November 24, 2020: The Deep State on a Knife’s Edge [videos] ~ November 23, 2020

We got it. We got Kraken. That thing is the bomb. The crew found the image above and tailored it for the ship. Ewe. Absolutely nasty, and it will wreak havoc on the New World Order.

It’s Day 21 of #ElectionGate and we’re on pins and needles to see how this election fraud thing is going to go nuclear and take down the dimms, the CIA, FBI, etc. and not only in America. All the cohorts the deep state globalists have been working with will be exposed.

In the mean time, we’re left squirming with the most outrageous developments in the headlines that don’t reflect what’s really going on. It’s all a show; a very strategic show while the military executes their tactical moves globally.

It’s going to be a holiday season of chess and popcorn. Absolutely. We’re going to see the patriots push and push and push the “normies” and levy monstrous, nonsensical restrictions on them until they’re about to explode while those of us in the know munch on mounds of popcorn amid smug smiles, snickers, and the occasional wink.

Here’s Simon Parkes’ update with intel and perspective he can provide and he says he really doesn’t have any bad news.

22nd November Election Update 2020

Brits Testing Negative To Covid Twice A Week To Get Special ‘Freedom Passes’ To Live ‘Normal’ lives

Apparently this story is making the rounds after beginning on the dark net. He looks like he died twenty years ago but…

George Soros ARRESTED for election interference, in federal custody

We don’t know for sure about this stuff that doesn’t go public and is handled in military tribunals but we eventually get confirmation if it’s true. Charlie Ward confirmed in this video with the Bishop Larry Gaiters that Biden was executed in 2019 and Charlie is very well connected. They dropped a few other truth bombs, too, that you may not be aware of if you’re “new” to the alternative/independent news community. The Bishop’s research is amazing.

Charlie has more videos going up faster than anyone I’ve ever seen. How can he be so prolific?

Dr. Janda had a great discussion with Patrick Byrne about more obscure aspects of the election fraud from his personal and insider knowledge. Patrick put together a team of top drawer cyber security hackers in August and they know exactly how this was done. He explains how the deep state knew exactly what to do in each key state—not all—and how they did it. Fascinating. He says to suggest the election wasn’t stolen is absurd it’s so obvious. The media’s relentless attempts to brainwash people are futile. 20 min.

Patrick Byrne: Dissecting The Electronic Steal

Big Pharma’s going down.

Oxycontin maker Purdue Pharma pleads guilty to three criminal charges in $8.3 billion plea deal for its role in fueling America’s opioid crisis

The psychos are making threats now.

Pittsburgh Area Antifa Leader Tweets Warning To Trump: “We are armed…If you do not concede by Sunday at noon, we will begin to block roads in conservative areas”

Newt Gingrich gives us his perspective on the election fraud.

The Thieves Who Stole Our Election Got Sloppy

“Sidney Powell is registered as a MILITARY LAWYER and is the only one who can prosecute TREASON at a TRIBUNAL!”

Not to worry, folks. The Earth Alliance knows what they’re doing. We have to trust the plan.

Here’s a fabulous video from our in-house war correspondents in Germany. Very cool. Check out those fancy chemtrails—and the air traffic—off the charts!

I’m pressed for time so I’m going to end it there. Catch more videos and headlines from the crew in the comments of every post and stay positive. It gets much better.  ~ BP

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