Editor’s Note: This is yet another message from the Galactic Federation of Light which many are, well…sort of leary about! However, I say…listen to your heart in the matter of “who to believe” when it comes to channeled messages.

The mind is an awesome tool for living as it regulates our metabolic systems designed to support life. This tool is also a super-computer making countless fact-based observations every day, again designed to aid our survival.

The heart however is an organ of supreme feeling! Our emotions, supported by the facts our minds observe (or not) are the fuel by which our hearts “make themselves known”. How many times have you consciously made an observation, but have instead…made a decision and moved in the opposite direction?

This is the process of listening to your heart, your “gut reaction” of how to act or react as decisions are made. So…when channeling is involved, I urge you to read and feel how this message emanates within…your heart which will in all ways BE in…

Qauntum Joy!


01 November 2020 We are the Galactic Federation of Light and we are very excited to bring another message, through this channel that conveys information from the Collectives of Light, from the Angelic Kingdom, from Ashtar and from the many different groups.

We come to tell you exactly what will happen with this Ascension, we will begin by telling you the things that you will need to know well, and that will help you prepare for what you will go through and what you will feel.

In this message, we will talk about what you will feel when you ascend and reach the fifth dimension.

We will start by telling you that the first and second waves for your Ascension are coming very quickly, because five timelines have been changed to speed up this process, furthermore, Mother Earth has established herself on a huge timeline.

Mother Earth is very excited and very eager to reach the fifth dimension together with you, because she knows that many things will happen when you anchor in this plane.

As we said before, in this now Mother Earth and you need to get rid of the great darkness of aliens and negative humans, witches, reptiles and Beings of the underworld. The easiest way to get rid of all negativity is for you to begin to anchor yourself in the fifth dimension with the help of the Higher Councils of Light, as well as the Angelic Realm.

The first wave that we thought would include 25 to 50, will now include many more Human Beings, jumping 75 to 200 or 250, to assist Mother Earth and humanity in this ascent.

A long time ago we mentioned to you that Mother Earth made a call because she needed help, she wanted you to go to the fifth dimension, because she had decided that she would no longer stay in 3D. This is how many truly fantastic Star Children and Light Beings have come from all the Star Nations of all the Galaxies and that They Are the many Lightworkers of this Now.

Many Angelic Beings have jumped, like this channel that descended from 12D to assist in the Ascension of Mother Earth and yours. She is actually helping Mother Earth, through her work in the Grid system with the entire Angelic Realm. Before spreading and speaking about Love and Truth, she has marked important milestones that are helping humanity to unite more Unconditionally in Love.

Like this channel, many Starseeds out of the millions who have entered, and many Web Workers who will be released to help you soar, are ready to ride on this first wave. The second wave will not be very far, and at that time it will be millions, at that time they will feel the disturbances by the elevation of things, but Mother Earth will support them all, and allow those who have ascended with the first and second waves , anchor the Light of the fifth dimension for all others.

As you begin to function in the Quantum Field as a 5D Being, with more Gifts and Truths, you will align your travels with the Purpose of your Souls, then you will begin to work on the Grid to anchor the foundation for the fifth dimension.

With this, what we call a Great Awakening of all Souls who will access the real Knowledge of Who They are will really begin. All the Souls who will be awakening to this Knowledge, will really know that they are rising, will access the understanding that We are All ONE, or a Great Collective of Beings unified by the Light.

All these Souls will awaken to the reality that the purpose of their travels is to live in the Heart of Being, to express and feel Love. At this time, many Souls are awakening to the Knowledge that we just mentioned and they are all doing a great job of change.

Those who ride the first and second waves, it will be easy for them to purge their Chakras, open their Light Bodies and change their Consciousness, because many of them come from very high dimensions, they are already anchored in their Hearts and they are already aligned with the Power of your Higher Self.

Now we will talk about how your life will be on the day of your Ascension and how you will feel when you rise. The Sun is sending you solar flares that are not very big, but we will tell you that at some point, some of you are going to feel the Great Shift, of a Great Flow of Energy that will pass through your Energy Fields and Bodies.

Your Energy Fields and your physical bodies may tremble, you will really feel that something has changed, however, it does not mean that you are going to wake up and say that you are in the fifth dimension. Simply, you will know that you have risen, you will know that something enormous has happened to you, even those who have ascended without really knowing it will notice it.

It will be as if you wake up the next morning and things are different, you will feel lighter, you will see that things are brighter, you will feel a great calm and Peace take over you.

You will wake up in the morning, you will look around you and you will notice that it is different, you will have the impression of being very high, of walking almost in the air, you will know that your physical and energy bodies have made a great change.

You will know it because you will feel different, this process will not hurt, there will be no blackout, there will not be three days of silence, nothing bad will happen to you. The fact is that you are going to feel a surge of Love in your Heart.

You may also feel a tingle, as the Energy runs through your Light Body. When you go up it will be an enormity that will make you experience a feeling of Peace and Omniscience, it will be very different from the movement you made in the fourth dimension.

You will feel calm and relaxed, you will really know that something wonderful has happened to you. We will say that perhaps, some will probably perceive how the air is sliding and coming from the top down. This is what has been happening in the fourth dimension for a long time, although many of you cannot see it, it does not mean that you are not in 4D, just look closely at the grass and the trees, and you will see how one dimension bounces.

When you move to the fifth dimension, things will be more vibrant, your desires will change and include everyone, you will feel that your vibration has accelerated, you will feel that your physical body is a little lighter. Your diet is going to change, that is why we will tell the many who like to eat meat and dense things, that they really will no longer want any of that that does not serve them.

You will not go to the fifth dimension using drugs, or putting toxic things in your body, that will slow down your dimensional Rays, your whole body and Energy Field, it will actually make you take a leap forward that will help you solve all these questions. The purer you can eat, the cleaner your body will be, and it will tell you what it wants through mental images, you won’t need to take any supplements at all.

In fact, you will change direction, you will become more comfortable with the needs and desires of your body, so that it can continue to function. However, we will tell you that you will feel that you have changed and you have transformed in a certain way, you will see that things are brighter, you will feel lighter and you will have a feeling of Peace and Knowledge, it will be almost like the feeling of returning to vibrations. superiors where you come from.

This is a lot to think about, we will continue to bring more information to help each of you prepare for the journey. There is nothing wrong with this ascension, it is wonderful, you will feel wonderful, you will be happier because you will be in possession of a higher vibration.

You will have many Higher Energies coming to you, in the fifth dimension you will resonate more with everything, you will also be more in tune with animal nature and much more connected with Mother Earth, you will see beauty in everything that perhaps you have not noticed before.

These are all incredible things, there is nothing to worry about, you will not go in any spaceship that will lift you up, no Collective of Light or Angels will do that for you, you will do it yourself.

You are in the driver’s seat, and you are the one making the decisions and leading this journey. We are only with you, doing so much for you to rise through the assimilation and wonderful activations of the Light vibrations that we send you.

We are with you, you also have all your Angels and all your Guides, and we are helping you to jump. See this as your awakening, as your memory of a monumental event that is going to happen for each of you.

Know that we are all with you, accompanying you and helping you on your paths. We are Nine of the Twelve Councils of the Galactic Federation of Light, and we bring you many blessings,

Love and Light.

We love you,

We are the Galactic Federation of Light, through Lynne Rondel

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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4 Responses to GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT ~ November 5, 2020

  1. Neil Vidican says:

    Any TANGIBLE benefits?


  2. cindyloucbp says:

    Well…Biden has made an publicized concession about his supposed Presidential win”. I was able to hear this on Fox in a carefully made announcement. Who know…just sayin…:)

    I feel really good inside these days!

    Much Love…


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