November 25, 2020: Power Moves in Sizzling 5D Chess [videos] ~ November 25, 2020

It’s Day 22 of #ElectionGate and the landscape changes every day if not every few hours. Attorney Sidney Powell has stated that her law suit in Georgia may be filed as early as today, November 25th.

Hold on Guys
It isn’t over yet
We told you to trust the Judges.



Trump Calls on Supporters to Stand Tall: ‘Don’t Be Intimidated by These People’

Georgia Will Launch a Second Recount

You may recall that Robert Epstein (no relation to Jeffrey) was a whistleblower over the clandestine efforts of Google and his wife died suddenly after he came forward with certain information about Hillary Clinton and another election. That’s how psychopaths retaliate; they go after your family and leave you to suffer and consider the error of your ways. Election rigging is NOT new, as the American people are learning, and that is the whole point of this sordid exercise.

Robert Epstein: Google Shifted a ‘Minimum’ of 6 Million Votes in 2020

WATCH: Crowd gasps after finding out that a mysterious spike of votes in Pennsylvania had 600,000 votes for Biden and only 3,200 for @realDonaldTrump

— Team Trump (@TeamTrump) November 25, 2020

We understand all it will take will be proving ONE state was flipped due to fraud and the other states are moot. Trump wins and we can put this nonsense behind us, be done with the Biden treason and move forward. Let the trials begin! Are there even enough handcuffs for all these deep state puppets?

Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona Announce Election Fraud Hearings

“In Arizona There Were 35,000 Votes Given to Every Democrat Candidate Just to Start the Voting Off” — Sidney Powell Drops a MOAB on AZ DEMOCRATS — COULD FLIP STATE!

The witch is back. Thankfully we know she was dealt with a long time ago but her spectral clones and doubles still haunt the political scene with threats to creep into the Oval Office.

Hillary Clinton Seeks Defense Secretary Post From Biden

This situation changes as well, and is not surprising considering that Judge Sullivan STILL has not done his job—unless his job was to stall indefinitely to keep General Flynn hamstrung and unable to reveal what he knows.

Incidentally, did you hear that Attorneys/Patriots Joe DiGenova and Victoria Toensing were instrumental in launching NEWSMAX media?

It is done. Congratulations to Gen. Flynn and thank you to President Trump for seeing that justice was delivered.

Trump pardons Michael Flynn

We know why Pencil Neck’s head exploded. Now Flynn is free to tell all he learned about the deep state’s activities. Tick-tock.

Adam Schiff Comes Completely Unglued Over Reports Of Flynn Pardon

As we’ve noted, Coronavirus gives the globalists license to do pretty much anything. It’s a catch-all for Human Rights abuse and unconstitutional man-handling of a largely unsuspecting public—and the gullible public rolls over and plays dead.

OMG. The efforts to get the attention of the snoozers rips record civil rights from the public. Do they just yawn and go back to sleep? Oh well???

Nolte: The Lunacy of Pennsylvania Democrats Outlawing Liquor Sales on Thanksgiving Eve

I think we’ve seen ample evidence that we can’t take any of the threats seriously. We have an immune system, and 99% of the time, it works beautifully.

Edison May Cut Off Power to Southern California Homes on Thanksgiving to ‘Prevent Fires’

This is the P.A.I.N. folks. This is what it is going to take to show people what the globalists had in mind for us.

I feel badly for these poor folks. The sick and the elderly? So wrong, and so unnecessary.

New Mexico Governor Accused of Causing ‘Modern Breadlines’ with Coronavirus Lockdown Orders

Montreal paramedics were instructed to not give CPR to dying patients due to coronavirus

At what point do thinking Humans say, “Hell no—we won’t go!” rather than just going along with the dystopian restrictions and cattle prods?

CDC Proposes Concentration Camps in America, Plans to Invade Homes and Separate Families

As stated previously, the “therapeutics” and vaccines are going to make it difficult to impossible for the psychopaths to infringe on our rights and enforce their sweeping draconian measures. We have to bring the world out of this engineered health crisis and remove the fear gripping millions of people who believed the lies; the victims of the NWO psyop.

PM Trudeau touts deal for 26K doses of COVID-19 therapeutic, seeks to temper vaccine expectations

There’s nothing to worry about, folks. Hundreds if not thousands of doctors are telling us it’s not a pandemic-level situation and they have the knowledge, skills, and treatments to relieve discomfort in just hours and most people need never be hospitalized.

— Dr. Zev Zelenko (@zev_dr) November 25, 2020

The deep state has been controlling the world for a very long time because they were ruthless, strategic, planned extremely long term, and had the systems and people in place to do it. This should be apparent to everyone who cares to look at it. The media is KEY. The media spins the threads of reality because Humans were trained to trust it and therefore they influenced the perception = reality. Now we know the media does not equate to Truth at all. Quite the opposite.

Facebook Suppressed Breitbart, Promoted CNN, Following Election

This is @CNN deliberately dumbing down their audience. Kash uncovered many inconvenient FACTS undermining left-wing hyper partisan political narratives so his character gets brutally attacked from every angle. This is a disgrace. Kash Patel is a Patriot.

— Lee Zeldin (@RepLeeZeldin) November 25, 2020

If you didn’t listen to the interview with Patrick Byrne we shared yesterday, I recommend you listen to this revealing interview with BCP whom Byrne contacted to get his research out to the public. Byrne explains the multiple ways (3 buckets) the election was stolen and made to look like America voted for Joe Biden. Under 50 min.


This is a comprehensive and potentially shocking overview of much of what has transpired in recent years in the takedown of the dark cabal. It’s excellent coverage of many aspects the average person would not come across unless they had excellent sources. There are excerpts here showing how we know President Trump and the patriots have wrenched control from many countries and forced them to capitulate. When you show them a massive file containing all their crimes—including against children—they tend to be more cooperative if they don’t want it public knowledge.

In the second portion he gets into the stuff that’s difficult for a lot of people to believe. I can say that from my perspective and after years of research, I believe it is either true, or probably true. It was QAnon who first introduced me to the term “pedovore”, however. The truth about Planned Parenthood and equally as repulsive activities have gradually been revealed to those with a staunch constitution.

You’ll have a much better education after watching this one if you have just recently arrived in the independent news community. Near the end while addressing the Kung Flu hoax he confuses Dave’s X22 Report with Sean’s SGT Report. He’s talking about Dave. 1 hr 44 min. (video ends abruptly)

RE-UPLOADED -32 Cabal Puppet Takedown (7.20.20) Partial Episode [Ending Cut]

Our inside sources tell us thousands of military troops are storming tunnels and cabal deep underground military bases (DUMBs) across the world to rescue children and hybrid victims of the pedovores’ breeding facilities miles beneath our cities and towns. Soldiers are horrified to find that while they bring the captives to the surface, the poor creatures are simply not well enough or can’t adapt to the pressure change and die in their arms. Many are malformed from living in a small cage; others are missing limbs and organs.

It’s a tragic situation when a rescue turns into a death sentence, but the souls raised as food, sex objects and body part donors had no life in the bowels of the Earth at the hands of these monsters. At least the torture is over. Some make it however, and they are cared for lovingly by medical experts. True healing will occur in full via the frequency-specific med beds that have been available for decades but suppressed from the public’s knowledge. We were allowed to suffer with our diseases and painful ailments because the psychopaths thrive on our misery.

The images in this article below are misleading if I’m hearing the reports correctly. Many of the tunnels are massive, and large vehicles can drive through them. There are also Mag-lev train systems beneath these tunnels and some of the DUMBS are cities that would house thousands of people but many are fraught with demonic entities it took thousands of soldiers to vanquish to rescue the children.

Massive, 12,000-Year-Old Underground Tunnels Stretch From Scotland To Turkey

There IS an awakening; a global stirring of consciousness and it’s spreading. Those who oppose the tyranny bravely stepped forward in a show of force to raise awareness in their fellow man and illustrate to the powers-that-were that they’re “mad as hell and they’re not going to take it any more”. They know they were born with rights that shall not be infringed and they’re fighting back. To comply is tacit agreement to continue the serfdom they have occupied for eons beneath the claws of the psychopathic regime.

Anti-Lockdown Protests Across Europe

You can listen to Dave’s expert analysis on all the key news items on the X22 Report. Listen to the audio or watch the video at the link.

Trump Dangles The Bait,GSA, [DS] Takes The Bait, Truth Transparency The Only Way Forward – Ep. 2337

Conservative Group Claims to Uncover Thousands of Fraudulent Ballots in Battleground State of Wisconsin

Time to close for today. Keep up the excellent work everyone. The Great Awakening has taken on new momentum.  ~ BP


— John F Kennedy Jr. (@HSRetoucher) November 25, 2020

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