever seen. This is Bible prophecy happening right before our eyes. Biden wants to dismantle much of Trump’s peace agreement in Israel, and the Obama days of cuddling up to Iran.  Biden’s chief of staff is an Israel hater. She has already said about refunding Palestinian organisations that Trump defunded with their links to terrorism. Trump said “They are not after me, they are after you. I am just in the way.” If Biden and Harris get into power the Great Reset transition will happen very quickly. Replacing shareholders of big companies with stakeholders is coming who are left-wing and climate change zealots. Replacing small business and private enterprises with big technology firms and big business. God will allow the Great Reset to transpire as it’s pushing the whole prophetic scenario to fruition. Even though God is against this lawless system and the global government He is allowing events to happen. In essence, He has granted these people enough rope to hang themselves. In the tribulation that’s where their judgment will come. What’s coming, what to expect, and how should we prepare emotionally, spiritually and mentally?

When people do not know prophecy, they will be blindsided by things that happen and false media. The motives behind lockdowns are not to protect lives from the Coronavirus, it is to usher in the Great Reset. Joe Biden and his team have promised more shutdowns, more masks, quarantines and restrictions. 94% of the people who contracted Coronavirus and died was due to Comorbidity and their age. Comorbidity is the presence of one or more additional conditions often co-occurring with a primary condition. Comorbidity describes the effect of all other conditions an individual patient might have other than the primary condition of interest and can be physiological or psychological. The scientific industry has been hijacked by radical leftists. Joe Biden is right in the pocket of the puppet masters. Politicians who were bought off just go along with the narrative.  The rights of the people and believers in Christ specifically will be denied.   Freedom to practise Christianity, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, buying and selling will be denied in the name of a plandemic health emergency. This is nothing more than a trumped-up virus to scare everyone into submission. Justin Trudeau leftist of Canada said

“This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a Reset. This is a chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems, that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change.”

The Great Reset is being pushed to come in by lawless means. When you don’t see legislation being used and laws passed, you see governors in the United States are acting in a lawless way. So universal health care is wanted which will actually kill people as it’s soft euthanasia. Free health care is not a right it’s a privilege. Common people will end up paying for it, while they just print up the currency and ultimately go bust. Universal basic housing is coming everybody must live sustainably. How do you give everyone on the planet basic housing when the whole world is in debt?

Who determines the standard and who funds it?

This will ultimately be a form of stealing to achieve this aim. Getting back in sync with nature is a top priority. A global religion and government are nothing short of New-age cosmic humanism that worships creation and not the Creator. Financial institutions have to balance profits and moral obligations. They want to deter crime by bringing in a digital currency but blame the coins and banknotes for contributing to the spread of the Coronavirus. With an operational digital currency, everybody will lose their rights to financial privacy. They want to fight back over miss-information and disinformation. They say that we need educating better by removing free speech. People were putting two and two together and exposing their false narrative, and they didn’t like it. Through big technology companies, they will censor everything people post on the internet, which is happening on all social media platforms at the moment. Leaders must pay attention to science, which was written in total opposition to Donald Trump as he is pro-Christian. Leaders who don’t pay attention to science will be got rid of. True science is fine but false science with an agenda is what’s being pushed. They want to assess how people think then alter it by genome-editing. This is why transhumanism is coming. Chips will be able to read human thoughts inside the body. Elon Musk’s Neuralink, a neurotechnology company, revealed its plans to develop brain-reading technology over the next few years. One of the goals for Musk’s firm is to eventually implant microchip-devices into the brains of people. So, this is freedom of speech and thought all controllable by the aid of an RFID chip. The Great Reset is to usher in the New World Order. They call it globalism at the moment, that will practise imperialism. So, a worldwide government as mentioned in Daniel 23 of the Bible:

Daniel 7:23-25

“The fourth beast is a fourth kingdom that will appear on earth. It will be (different) from all the other kingdoms and will devour the whole earth.”

(Imperialism) is the state policy, practice, or advocacy of extending power and dominion, especially by direct territorial acquisition or by gaining political and economic control of other territories and peoples. This is exactly what Rome was like in the days of Christ. This fourth Beast was around in the fourth century when Christ came and has never gone away. It’s morphed into other forms at the moment but the anti-Christ will come out of the ten kings. With imperialism comes a hard-hitting hand that will crush all the other countries into line. They have the strength to enforce agenda into fruition but will come up against opposition. Internationalism and Nationalism do not mix:

Revelation 13:7

“It (anti-Christ) was given power to wage war against God’s holy people and to conquer them. And it was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation.”

Going forward with Biden and Harris of the US and other leaders around the world, what we are seeing is them buckle under the pressure from the Elite who are going to tax on an international level. Climate change and the global warming hoax is just another (smokescreen) for their end. Manmade global warming is a hoax. God controls the weather, climate and seasons, not humanity. We do have warmings and cooling’s that have nothing to do with us. This is the sun, moon environment things that might naturally happen like volcanoes. Climate change is a natural process. Climate alarmism is a mental illness. The earth is winding down as God wound it up at the start of creation. Climate change is part of the Great Reset to get global taxation. They will start with business, oil companies, and eventually you and I. First world countries money will then be redistributed to second and third world countries so they can have planned housing and healthcare. If you are living in western society you will be stripped through taxes from an international company like the UN, ICM or the World Economic Forum. The redistribution of money will be to combat the world’s debt. Communism has been around for a very long time and is actually communalism which goes back thousands of years. Plato describes a communal social system, where all the property is owned by the community, and the ruling class is controlled by the elite. The elite thinks they know better than you and me. They call us cattle and want to herd immunity us with vaccines. They want to tell us how to think and behave. Plato’s Republic children were classed as property. Hillary Clinton said ‘It takes a village to raise a child. The UN does not like parental rights and tries to move children away from being biblically trained by their parents if they are Christians. They say the state should raise children. Biden wants to implement mandatory pre-school aged 2-3. Public schools will be used to brainwash and indoctrinate them, getting them away from their parents. Kids today are all a bunch of socialists and communists. Plato’s Republic rejected the concept of a family-like we see today with the breakdown of marriage. He also hated private property. The Great Reset is trying to set up a society that has no liberty, freedom, free markets, and free enterprise. The enlightened intellectuals will tell us what to do. Thomas More’s Utopia wanted society to be governed by the elite without (religious) guidance. He wanted society ruled by Godless Communists. This is exactly now. They have kicked Christianity out of governments and politics other than Donald Trump. Communalism creates slavery. People will basically work for the global government. People are following the tone of the pied-piper, instead of rats, it’s humans. Anyone who has studied infectious diseases knows that a PCR test cannot be used to diagnose anything. It is a lab test to support a diagnosis yet it became the gold standard. A real doctor does not use a kit put on the market that was never meant to test for a disease. It’s only there to test if you have parts of the genome sitting around in your nose or throat. When you get a positive patient was instantly labelled as having COVID-19. But Covid-19 is the term used for the disease. This virus was coined as a new virus and COVID-19 a new disease, when in fact the virus is not new, or the disease. Coronavirus has been with humankind since the beginning of the creation that coexists with us. Every few months a virus changes a little as they mutate all the time. These viruses manage to keep the host alive by balancing the immune system year after year. A positive PCR does not mean you are infected. It could mean you were at some point there are pieces of the genome in your nose or throat. Diagnosing COVID-19 is flawed as the PCR test massively exaggerates the number of people who are actually suffering symptoms. Most Covid deaths were down to other causes like heart attack, cancer, strokes and wrong diagnosis. If we think back over the last 6-8 months the people who are spreading the most misinformation are the corporate media being paid by the government. Every major incident and event from wars to mainstream media has always been them spreading fake news and putting lives at risk. Barak Obama is rumoured to become the Ambassador for the US to the Uk if Biden becomes President. Barak Obama requires more than one election to reverse trends on disinformation, by bringing in cultural work. Regulation and standards of facts Obama require a drastic change. Fact-checkers will be set up becoming the modern-day inquisition. It’s death by a thousand fact checks politically. Let’s take Twitter they released an article stating: ‘There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in Michigan, according to fact-checkers and state officials.’ Barak Obama will push through the Great Reset with the UK and a plan to lower carbon admissions. Qantas boss says passengers will need to be vaccinated for international flights. Soon, all airlines will impose vaccination measures and require people to have a digital passport. “We are looking at changing our terms and conditions to say for international travellers, that we will ask people to have a vaccination before they can get on the aircraft,” he said. Wales has a grocery restriction crackdown. All non-essential items are taped and bagged off. This is the stage we have reached where bureaucrats are dictating what is essential and non-essential. Books are banned in Wales to help stop the spread of Covid-19. This is the lunacy of the lockdown. There will be phased in secondary lockdowns on a rolling basis. Starting with major metropolitan areas first, and expanded outward by November 2020. Rush isolation facilities by December 2020. Daily cases of Covid-19 will surge beyond the capacity of testing, including Covid related deaths, expected end of November 2020. Then second phased restrictions by the end of December 2020, early January 2021. The form and the expansion of the unemployment program to be transitioned into the universal basic income program in 2021. Projected Covid-19 mutations and infection with a secondary virus referred to as Covid-21 leading to a third wave with much higher mortality rates and higher rates of infection expected by February 2021. The narrative will be shifted to Covid has mutated. This could be pandemic two that Bill Gates has talked about. Third lockdown tiers will be implemented and travel restrictions. Transition of individuals into the universal basic income program expected mid-2021. Expected supply chain breakdowns. Inventory shortages, and large economic instability forecast in late 2021. Deployment of military personal into major metropolitan areas, as well as all major roadways for travel checkpoints. The strategic planning committee was asked to design an effective way of transitioning Canadians to meet an economic endeavour. One that would change the face of Canada, and altar the lives of all Canadians. To offset an economic collapse on an international scale that the federal government was going to offer Canadians a total debt relief. The federal government will offer to remove all personal debts, mortgages, loans, credit cards etc. The funding to Canada will be funded by the IMF. This will be known as the World Debt Reset program. In exchange for acceptance of this total debt forgiveness. The individual would forfeit all property and assets forever. Everybody will have to agree to take part in the Covid-19-20 vaccination schedule, which will provide the individual with unrestrictive travel and unrestrictive living even under a full lockdown with the use of photo identification referred to a health pass. It essentially joins the population control network or gets left behind. If you are left behind you will be cut off from basic services, rights and buying and selling. No vaccine passport no life basically. Gaining access to public shops, businesses, public transport, will require a person to be vaccinated, and to display their vaccine status using the app on their phone on entry into the premises. This means the end of privacy and freedom. Face masks were the first mandate which served as a slow grooming process of the general public. We will all become an employee of the government. The government will determine whether you get paid by the level of your compliance with the agenda. The universal basic income will then move to the cashless society. We will be told cash has to be phased out to stop the spread of Covid. Apparently, Covid sticks to notes and coins but not to bank cards and newspapers. If you believe that you need your head tested. The public school system must be designed to reduce intelligence. With a cashless society, your bank account gets reduced to little more than a kind of PayPal account. Your bank could suspend your income for several days because you said something against the agenda like at a protest, or Twitter. The social credit surveillance state would detect via AI will be able to detect if you broke the lockdown restrictions or didn’t wear a face mask in public. Funds could be suspended permanently. People who refuse to cooperate with the agenda will firstly live in the lockdowns, and over a short period, will be deemed a public safety risk and be relocated into the isolation facilities they would be given two options. Participate in the debt forgiveness program, or stay indefinitely in the isolation facility under the publication of a serious public health risk and have their assets seized. The Church of Jesus Christ is to be His witness to preach the gospel and expose the lies being fed to us daily. Born-again Christians need to save as many people as possible so they can repent and accept that Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour. Christ is our foundation, the scriptures are our authority, and power is from the Holy Spirit. The Church needs a Reset with Gods vision to be awake to what is going on all around us. The mystery of iniquity mentioned in the Bible is Satan revealed in the flesh. If we look at Nazi Germany and the confusion of economic chaos, rose a strong political leader Adolf Hitler who ushered in the Second World War. So will the next strong political leader to come, the man of sin usher in the Third World War?

You must be born again; your security is not in money or finance. Mammon will fall in this world. The only hope is taking up the cross, repent and accept Christ.

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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