Astromomma ~ November 15, 2020

Mars Direct in Aries – Time to Rock n’ Roll, Finally… Things Are Moving Forward, The Inner Fires of Desire Return with a BANG On November 13th, Mars, the planet of: action, willpower and drive turns direct at 15 degrees of Aries. Aries, the 1st zodiac sign, deals with: ambition, passion, purpose and initiative. This is a big deal as Mars rules Aries, and is 10x more powerful and directed when at home.

It is time to rise up and rejoice as projects and plans now have the green light! After 6 weeks in retrograde motion, the planet of fire is ready to plow forward and give results! An inner fire returns and it’s time to GO, GO, GO!!!

Mars direct in Aries is here to put a pep back in your step and an inner fire of desire back into your life.

After several weeks of: frustration, delayed plans and perhaps disagreements, the planet of desire is ready to play again! Mars deals with the masculine principles within our being. Many hidden traumas within our yang energies could have been felt on a deep level. Being that Mars is an inner planet, and only goes retrograde every 2 years, this caused us to slow waaayyy down! It could have felt like you took 10 steps forward and another 12 steps backwards.

Feelings of being stuck and unmotivated were quite common. While he was in retrograde motion, things could have literally come to a standstill in many areas of our life. Confrontations were frequent and many could have felt super annoyed and impatient. With all the craziness of current circumstances, tempers were off the hook!! Major lessons connected to our masculinity, which Mars as a planet rules were tested. Many darker and suppressed sides of the distorted side of masculinity became horrifically present with this transit. Wherever Aries is in your chart is where some of these most trying circumstances occurred.

Now as Mars turns direct in his home sign, projects, plans and motivations will begin to come back to life. A reawakening of our passions and libido are in store. Mars direct in Aries wants you to go for everything your heart desires!! No more playing small or sitting out on the sidelines.

This is an excellent time to push forward and reclaim your sense of victory and accomplishment! No other planet will produce a raw and energy inducing sense of courage quite like Mars. I would encourage all to try something that both scares and delights you! We only get this energy every 2 years and now as Mars is one of the brightest stars in the night sky, his power is potent and in charge. The ancients believed that when a planet was most visible was when it could emanate it’s most powerful blessings and rewards! Now as he is visible in the night sky, the masculine planet is ready for results again! He is ready to conquer and proclaim his sense of destiny + fortune. Bold moves will be rewarded and fortune favors the brave.

Mars direct in Aries is here to light those inner fires and get the party started! With so much stalled energy over the last 6 weeks, he is here to remind us of our will to live and prosper! No matter what circumstances we might currently face, the planet of willpower is here to grant us the ability to find our inner strength and fortitude again! After many battles and many stalled out ideals, his direct motion, along with his visibility is a true gift from the sky gods! Buckle up cause things are about to really move and groove!! Mars direct in Aries wants you to believe in the impossible and know he’s got your back! The planet of the brave home in his palace of fire, is here to: reignite our sense of victory, energize our bodies and minds with fresh new energy and have us face our deepest fears with courage and the will to move forward!

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Your pledges on Patreon are so appreciated. I know it’s not an easy time for many, and your support allows Astromomma to stay afloat and provide guidance to so many people. Thanks for your trust and contribution to the page. Happy Mars direct in Aries my loves!! © Astromomma, 2020 Image: A-Sloudi via DeviantArt #astrologypost#astrologyupdate#mars#marsdirect#marsdirectinaries#planetofwar#letsgo#passion#purpose#thefirereturns

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