Friday the 13th – Divine Feminine Goddess Awakens and Rises ~ November 14, 2020

The 13th Great Wave Of Karuna 🌹

THE GREAT ROLLER COASTER RIDE OF DUALIST EXTREME ALSO KNOWN AS 2020, has had us traversing the polarity spectrum with purpose. May the 13th great wave of Karuna ~ COMPASSIONATE ACTION WASH ALL ANEW🌹

Waves of Codons within codons, as filaments of photonic light, spiralling within the The Great Cosmic Dance, both within and without and in cohesion with the Great Spiralling of Life Eternal. Concerns over those that slumber, those able to awaken in time, never mind, for this Wave Form Dance truly is the Great Contagion occurring flooding our planet en masse. 🌹

No matter the seemingly relentless dictates and distortions of a false light illusory reality hi jacking our Life and Life Force, WE HAVE COME TO TRULY KNOW OURSELVES AS INTEGRATED SURFERS AS THE GREAT CO-SIGN WAVE OF TRUTH 🌹

No matter the shit storm running out its course around us, and the continuous sidestepping of mindfuckery, the drama vortex appears pale by divine standards, totally loosing all appeal. Roller coaster relief being but a minute slither of the rewards of due diligence as we enter into the Sanctuary of Truth. 🌹

Verily I say unto thee: Inorganic beings and illusory matter CANNOT create without Us as their conduits. This held as true knowing is how you break the spell of playing small as individuals and as a collective. We have entered the belly of the beast only to discover our fragmented aspects of Self there in. 🌹

And as the birthing gates are flung open, the vortices of personal/ planetary birth canals are in full dialation, a legitimate delivery assured. Know this All to be a wondrously executed boon – FACETS OF SELF SURRENDERING UNTO SELF. NO MATTER THE INTENSITY, REMAINING IN ETERNAL FLUIDITY OF YOUR SINE WAVE SIGNATURE. 🌹

RE-MEM-BER THE ILLUSORY SPELL IS FOREVER BROKEN IN NOW TIME. REMAIN IN YOUR CORE VERTICAL PLANE AXIS ~ ZERO POINTING. Many of the Star Elders have now as a collective, entered The Dream Room and are weaving as one in Unified codon sequencing within The Dreaming. This is our organic intranet. BROADCAST THE MEMO FAR AND WIDE THAT THE DELUSION OF SPELL IS FOREVER MORE BROKEN. ALL IS IN ACCORD🌹

Synchronised Transmissions through the speed of Internal Light are always on offer. Many have chosen to receive and are co creating through in sync intel delivered via the Grand Galactic Creatrix Womb and the Living Libraries of the Heart Womb of Gaia ~ our true connectivity. Earth Star Tribes are re-mem-ber-ing ~ putting back the dis-members parts of Self in unification and are laying down soul seeded encodements in the rich organic soil of pure and gratuitous intent. THE WISE ARE ACTUALIZED. 🌹

The Divinity held in Nature continues to provide us with the keys 🔑 and codes 🧬 to perpetually gestate the birthing rays required to remain fully anchored within The Field of Eternalite being and knowing. This is the knowledge of Physical Immortality and the Wisdom of The Ages. 🌹

ARISING TO THE DREAM. RAISE UP YOUR SWORDS OF ETERNAL TRUTH. OBSERVE crystalline rays of diamond laser light piercing through to the Galactic Core Centre. DRAW DOWN this Cosmic Birthing Ray and plant it firmly within the dark velvety fertility of New Earth. ANCHOR AND ALCHEMIZE this as pure heart felt intent, for all beings residing on and within the Earth. WHEN THE PHOENIX RISES, THE DOVE WILL DESCEND. 🌹

And as the dismantling paradigms reconfigure within the Atlantean and Lemurian sagas, we remain steadfast to the 13 = 12 as 1 principle THE LAW 💎 LORE OF ONE. of the One Heart Race. One 💜 USHERING IN THE RETURN OF THE CHILDREN OF ONE HEART RACE .. ONE HEART.. ONE WORLD. And so the cycles continue… RISE AND SHINE HOMO LUMINOUS within a Grand Golden Field of Grace and Godhood

~ Raeline Sqs Brady🌹

Gratitude to the Artist 🌹

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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