November 9, 2020: Urgent Prayer Request & #ElectionGate Under the Microscope [videos] ~ November 9, 2020

It’s Day 6 of #ElectionGate and President Trump asks everyone to prey at 4 pm Central time today when they go to the Supreme Court. That is right now, folks. Just got the notification.

The demonic left continues to censor the news. The Gateway Pundit reports.

Twitter Locks Out TGP Assistant Editor Cristina Laila For 12 Hours – No Specific Reason Given!

Remember to run everything you hear through your personal filters, folks, because the cabal owns nearly all the media, whether mainstream, alternative, print, television, movies, all of it. It’s getting easier to see who our friends and foes are, however.

Truth be told Fox News are at war with themselves.

The 5 Insiders who are in Fox are fighting back hard.


Bill Still is one of us and examines the Nevada aspect of the election rigging. It’s not rocket science to innerstand the agenda going on there. The wild west is living up to its reputation but the People are fully aware of what transpired and it will be resolved to our satisfaction.

#SharpieGate ain’t over, either.

Trump, RNC Join Sharpie Lawsuit in Arizona

Here’s some leaked info about data manipulation in the media and the sting op explained in the article at this link. Sometime you have to peek in the windows to find out what’s going on.

[Ongoing Discussion] United States Election Fraud Concerns Are Raised – Community Comment Forum

It’s being addressed in Georgia, my friends. Fear not. It’s all part of the plan. No need to rush. The wheels of justice are turning in our favour.

Investigators Dispatched After Fulton County Discovers ‘Issue’ with Ballot Reporting

They’re not getting away with it. The fraud is clearly observable, detectable AND provable.

Wisconsin Clerks May Have Unlawfully Altered Thousands of Absentee Ballots

What a mess. Just an absolute mess. How do you even fix this?

Administrative changes in Wisconsin election put tens of thousands of votes in question

DEVELOPING: Provisional ballots are the last votes to be counted. There are over 100k in PA alone & they are said to be cast mostly by Trump voters who initially requested mailin ballots but then voted in person after Trump advised them to vote on Nov 3 & given provisional ballot

— Paul Sperry (@paulsperry_) November 8, 2020

Of course due to the agenda of the New World Order, the lying, treasonous media is still lying about the number of covid patients. It’s an utter farce. Like I said, whatever the tests are testing for, we’ve nearly all got it, which tells us that it’s not the deadly, contagious, pandemic they make it out to be. It’s a complete hoax. People test positive and they’re not sick, have no symptoms, and therefore are not contagious. End the lie. Refuse to wear a mask because the bacteria collecting on it just might make you sick.

In newly surfaced July interview, Fauci warns that widely used COVID tests may pick up ‘dead’ virus

The masks are more dangerous than any fake virus.

German Neurologist Says Masks Cause Oxygen Deprivation and Permanent Brain Damage, Especially in Children

I’m out for now.  ~ BP

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