~ Tania Gabrielle ~ November 21, 2020

Happy 11.20.2020! 11.20.2020 is a powerful sequence of numbers that will inspire the final 11 days of November.

• The 11 portal opens up into a triple 20:20:20 code.

Never again will this powerful code be activated in this century.

11 is in the same family as 20. Both reduce to the root number 2, vibration of peace, balance, harmony and SERENITY.

This special 11:20:20:20 code happens at an advantageous moment, as the 11 gateway helps to restore order (4 Universal Year),

LOVE (6 Universal Month) and recognizes opportunities for negotiation (20/11/2).

Even in a seeming world of chaos you can feel the Divine Order, as a total recalibration and resorting of priorities and intentions takes form.

This is powerful! Saturn, planet of destiny, timing and order is activated right now by the Sun and Venus.

If your intention is to explore the best solution for the highest good of everyone, this star code brings positive news.

• Your relationships will have more defined boundaries.

• Your financial flow is activated by what brings you pleasure and stimulates you creatively (so define what that means to you).

• Your inner and outer sanctuary (home, office) are beautified by scents, flowers, art, music – creating a sacred space for SPIRIT to flourish.

A clear message is being sent – the timing is perfect to create Heaven on Earth. Clearly, energy is stirred up… so take a leap and jump right in! In doing so, you create a sacred connection with others while also discovering much more about how these energies impact you as you co-create a New Earth.

If you want to stay serene and confident in the face of external chaos, this is the only choice you have:

• Take a leap of faith. Trust in the Divine. The Divine is always present, so there is never a reason to be afraid. That is what today’s code reminds us of – ETERNITY:

• 11.20.2020 adds up to 8 – number of infinite resources, leadership, abundance – and eternal life.

These times require that you lead with your HEART.

Listen to your Feelings. Navigate with your intuition. Not your head.

Your heart will inspire you to speak up, be fully present in who you are, voice the messages that are truly inspired and proclaim what your greatest hopes are.

source: taniagabrielle.com

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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