November 26, 2020 – American Thanksgiving with Much to Be Thankful For [videos] ~ November 26, 2020

It’s Day 23 of #ElectionGate and Thanksgiving Day in America. Gratitude is a powerful energetic we would do well to adopt, particularly on this day.

This year many more Americans are homeless; their businesses shuttered, they’re forced to wait in long bread lines and even lower themselves to stand on freeway ramps to plead their case and ask for assistance in a dire situation. It’s heartrending to see the desperation that is so unnecessary and unprecedented in modern times of abundance and excess.

Even if life is so terrible we don’t know how it could get any worse, we can at least be thankful for the many patriots who selflessly sacrificed over the years to bring this Great Awakening and take-down of the satanic global El-ites to this point; those who helped us all to participate in the saving of Mankind.

It helps to put things in perspective and enables us to focus on what’s really important. It could have gone another way, but we’re still here to fight the good fight another day and we know life will improve dramatically for us all.

Yes, it’s hard. War is hard, but when the going gets tough, remember who these monsters are who believe they are the privileged and qualified to run the world. They make Charles Manson look like the tooth fairy. This behaviour below is indicative of their mindset, folks. This is who they are and they will not have Humanity bowing to their pathetic urgings to turn on each other. We will eradicate the vermin from our midst, the Light will return and life here will transform.

Happy Snitchgiving: Americans Are Being Urged to Report Families Gathering for the Holiday

No one on this planet will be the same person they were before this revolution. It will change everything and everyone. We can never go back, and there will be a new normal—but not the one the globalist psychopaths planned; one of our choosing.

We hear the EAS cellular system (Emergency Alert System) was activated in Canada this week. See video here. Merci, beaucoup. The citizen journalists are hard at work and keep us apprised via the comments below our posts. Will it be Trump who communicates with the People of multiple nations on an EAS cellular alert? Perhaps we’ll find out.

It could be GO-time north of the 49th, so heads up. We hope you prepared by socking away a couple of weeks of extra food, water, meds, pet supplies, filled your gas tanks, and have cash on hand in case the banks close and ATMs are shut down.

It’s not a big deal—that’s probably overkill; just do what you can. It probably won’t get crazy but if, for any reason, supply chains are interrupted and you can’t get to the store or don’t feel safe leaving your home or have a severe lockdown, it would be best if you’re self-sufficient for at least a few days—and then you can relax. You’ll always use the food, etc. at some point and maybe you’ll have enough to share if need be.

Remember that lockdowns also serve the good guys and the People to keep us safe while military operations are ongoing for multiple reasons. It’s not always simply tyrannical measures over the plandemic. It might have a strategic purpose we aren’t aware of as classified missions unfold for our benefit, and also possibly to save the children.

Actually, the Canucks have the lying, treasonous CBC media on the ropes. Beauty, eh? This is so encouraging.

It’s absolutely shameful to watch the biased mainstream media attempt to bully and villify Adam Skelly’s courageous and peaceful acts of civil disobedience.

That’s the same media that glorify Antifa and BLM thugs who destroy other people’s property. #FakeNews #AdamsonBBQ

— Maxime Bernier (@MaximeBernier) November 25, 2020

Everyone who is awake across the world would be wise to prepare because anything could happen. We believe it’s under control but sometimes unexpected things happen and we don’t want to be a burden. If we’re awake and aware we should be prepared to care for our families and look out for others if need be. Check in on elderly neighbours, etc. and make sure everyone is safe if things go a little sideways.

As this battle amps up and become more public, we could experience the unhinged activities of the cabal’s foot soldiers. We’ve seen what happened in a few Democrat run cities. It may be empty threats suggesting they will migrate to the suburbs but it’s prudent to maintain situational awareness and prepare to shelter in place.

What a gift to get this news at Thanksgiving AND on JFK Jr.’s birthday. There are no coincidences, folks. What a Thanksgiving the Flynn family will have this year. It’s a relief to all patriotic Americans and beyond.

General Michael Flynn is pardoned on JFK Jr’s birthday. 🇺🇸🙌🏼🙏🏻

— Anna Kraken (@Annakhait) November 25, 2020

We are grateful for General Flynn for activating the digital soldiers worldwide—and we’re grateful for all the digital soldiers who research, document, and share what is really happening because we know the legacy media sold us out and are instruments of the cabal.

LT at And We Know uploaded this new video for us covering the mid-week developments.

Ha! True colours are shining through. Tucker never gelled with me. He was too much of a goody two-shoes. He didn’t feel authentic.

Tucker Turns on Trump! Sean Hannity Stands Alone

We still have Laura Ingraham, Lou Dobbs, Jesse Watters, don’t we? Not that I watch Fox unless a video is shared. If Fox is truly a leftist operation, why don’t they fire the Trump patriots? Silence them. Perhaps it’s part of the “movie”. It doesn’t make sense to me that Fox would provide a platform for pro-Trump personalities to expound on the situation if they’ve been outed. Is the strategy all about ratings?

We are thankful for the Trump patriots. Sean wore a CIA lapel pin, but for a time, also a punisher pin we associate with the Q movement.

The CAT Report featured this terrific meme. See lots more great info there from American Intelligence Media. We are thankful for AIM.

AIM4Truth also posted this to tell us that Sidney Powell did indeed file a lawsuit in Georgia and Michigan a moment before midnight last night. You can download and read it. We are grateful for Sidney Powell and her team.

Sidney Powell Files Law Suits IN Georgia and MIchigan

Because I believe it’s vitally important to understand what happened with the election three weeks ago, I’m featuring another interview with Patrick Byrne who hired a crack team of cyber hackers out of his own pocket to investigate the election fraud. This interview is with Bards FM host Scott Kesterson.

The pre-planned heist of this election by the global satanic El-ites is blowing up and I hope it wakes up every man and woman on this planet so this can never happen again in any country. The charade and the betrayal must be understood by every one of us.

We are thankful for Patrick Byrne and Scott Kesterson. (I always want to call him Gabriel Byrne.)

Juan O Savin did another update with VGuerrilla and explains the Sidney Powell situation, the court cases against the dimms to prove election fraud, the finer points, what’s coming, the strategy, etc. We get valuable perspective from Juan’s digs at the Trump Tower in Vegas.

Juan confirmed we had over 1,000 military aircraft in the air at one point recently and that was just in the US. He says no matter how it looks, chill, relax, “we’ve got this”. If you’re anxious about what’s going on, listen up for a pep talk. It’s all under control and it’s far from over. Juan also tells us that the energy we will soon have to run our lives won’t even be meterable. No more paying through the nose for gas, oil, electricity, cellular service, etc. The world is about to change.

We are thankful for Juan and VGuerrilla.

Juan O’ Savin: The Kraken & Panic In The D.C.

Attorney Lin Wood has been a powerful force in what has unfolded. He holds nothing back and states the reality as it is. Devil be damned. We are thankful for Lin Wood.

Lin Wood: America will be shocked at the level of pedophilia, satanic worship in government

Michael Jaco tells us the criminals are being dealt with behind the scenes—which is required to keep the peace. If arrests, detainments, and the unsealing of indictments were all public there would be chaos because too many people don’t know what’s going on AND it would give the loonatic left the excuse to sic their mind-controlled demonic minions on the innocent. Michael discusses a number of important aspects of our current journey.

There is some interesting perspective here regarding the event flash or solar flash. Some are saying it will be a huge, unmissable event, others are saying it will only be noticeable to the real sensitives. Our journey continues, and it’s a long journey.

We are thankful for Michael Jaco and the realm of energetically tuned-in warriors.

Deep state actors are being snatched up and taken to black sites for questioning and trial.

Simon Parkes did another 22 minute update because there is so much going on. He does share things that no one else does and we are grateful for Simon and his unique perspective.

25th November Election Update 2020

Laura Lynn Thompson, politician/activist in British Columbia, Canada goes into the suppression of reality by Big Tech and the Mainstream Media, how it affects our elections all over the world, and also discusses the increasing angst over the extreme lockdown measures in Canada.

The gulag is getting even worse, folks. The Canadian government is telling everyone precisely when to wear masks in a retail and office environment and claims the retailers themselves are asking for more directives. What? Canadians are brainwashed over this Kung Flu BS thanks to the disinformation and fear campaigns. It’s outrageous.

Wake the hell up, Canada. Do you really think a mask protects you from a contagion? That it won’t go beyond a certain spot on the floor or around a plexi shield? That you have a safe little bubble when you are sitting at a table in a restaurant eating? It’s embarrassing to see “intelligent life” adapting so readily to things they’re told by the media.

Yes, the health implications of this terror campaign are severe and mounting. The stress and anxiety are killing more people than the fake virus. The FEAR is what is killing people—not a cold virus, which is what coronavirus is. Doctors now know it is LESS deadly than the flu in its virility—and that’s not what’s killing people.

Laura’s guests are two holistic health experts with stories to tell about communist countries where they have lived and the similarities to what is unfolding in Canada because the gullible Canadian people just go along and don’t use critical thinking.

They experienced house arrest in Equador earlier this year for a week and curfews due to the Kung Flu situation before they realized it was not what they were told and they reluctantly left for Canada when businesses closed, people were starving and lost their homes because they couldn’t pay the rent.

The treatment they underwent in Ecuador is shocking. It’s unbelievable what they did to the citizens there and it sounds like it might be coming in Canada.

They immediately landed in quarantine in Canada and saw the parallels. It’s a fascinating discussion. They personally checked out a couple of hospitals in Canada and found them empty—not the state of overwhelm the media claimed but their friends and family weren’t interested in looking into it at all. Egads. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

My mother was also in hospital in Kingston, Ontario in the summer so this is interesting to me. They didn’t even check my mother for Covid when she was admitted because she had no symptoms. She did have a little pneumonia, however, which they cleared up quickly with azithromycin and another drug.

Doctors know how to treat any symptom we have of a cold, flu, etc. and it’s important for the public to know that the recovery rate for these conditions is 99%. It’s nothing justifying these absurd, tyrannical restrictions. It’s pure hype on the part of the Liberal government/deep state and their lying, treasonous media.  Smart people all over the world went to hospitals and found almost no one there and reported back to that effect. We know the government and media are causing panic over nothing. THERE IS NO PANDEMIC. They created it in the minds of the public with lies.

Isn’t it funny how names stick in our heads? Laura initially calls Sidney Powell Sidney Sheldon. We are thankful for Patrick Coady, Silvana Spano and Laura Lynn Thompson.

Increasing Unrest Over Lockdowns in Canada

Oh, please. BoJo is scoring big points with the NWO in this short video update. The charade continues.

Boris Johnson is back in Self Isolation after testing positive for Covid.

Get educated on the Kung Flu hoax and help educate others. Video at the link.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich updates Ben Swann on lawsuit on Lockdowns, masks & vaccines Covid

For our entertainment… You know who decides who “person of the year” is, right? The globalists. Mind effery.

Justin Trudeau becomes latest politician pranked by Russians posing as Greta Thunberg

We are not thankful for Justine Trudeau but we like the Russians a lot.

There is no lack of material from the woo-woo files. If you think we don’t have “friends upstairs” you’re missing a key piece of the puzzle and aren’t getting “the big picture”. You’ll also see teenage mutant ninja vegetables that will blow your mind. You have to wonder… If that is happening to plants, what’s happening to us?

We are thankful for Mr. MBB and our galactic family.

It was unlike ANYTHING they had ever seen before – This is getting REALLY weird!

Fairies. Wow.

Not even TRYING to hide! Disc PARKED in Daytime Sky – Dramatic Fireball – Germany “Fairies”!!

To close, we have “fun with Q”. While the Kew Team has been silent for 14 days, their legacy lives on in their 4,952 drops which have educated, inspired, and either soothed us or lit a fire under us since the fall of 2017. What a journey this has been, and we are thankful for Q.

How many more coincidences until mathematically impossible?

— John F Kennedy Jr. (@HSRetoucher) November 25, 2020

On Sunday in Palm Beach, Florida there will be a Trump support event you can watch online. We are grateful for independent media like RSBN, President Trump, his family, and members of his administration who are fighting for us all.

We are blessed to be spending the evening tonight with our friends/neighbours as we have for the past four years or so. I will be thinking of the unfortunate people who are not in a good place and asking for support for them. It’s difficult to indulge when others are lacking the most basic elements of life and are experiencing a level of dark despair they never thought they would in the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.

May everyone be safe, and if you’re celebrating Thanksgiving may you spend it with others who are important to you. If you’re alone—rest assured that far better days lie ahead, and in the not too distant future. That is a promise.  ~ BP

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