Your Sunday Digest for November 22, 2020: 5D Chess—Impossible to Lose [videos] ~ November 22, 2020

It’s Day 17 of #ElectionGate and frustrations mount as patriotic American voters don’t see a lot of forward momentum in the final election results and feel we’re running out of time.

We’re getting news suggesting the devil went down to Georgia and that Trump law suits are getting thrown out by judges. I admit, it doesn’t sound good—but it’s all under control and it ain’t over yet.

Jordan Sekulow from Trump’s legal team reminds us that ultimately we are not rushed and have until December 15 to finalize the cases in court and he says each one of the several are being fast-tracked. And, he says there’s a big reveal coming concerning Georgia on Monday or Tuesday. Video and text at the link.

Jordan Sekulow to Newsmax TV: Pending Georgia Lawsuit ‘Shocking’

Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell Promises ‘Biblical’ Lawsuit in Coming Days

In conversations with acquaintances it’s obvious there are still many people who simply do not want to know what is going on. They don’t watch or listen to the news, a friend in British Columbia tells me. They just want to enjoy their life and stay safe from the virus and trust that anything they really need to know will be revealed by significant others in the loop.

What percentage of us are addicted to the quest for truth and reality? I don’t know. It’s disappointing that more of us aren’t alert to what is going on but the numbers are increasing. Will it be fast enough to counter the coup and pull off this overthrow of the satanic global El-ites?

For those who have an unquenchable thirst for truth, this overview below is an excellent one. I disagree with his conclusion on one point; that the globalists cannot help themselves and just want to make the planet and the world a better place. If that were true, they wouldn’t hide what they’re doing. Perhaps he’s just trying to protect his video. I elucidate below.

Why We Will Win and They Will Lose

If the deep state shadow government was earnestly trying to improve the world, there wouldn’t be sneaky election fraud, deleting of 33,000 emails, BleachBitting servers, smashing phones with hammers and executing SEAL teams used in their operations abroad.

If they truly believed what they are doing is for the greater good, they wouldn’t use their corporate, globalist-owned media to lie and cover up their crimes. There wouldn’t be brutal, endless wars. There wouldn’t be a bulging body bag of Human whistleblowers assassinated because they were a threat to the El-ites’ grand plan. They know exactly what they’re doing.

They are lawless and do whatever they want and IF they get caught, they apologize with a flick of their forked tongue and go on their merry way without consequence.


— Sean Hannity (@seanhannity) November 22, 2020

Don’t be mislead and assume these are elected officials. They are installed, from within the ranks of their own “bloodline” families. I believe the current uproar over the US election will reveal to what extreme lengths they will go to ensure their own members remain in place to control everything. They are ruthless, cold, and calculating and regardless of their warm, fuzzy talk about improving the nation, they are set on destroying it.

They are planning to reduce the Human population by 90% because we are becoming aware and unmanageable. And, with the looming technological leaps on the way, Human slavery will become redundant and artificial intelligence will streamline the process and eliminate the need for a lot of manual labour. Humans are akin to their “farm animals” they use for multiple purposes, just as we tend to ours.

We, the Humans are onto them and we are dismantling their plantation systems which enslave us more every year. Their technologies are dangerous, their medicine kills. Vaccines are not meant to protect us, but to generate insane financial gains and increase the number of us in their medical system where they profit from our pain and suffering. Their latest vaccines for CV-19 are laced with technology most Humans are unaware exists and it would be our demise.

Don’t feel sorry for these less-than-Human creatures. They had hundreds of years to repent and realize the error of their ways. They have been approached by Higher Beings and urged to cooperate, relinquish their control, and allow us to move forward. They refused.

Members of the military have also negotiated with them and if they agree to treaties and peace offerings they later break them. They have no honour. No conscience. They derive from a warlike species interested only in service to self and conquest. They take what they want and damn the consequences. They stated they would never surrender and will take as many of us with them as they can when they go down.

They spin tales and use their cute language like “sustainability” to appease the masses while they seek to conceal their global agenda for us and use their media to create that false reality. They plan decades in advance and the engineered covid virus hoax is their crowning glory; the strategy providing the excuse to implement ALL their long-term objectives.

They speak of “we” like they’re one of us, but they lack empathy, compassion, generosity, honesty, creativity, love, and Light—the Humanity in us. They are aberrations of Creation and they are predators. Absolutely—they ARE the virus; the “invisible enemy” President Trump speaks of, and it’s time they were purged from our society so that Humanity can flourish and bring the gifts to the world we have the capability to deliver.

We have been smothered and prevented from developing spiritually and in every other way. We should have experienced our ascension to the next level long ago. Most people are unaware there are other levels.

That tactic has been another major transgression on Humanity. In a free-will Universe, it is a crime to prevent a species from developing. It violates the Galactic Codex guiding creation and evolution.

Spirituality was replaced by organized religion to indoctrinate people so they could be controlled and pitted against one another—and to keep us separated from our Creator, adrift and alone on a dark sea of despair where we, as a race, have been slowly sinking beneath the waves for a long time.

Had a strategic plan not been devised and implemented decades ago that would culminate today in the final and permanent destruction of the demonic forces keeping us in their clutches, we would have perished, unable to even see our enemy, never mind oppose or vanquish them.

It was a sad state of affairs, but turning away from bad news because the truth is unpleasant to contemplate in its ultimate and final form is the reason we are where we are today; locked in a system of slavery which suffering Humans think is “just life”. What sort of sentient Being believes it’s natural for existence to degrade rather than improve over generations?

We’re always waiting for the next shoe to drop; the next crisis. That’s no way to live. We have been gullible and easily led because we are good people and we believe others are like us. The education system doesn’t prepare children to excel, just to exist and follow arbitrary rules and fake laws; to accept authority. Critical thinking and logic are discouraged.

Un-elected officials run the shadow governments the masses don’t even see. Trillions of dollars of taxpayer money changes hands between the globalists and their crony capitalists and the People don’t much miss it. They’re complacent and content to hand over more and more of their hard-earned wages to governments who basically steal it and distribute it amongst themselves.

As President Trump put it, they enrich themselves. They are greedy, have more wealth than they can ever use in a lifetime and they refuse to share it with Humanity—the source.

The number of homeless people increases, the food bank lines are growing to blocks in length, and the putrid “BUILD BACK BETTER” slogan they are ramming down our throats is bitter indeed when you understand the incentives behind it. It’s time for Humanity to rip the ring from their collective nose, swallow their apathy and fight this enemy.

It’s not about politics, or economics, or a global vision; it’s about the survival—or death—of our species. Are we content to be managed like a herd of cattle? Because that will be our final lot if the New World Order has its way.

How is it they have been able to advance their goals to this stage at our peril? Their media entrain us from birth. School, teachers, text books, movies, television, games, university and college, magazines, advertising, music—all of it programmes and brainwashes our minds. Even their technologies bathing our bodies most of the time enhances their effects and breaks us down. Read more at Wake Up Kiwi.

Propaganda Is The Art of Overwhelming Logic

As the Irishman stated in the video above, if the El-ites’ “Global Reset” is allowed to go forward, all freedom will be stripped from us; the freedom to travel, drive our own vehicle where we wish, to own property, to shop where we wish, gather with others, all of it. Life will be dictated to us. Joy will evaporate. “Comply or we’ll cut you from the herd” because there are far too many Humans to handle and many have to go.

That’s a dark way to leave readers and that’s why I put it in the middle. Not a good place to begin, and not a good place to end. IT’S NOT OVER.

The good news is, we have reached the bifurcation point. The good go forward; the evil fall away. The closed system we have occupied for an eternity is experiencing the inevitable entropy. It’s a time of destruction and positive rebuilding. What’s no longer sustainable breaks down and from the ashes we can start fresh, take a new approach to many things, and put our Human creativity to work.

There is plenty of good news thanks to warriors who would not accept the world view of the psychopaths and knew the trajectory for Humanity had to be changed. A complete wealth redistribution is coming. A liberation from the chains that bind. New technologies, physical healing for our meat suits, and safe, clean, abundant cities, waterways, and wildlife refuges. Whatever we choose to create, we will be free to do it, limited only by our own imaginations. No one will want for anything. All basic needs will be fulfilled once the money-grubbing cabal is defanged and the swamp drained, the opportunities will be endless.

How do we get there? Here’s a hint.

This video below arrived in my inbox labeled, “The best video I’ve seen in 8 months.” This is what awakened Humans do to protect their rights and freedoms and show the globalists minions they’re not having their fake laws and restrictions. They’re not going to comply because they know their rights under the US constitution as well as their civil liberties. Every Human is born with unalienable rights and they shall not be infringed.

People in the know need to band together and support each other in these tussles and push back. No violence required. We have to stop waiting for authoritarianism to dissolve and take it apart every chance we get. We have to TAKE back our rights and freedoms. Do not comply.

Bravo, folks. And it’s all on camera. This is “civil disobedience” and this is how it’s done. Most of the minions are “just doing their job”—which is NO EXCUSE. Watch, and learn. This is how you run off the cattle rustlers. We’re not livestock and we’re not going to live on their ranch any more.

Learn more at the link.

“Get Out! – Go Get a Warrant!” – Business Owners in Buffalo, New York Stand Up to Cuomo’s Covid Orders, Kick Out Sheriff and “Health Inspector” (VIDEO)

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We have to watch every single thing they do folks. We must police these creatures in positions of power. They must be replaced and permanently removed. They will get warnings, they will get raps on the knuckles and if they will not do the People’s bidding we will oust them and/or throw them in jail. They will have to live by OUR laws. Constitutional laws. Natural laws.

The article at this link also speaks of the victory for the People of Denmark recently where civil disobedience was very effective. It’s happening globally.

Governor Forced to Back Down as Citizens Stand Up to Threats of Arrest Over Mask Order

Here’s the Sunday edition of LT’s update from And We Know. Sidney Powell is our warrior princess and she’s given the battle cry.

11.22.20: “IT’S GOING TO BE BIBLICAL” says Sidney Powell

Something else the control freaks have kept from us is technology and advancements in defense systems. We exist in a space-age world but most people have NO IDEA. They believe we’re alone in the Universe, extra-terrestrial life is a joke, and that flying saucers exist in cartoons. They are in for a rude awakening.

Trump established the Space Force for very good reason. Partly for defense purposes against the globalists’ fleet (Secret Space Program) and off-world malevolent parties, and partly to get the Human “normies” up to speed.

If you still believe the fires in California, Australia and elsewhere were started by a BBQ, an arsonist, wind, a PG&E faulty electrical system and poor forest management, or an unfortunate lightning strike, you need to read the article below. When we consider that “laser precision” is a well used term, this opens the mind to many possibilities, does it not?

Washington Monument, Washington DC

Our attention has been drawn to a few notable “strategic” lightning strikes in the past few years. One was St. Peter’s Basilica at Vatican City. A more recent one was the Washington Monument, which Kew noted in a post. Yes, they control these things, and much more than the public knows.

Dr. Joseph Farrell ruminates on his Giza Death Star blog.

Laser Guided Lightning Strikes

They can control the weather, at least to some extent, which reminds me that they are spraying the crap out of us again this morning. Row after row of chemtrails, two “planes” spraying at once… WTH? I haven’t seen spraying like this in many months.

Up in the North Forty the globalists are having a field day with Covid-19. Oh, by the way, you heard about the movie Songbird, a convenient soliloquy around COVID-23??? Yup. If people won’t pay attention to the non-existent news, perhaps entertainment will register with their subconscious.

Vancouver vlogger Dan Dicks of Press for Truth covers the outrageous dictates of the re-installed liberal government in a video at the link.

BC Goes Full Draconian With New Sweeping Mandatory Mask Measures — What You Need to Know

What will it take to get people to realize what’s going on here? Does this really resonate as “what’s good for us”? Is life as we know it to end because of a flu bug? How blatant does it have to get? Another video update follows from Dan.

“Prince Edward Island just made masks mandatory despite having ZERO deaths and a record low number of so called “cases”. Saskatchewan has also jumped on board with a mandatory mask mandate as the “Atlantic Bubble” is now clamping down on their own even though people there are healthy!

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains what exactly constitutes a “case” as defined by the government and why the rise in these numbers is causing irrational fear in the minds of the masses which is done on purpose (perhaps at the hands of a military run propaganda campaign)! This needs to be exposed, please SHARE THIS VIDEO!

Scott Mowry’s update today stated what for some is obvious, but for others—gobsmacking. It is vitally important to understand, WE THE PEOPLE SHOWED UP IN RECORD NUMBERS TO VOTE FOR, AND TO ULTIMATELY RE-ELECT PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP FOR A SECOND TERM! In fact, it is now estimated, President Trump most likely received as many as 100 million “legal” votes on November 3rd.  • As MajorPatriot wrote on Twitter: “Be proud Deplorables. We flooded the voting stations in such massive numbers the corrupt machine had to literally stop their rigged counts and truck in pallet-loads of fake ballots in the middle of the night for Biden. We helped expose the biggest crime in US History.” You can tune in for Scott’s full update tonight on the Miracles Intel Conference Call where he and team connect the dots, buoy the spirit, and answer the questions. After the call ends (about 3 hours) you can also dial in and listen to the full archived call for up to one week.

Our conference call line is:
Dial-in number (US): (712) 770-4598
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Christmas, anyone?

U.S. COVID-19 vaccine program head Moncef Slaoui said the first Americans to receive a coronavirus vaccine could get it as soon as Dec. 11, CNN reported on Sunday.

Warp Speed Leader: US Vaccine Train Won’t Be Derailed

Choo-choo, baby, choo-choo.

Report: Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, Anti-Trump Hero, Paid for Flawed Coronavirus Tests from South Korea via @BreitbartNews. This RINO will never make the grade. Hogan is just as bad as the flawed tests he paid big money for!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 22, 2020

Former Navy SEAL Michael Jaco’s latest update is on point.

The Kraken are out and Dems are running scared. A quantum world is near but pain before we get there

This is A WAR, and there will be discomfort. In closing, I would say be brave and go boldly. The Earth Alliance is winning this war. Do not comply. Do not submit. Demand your rights and freedoms. They are ours for the TAKING. It might be safe to say you will have the kind of Thanksgiving you fight for and demand.

Regardless of what you believe, what you think you see unfolding, or what you expect… Trust the Plan.

I believe I can accurately promise that not one of us Patriots can guess the twists and turns in this strategic masterpiece—or anticipate the final outcome. The future will be glorious and we will be wowed.

Not even Santa knows how 5D chess works.  ~ BP

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