Blue Wolf ~ November 7, 2020

The spiral that was built on Mount Shasta on 11-3-20 was the completion of a 10 year cycle. The information sent from Higher Order Beings was given in bits in pieces. That information told of certain dates and time for events to take place. A grand synchronizing of energies was in place. Starting the night before the 3rd and lasting a full 24 hours, people walked their spirals all over the world. Many people in Damanhur were anchoring this energetic field.

There was an energetic tethering to the spiral being built in Mount Shasta. To many other spirals around the world.

On Mount Shasta itself there was a grand council of beings. Many there to assist in the transformation. On That day a new power spot on this planet was formed. It is a multi-dimensional spiral. That connects both upwards and down. Into the light and into the dark stillness of the great void. This spiral is for all. Once the spiral was activated it became tuned into the Selfica beings. This spiral will allow one access to the encoded information from the Selfica beings. The Selfica have been building a bridge for communicating with us for some time now. They are assisting us in the time of awakening.

There are Atlantian medallions in a wooden box at the spiral. These are to be worn while walking the spiral. These medallions are attuned to the Selfica frequency. This spiral is pulling in information from many realms. The spiral is pulling down encoded information that was passing over the Mountain. Some described the information to have looked like a frozen water crystal or snowflake. With symbols inside of the crystalline structure. This spiral was built for all beings. It is on free land. You need only show up. Treat the land as sacred. This spiral was put high up on the Mountain so like a beacon this message may reflect to all.

For it is a place to assist in awaking and remembering. It is a tool for humanity in this time of awakening. Many assisted in the creation of this spiral. The spiral will unfold over time. As we come into more alignment and harmony more will come through the spiral. For it is just opened. Mount Shasta is holding sacred space for us all now. The ripple of this event has been felt all over the world. If you feel guided to come visit this spiral please do. Come connect with Damanhur and the Selfica ones.

Later on one of the elders told me the Selfica communicates through metal.

For directions just go to Crystal Keepers and ask for a map.


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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