November 20, 2020: In the Thick of It [videos] ~ November 20, 2020

We made it to Friday. It’s Day 17 (a good number) of #ElectionGate and the CuteTeam has been silent for a week. Major ops unfolding in the war. Thankfully, the Plan has gone swimmingly and millions of us in the Kew army, the digital soldiers, have joined the ranks to take down the One Percent and their demonic minions.

Yes, Virginia, there is a very old plan to save the world. If you’ve not seen it, this acclaimed and censored video provides an exceptional overview.

Q – The Plan To Save The World (Remastered)

When one considers the tidal wave of blatant lies gushing from CNN and other American networks as well as the BBC in the UK and the news in Germany, as well, it doesn’t serve us to go looking for endless accounts of doom and gloom; the “fear porn” the psychopaths put out for consumption by gullible folks looking for answers. The seasoned Patriots have plenty of perspective and usually know what’s bunk and what’s realistic.

Hence, the reason for Starship Earth: The Big Picture. For nearly ten years we have been examining the crimes in our reality and whodunnit here on the WWW and we have excellent sources of trustworthy information—understanding, of course, that disinformation is necessary and is a part of warfare—particularly in an “information war”, which this most certainly is.

We’ve navigated the fields of fake channelers and “insiders” pretending to be good guys. The controlled opposition will always be there, and there’s also the “decodes” to be done because in wartime you need to have covert comms so the enemy isn’t privy to your secrets.

Yes, the Starship crew have come a long way and honed our intuition to the point we’re usually correct in our determinations and know who to trust. Usually. Now it’s a matter of parsing the information and passing on what’s worthy to inform those with open minds who know something is wrong and are driven to discover what it is.

To say it’s a rabbit hole undersells the enormity of the conundrum. It is a massive conspiracy so vast it takes awhile for Human minds to grasp it—if they ever do—to even consider it possible. The pitfalls of research are numerous and the Internet is a mine field of booby traps and black holes that can suck us down and lead to faraway lands before we realize there is no destination and after many miles and perhaps years of investigation we’re no further ahead than we were; only more frustrated.

Some travelers may collapse, depressed and frightened because they feel powerless and ill-equipped to do anything to change the nightmare looming aggressively in the distance.

Those are the brand of battlescars many bear for our undying inquisitiveness and urgent sense that something is amiss. The world is not working the way it should. Rather than improving the Human condition, we seem to dig ourselves deeper into suffering and struggles. Regardless of how long or hard we tried to help, the misfortunes mounted and they told us our planet was doomed.

Adorable little messengers like Greta Thunberg told us we should be ashamed of how we have managed our planet. Who can forget her formally delivered, “How dare you!?” at the United Nations, no less? She convinced many that “climate change” is a formidable boogey man WE created and we must pay more money to our corrupt governments to change the climate back to a safe condition. People actually believe that. Logic has been carelessly abandoned by too many Humans.

What most of the world didn’t realize is that “we”, the little people, the “deplorables” as Hillary Clinton referred to us, have not been in control of the planet at all. Not for an eternity. Perhaps that is now apparent when we see the enormity of the election fraud and learn it has gone unchecked for decades—and not only in America, but Canada, South America, Europe, and many other nations.

It’s time the masses understand they have had very little choice in elections or anything else. Choice is an illusion, like the manipulated world we live in.

The global El-ites, the New World Order-Illuminati control freak-bloodline families controlled everything to the most minute detail and then blamed us for it all. It’s been their demonic plan to destroy our world, prey upon us, and suck every cent and drop of blood from us in the process of eliminating our Human civilization. They parade as Human however the core of their ranks is not Human, but hybrids.

Undeniably, our planet has been under the thumb and between the teeth of a parasitic, satanic off-world infestation with big plans for their playground of näive Beings under a mesmerizing spell thanks to their advanced, technological systems that we here on Earth (another topic entirely) understand is strictly the stuff of fantasy and futuristic space movies.

The tech and the process are so effective we don’t recognize reality when they show it to us. We think we’re alone in the Universe. Many of us, however, know the truth. There have been enough whistleblowers, insiders, and Humans who have the memory of who they are, where they came from, and past lives that we can learn the Truth if we desire.

It is frightening to some. They turn away and don’t want to know. They shrug off the shadows of reality like a shiver and want to remain in the comfort of their warm and familiar but hard life created for them by the monsters with no compassion or empathy; only an inbred need for power, control, riches, and Human flesh and blood, unfortunately.

The best general advice we can give is to say that nothing is what it seems, so we must be prepared to reexamine everything we believed to be true about the world we live in and remain open minded and use logic to escape the programming.

I’ve rambled long enough. That just poured out and I let ‘her rip but we’ve REAL NEWS to digest. It’s time to flesh out our true reality so we can deal with it and protect ourselves while supporting the war effort.

First, we have our trusted and highly informed insider, Juan O Savin or 107 = 17. In numerology zeroes are ignored, and 17 is a coveted number in the secret societies we battle and is used by the Kew Team as a show of force. That is my understanding, at least.

This video is a little different because it’s the first time I’ve seen any visual from Juan. Usually it’s a phone call. He is apparently at the top of the Trump Tower in Las Vegas and we get a limited glimpse of the messenger, who tells those party to the gross election fraud they had better come forward as whistleblowers and get on the 302 and clear their conscience because the culprits are all “on camera” and the penalties will be stiff. He says you don’t want to be on that side of it. You’ve been warned. You may not be able to walk down the street when your crimes go public.

He also tells us that amazing developments are about to unfold in the world’s energy situation. Nothing “new”… more of a better management of what we have, I suppose. We understand that “new” will probably come later as we ease into it so as not to upset the economy, jobs, infrastructure, etc.

Juan O’Savin: The Trap Is Set Now Watch What Happens.

I believe this is the best, most inclusive and concise summary of how we got where we are, what is unfolding now, and what is coming. Scott doesn’t get into the whole sensational story—just the geo-political, military, Q Team, and legal aspects of what the global El-ites have done and what has been done behind the scenes to set it right and set us free. It’s almost a two minutes intro, just so you know. You may know someone who would benefit from this synopsis. Perhaps YOU will benefit.

11.12.20 Post Election UPDATE: US Military 2020 Election Sting Leading To Trump 2nd Term Landslide

There’s a lot of drama and subterfuge folks. So many actors on the stage playing their roles. Just get your popcorn and enjoy the show if you can. Himalayan salt and extra butter.

“He Was Insulting, Demanding and Rude and I Told Him to Never Contact Me Again” – Sidney Powell Goes off on Tucker Carlson (VIDEO)

Folks, you NEED to watch this press conference. I was staggered by it. There is SO MUCH here. Watch it for yourself WITHOUT the media filtering it for you. Please RT!

— Eric Metaxas (@ericmetaxas) November 20, 2020

It’s so obvious what happened, but with the lying treasonous turds in the media lying and saying there’s no evidence, what are brainwashed people to believe? If they hate Trump enough—would they vote for anyone?

Dominion executive admits fixing election to ensure “Trump’s not gonna win”

You can’t smother the truth forever, though, and it will out and President Trump will enter his second term. Whatever ensues once the declaration is made by official sources we will deal with and come out stronger and wiser on the other side.

Here’s the update for today from LT at And We Know. A favourite vlogger with a huge following he has had to rebuild in short order when YouTube removed his main channel and all the work contained there.

11.20.20: Greatest SMACKDOWN of MSM in HISTORY!

Rose has been busy and brings us another update from the woo-woo files. She has a lot of fans and we’re always excited when she publishes. Only a 6 minute video, in multiple languages and more translations requested.  The footage from the NASA cameras capturing images in the vicinity of the “sun” is interpreted for our understanding, but if you’ve not kept up with Rose’s missives over the years, it probably won’t make sense.

You might want to watch her older videos, The Lie NASA Told and The Lie the Vatican Told at the very least. Subsequent videos explain even more. The bottom line, we are trapped in a virtual reality, our minds wiped of any memory of who we are at the soul level and we’ve been inserted into a physical body we consider an avatar. We are soon to make our jail break and return to our real lives in our true physical bodies which lie in stasis.

If that didn’t have you clicking away from the madness, congratulations. Perhaps the truth resonated with you. As outrageous and far-fetched as it sounds, many of us believe it to be true and it is largely what the controllers don’t want us waking up to remember. When we reunite with our families there will be a grand celebration they are calling “The Gathering”.

Before that can happen, specific things need to take place, and they seem to be, according to Rose. There’s your “big picture”.

Window of Opportunity Closing Update 11 19 20

I’m signing off with nary a mention of the Kung Flu psyop because I have amassed a mountain of updates on CV-19 I am going to compile in one blog post so if people are looking for info to research, there will be ample material all in once place.

Keep seeking the truth and we, the Humans shall prevail.  ~ BP

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1 Response to November 20, 2020: In the Thick of It [videos] ~ November 20, 2020

  1. Neil Vidican says:

    “The bottom line, we are trapped in a virtual reality, our minds wiped of any memory of who we are at the soul level and we’ve been inserted into a physical body we consider an avatar. We are soon to make our jail break and return to our real lives in our true physical bodies which lie in stasis.”

    Does that mean we have to, pretty much die, in these bodies first? I hope not.

    I PREFER something a lot more easier, and less painful.


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