Pleiades Culminates at Midnight Tonight : Samhain Gateway Closes ~ November 21, 2020

Tonight (nov 20/21) The Pleiades culminates ( reach its highest point) in the midnight sky ,an event that coincided with The celebration of Samhain in Ancient Times . Pleiades is the Portal via which all incarnated souls first entered as blue green light seeds in Lemurian Times and it is from this Portal that they may exit on completion of Soul Progression. But because of distortions that were allowed to penetrate into the guiding Blueprint overtime ,the exit gateway was no longer accessible and souls got trapped into a Birth and Rebirth Loop ( according to information recieved during my client channeling sessions).

Perhaps this is why Many of the Aztec and Mayan Pyramids eg Pyramid of The Sun is aligned with the setting of the Pleiades on this night?!?! These Pyramids hold the Ancient Wisdom of the Four Petaled Flower/ clover Leaf of The Mother Aspect of The Divine Feminine….The Creative Aspect which is also aligned with The Four Winds of Change that blows at times of change of an Epoch….ie blows away reminents of an old Age that is on the verge of Death and Decay and brings in seeds of New Foundations for a New Age!!! Exactly where we are At Presently!!!

On a side note …It is interesting to note that a Stargate was opened on 4:4 :4 ( April 4,2020) this year of 2020 when Venus aligned with the Orion, Sirius, Aldebaran, Pleiades Gateway which also coincided with Mary Magdalene Portal Day and a Jupiter / Pluto Conjunct and as Pleiades reaches its culmination the numerology boils down to 20:2:2020…

Hence this astrological event brings us to the end of the Samhain/ Halloween Gateway of Death , Transformation, Regenessis And Rebirth. We have been in a sacred womb space/ cauldron of Transfiguration where Ancient Ancestral Woundings have come to the fore to be Healed and Released as one of your functions as a Sentinel of The Goddess ( Mother Aspect birthing a New Age) is to BE the channel of release of old Ancestral Wounds ,maternal and paternal. You recognise these wounds, acknowledge them ,heal them across timelines past and future and Release them …. your physical body vessel acting as the Transmutation Cauldron!!!

…so that is why many sentinels may be experiencing issues with Womb, Chest ( breasts, heart n Lungs) and Solar Plexus. Venus/ Inanna ( home of the 4 Petaled Mother Wisdom) is presently at Solar Plexus on her Shamanic Journey of Death and Rebirth. The Solar Plexus provides the ” Fire” of Transmutation . (Note Healing and Releasing is only one part of the journey. Currently ( post the releasing/ healing we have been doing past few weeks since Navratris) we will be continuously tested / triggered wrt the same woundings….Watch Your Response …for that is the Final Test which determines wether you progress onto the next level or go for another repeat loop….) This Samhain Portal ( Oct 31- Nov 21) has been a Sacred Period of inward retreat ,withdrawal, silence, introspection and healing . Take your time and space to allow this process of recaliberation to unfold and don’t be in a hurry to rush into wayshower/ teacher/ mentor mode ( the world can / will wait)…Honour The Womb Space and The Womb Wisdom it has to offer… Hold space for the tiny seedlings of Truth aligned with Mother Aspect of The Divine Feminine that are sprouting …these have to be nurtured and protected ( from the vise like grip of Patriachial attitudes of Control , Power, Entitlement, Manipulation , Domination, and Subjugation playing out so blatantly on a world stage currently ) .

Dare to face the Truths that this Womb Wisdom is showing you and take Courageous Actions Steps as guided upheld on the Foundations of Forgiveness ( self n others) Compassion !!

Be Light ,

InLight ,


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