Your Sunday Digest for November 7, 2020: The Ever More Obvious Coup [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture November 8, 2020

It’s Sunday, and Day 5 of the election aftermath. I hope you took our advice and made lots of popcorn.

I want to remind everyone of a key fact. Donald Trump is the President of the United States, and he’s not going anywhere, regardless of what the cabal’s lamestream media may proclaim. Until January 21st, 2021, there can be no change to that reality. Period.

QAnon told us something really big was coming but I bet we never saw this play in its magnitude and with such blatant sorcery. The anonymous team worked hard for three years so we could navigate these waters, buoyed by our full understanding of what is really going on.

Don’t panic! These historic times are not for the feint of heart. We can see why it was us chosen to be here. Do not falter, patriots. No matter what nation you call home, you are in this battle for a reason and we will see justice done. We will all be free when the dust settles.

If you listened to that Juan O Savin video from Jennifer Mac it was obvious Juan is not concerned about anything of consequence. In fact, he rarely stopped laughing the entire time. He told stories and anecdotes and hammed it up like he hasn’t a care in the world. The President was out golfing yesterday morning.

Take their lead. We’re in a lull. Enjoy it. You might call it the eye of the storm.

So what happened to the riots? Oh, they’re coming. Why would the left stage their riots when the media has announced that Joe Biden has won the election?! Mission accomplished, right?

Wrong. This ain’t over, and Trump won the election by the landslide we said he would. Once the lawsuits and TRUE figures are revealed—there will be riots. Count on it.

In the mean time, the peaceful protests will continue because the American People know how they voted and they want this rectified.

Donald Trump, whoever he really is at the soul level, came to lead the patriot armies. As Commander-in-Chief he is showing the way for the good people in every country. They are rallying and walking in his footsteps like good King Wenceslas instructed to his page and all will be revealed in Divine Time.

There is a LOT going on, but there is even more going on behind the scenes both in the physical and the non-physical that we are not aware of or told about. You don’t telegraph to the enemy what you’re doing. The average person wouldn’t understand it anyway. We do require faith in the unseen; not religion, but faith. There are warriors everywhere.

Some arrests need to be public to get this corruption stopped, but I believe others will not be public because the demonic left don’t need any excuses to commit violent acts. There have been too many senseless “false flag” terror events.

Despite how things appear, if you are open-minded, you can see a reality far different from those who sleep walk, dazed and confused. More are waking up, however, realizing they’ve been had.

Simon Parkes called for a brief meditation on Sunday UK time but I didn’t learn of it soon enough. His update, however is important because he states a fact about the current-and-ongoing-long-drawn-out election in America I completely agree with. It HAD to be done this way to bring the shadow world into the public domain—otherwise nothing will change. That is the whole point of this. The Great Awakening. Listen for a couple of minutes.

7th November Election Update 2020

The patriots and anons are stepping it up, keeping the research and updated facts coming fast to keep the spirits high and the criminals honest. No wait—that’s impossible. It’s too late. They had their chance and they made their choices long ago to fight to the death. Those who were going to flip, flipped.

Additional Benford Analysis of Chicago and Pittsburg, Like Milwaukee, Show Likely Voter Fraud Benefiting Biden

I saw reference to that “new Biden campaign logo” earlier but didn’t get the whole picture until now in that article above.

This subversion of justice is coup-coup, and what is the penalty for treason? The election stealing is serious, but wait until the rest of the world learns of the more sinister crimes of the globalist cabal; the crimes against Humanity.

Isn’t it interesting that EVERY “swing state” the Democrats control used a certain brand of election machine and software? The true results are known, however. No matter what the demonrats do, it will be effectively countered and they cannot win. Their treachery will be used against them.

Keyword: legal

— X22 Report (@X22Report) November 7, 2020

No matter how they try to censor us, they will fail.

Fox News Cancels ‘Justice With Judge Jeanine’ This Weekend Over Trump

The awake and aware are so over Fox. Will I watch Fox? Sorry. I have to polish the dog. The patriots at Fox need to find new homes. Shift the axis of power to new networks who report facts.

Anger Grows Among Fans of FOX News Over Network’s Coverage of 2020 Election

Do you see how they did that, my friends? Those traitors laid in the ditch until it was time to snipe at the People walking down the road in support of their President when they were forced to pick a side.

We told you there would be more revelations about who’s who in the zoo as everyone is forced to pick a side and show their true colours. Traitors are everywhere. We’re treading in a mine field, so watch your step. The farm animals are hiding in the weeds and will be popping up where you least expect them—or perhaps where you did.

I suspect the reverse will also happen. Infiltration can work in our favour, as well. There may be players who we believed were cabal agents who will suddenly show THEIR true colours and prove to be patriots.

The actions will speak for themselves.

Undeniable Mathematical Evidence the Election is Being Stolen

Miracles happen every day—but this isn’t one of them. It’s just technology; plain and simple.

Michigan County Flips from Biden to Trump After ‘Glitch’ Fixed

Make sense? How easy was that? Just one county? Nope. More on the way.

Can people see how easy it is to hack an election? And it’s not the first time. It’s a systemic problem the public never knew about. We’ve been covering it for years and featured a video of a Diebold machine programmer altering a machine for the camera after he revealed he’d been instructed to do this by his employer. He showed us how easy it is to get a vote to come out for one candidate when it went in for another.

They’ve always had vote counters working behind closed doors in California, for example, and no one paid any attention. No one believed it was an issue and trusted it was done honestly and lawfully. I think California’s current establishment speaks to what was actually going on.

Remember that QAnon pointed out that regardless of how it looks, the ones who oppose the Trump administration are actually a tiny minority. It has been evident these past four years while we have been watching that the majority comprises good, honest, kind, rational, peaceful Humans. Democracy says the majority rules, but the demonrats have been rigging it so it appears that THEY and their mind-kontrolled minions are the majority. Those days are over.

Trump, the Patriots and QAnon arrived on the scene to alert us to a different reality and to show us that apathy and inattention almost cost us our entire civilization. That is not an overstatement. The scope of their betrayal is beyond measure and when the bulk of it is revealed the average Human will find it shocking.

Some will not be able to accept it and not everything will be revealed or we would simply shut down, unable to process it. Delicate and perhaps näive Human sensibilities simply cannot conceive of such evil—but we’re toughening up.

Suffice it to say that we have been prey. That’s all the Q Team would reveal other than the Human/Child Trafficking and the tunnels. The rest had to be unearthed as we were individually able to assimilate it. They haven’t even got to the off-world stuff, but Simon Parkes has spoken of the Reptilian abattoirs and the off-world slavery. We shall have to come to terms with these things later on. Right now, there is more than enough to deal with on the planet itself.

The fact that those in charge have been able to execute this operation without involving the military other than the National Guard (in the public eye) is tantamount to a miracle. The last thing they want is to have this turn into a full blown military takeover. A bloody revolution. It’s very clever; very slick, and very safe. Minimal collateral damage. It’s military planning at its finest. I have called it a psychological operation since I understood the purpose of the Q team—and it is. PsyOps can be used for positive outcomes, as this one is.

They got the People and their representatives/elected officials to do the public work and look at the millions who understood and were activated by the Q messages. It’s staggering—and beautiful to see the connecting across the miles and international borders. Those who know, no longer mistake psychopathic, globalist aggression and violence for the will of the People of any nation. We no longer project the agenda of the New World Order on the civilian population. Humanity is unifying within the collective consciousness now that they understand the tactics used to divide us.

Humanity world-wide has chosen their leader in Donald Trump and they demand to be heard. They assert their desire for freedom from tyranny and persecution. They embrace truth and transparency and they are learning how to work peacefully within the system to achieve these things and shift the reality.

Trump Campaign Files Lawsuit Over Rejected Votes in Arizona

Need more evidence? The red tide is already turning, folks.

Georgia County Rescanning Ballots After Discovering Reporting Issue

HUGE! CHEATER CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Pennsylvania election worker CAUGHT filling out ballots for A HALF HOUR (VIDEO)

The Real Dark Judge gives us his intel.

For all the states?

— Vonni (@Vonni24473) November 8, 2020

We want to make sure everyone sees this. It may be repetition for you. Dr. Steve Pieczenik explains the watermark on the official ballots, and more. He also reveals that arrests have already begun to take place over the past couple of days. It sounds like the Earth Alliance cleared him to release this information.

Intelligence Insider: President Trump Setup Democrats In “Sting Operation” To Catch Them Stealing Election!

Believe the Eyes Not the Liars – President Trump Destroyed Joe Biden – Trump Will Prevail

We are not fooled by the media’s angelic portrayal of Joe Biden and his criminal family. Steel yourself to watch this nauseating BS. It’s pure clown media PR—particularly since the recent revelations about the questionable circumstances and timing of the auto accident that claimed the life of his former wife and daughter. We don’t believe in accidents.

Biden visits graves of his late son, daughter and first wife

Here’s an excellent video from LT at And We Know from Nov 6 covering some of the ways the left tried to steal the election.

11.6.20: The Truth is starting to EMERGE! Cyber CRIMES exposed!

From yesterday… in the rain.

notice the difference? def pro trump!

— MonkeyWerx US (@mil_ops) November 7, 2020

This is LT’s video for today, Nov. 8. He’s rebuilding the subscriber list on this backup channel. His website is here.

11.8.20: LAWSUITS on the WAY! What is going on?

Laura Walker did another analysis for us on November 4th you may wish to listen to at The Oracle Report. She is one of our best at decoding the electro-magnetics and the harmonics of what is unfolding with respect to planetary alignments and astrology, which really do matter. They do not DETERMINE what will happen, but they do affect opportunities and tendancies within Humanity and may predict how the dark ones will attempt to capitalize.

The Miracles Intel Conference Call tonight should prove very interesting in light of all this hullabaloo. Details below for the call at 6 pm Pacific.  Alternatively, you may listen to the archived call immediately following the end of the live call, available for one week.

I hope one day soon we can abandon absurd time changes and all use one schedule across the country and the world regardless of what time of year it is. That’s a reminder that here in Arizona, 99% of us don’t change time. As a result, because the rest of you in North America do, we have to remember to start an hour earlier now, as we’re on Mountain Time rather than Pacific. I’m only 2 hours behind the east coast now. What a relief!

Our conference call line is:
Dial-in number (US): (712) 770-4598
Access code: 767664#

International dial-in numbers:
Online meeting ID: scottm6975
Join the online meeting:

Replay Number: 712-770-5402
Access code: 767664# / followed by # again

Backup Number: 425-535-9162
If you encounter any issues with our Miracles Intel Calls please reach out to Free Conference Call Technical Support: (844) 844-1322

If you have issues trusting the plan or having faith in the process, Scott’s call should take care of any angst you may have. Everything is humming along exactly according to the Earth Alliance agenda. Enjoy the show!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks, and thanks to the crew, as always for the great shares. Peruse the comments of our posts to see more pertinent information not shared here.

Our message to the dark cabal is that Law and Order will prevail. Perhaps our anthem; we won’t back down. Ever.  ~ BP

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