Colli Salvatore ~ November 3, 2020




As intense as it may sound, all you will experience is staying in this low vibrating realm for a moment and then being in the next higher and more beautiful version the next moment! ) From some messages it appears that the great central Sun, or Alcyone, should have a sudden change, such as turning into a nova or something like that.

Such astronomical events are comparable to huge explosions, but we, as humans, know very little about their true nature. A fact that was sent to us some time ago is that Sirius has undergone a similar transformation in the recent past, moving some, if not all, parts of his system to a higher density.

It also appears to be the fate of the solar system and much of this part of the galaxy. It is natural for a huge (explosion) to produce an effect of the monoelectric pulse type called Dirac, such a gigantic emission of an electric field, or if you want magnetic, more radio waves across the spectrum possible, up to waves that not even we still know, we can not help but determine, in the obstacles it encounters, tremendous consequences.

For example, it is easy to assume that a planet abruptly aligns with the incoming electrical flux, that these radio waves give rise to the ionization of the atmosphere, with the consequent effect of fire in the sky. That these changes in pressure produce a sound, articulated by the structure of the ground, etc. Etc.

And, therefore, it is easy to assume that the entire planet, and the solar system, are altered in their structure and pass to a higher density, the fifth, as we are told in an instant to the whole planet, creatures included. Men included, but not all, because to face such a passage it is necessary that the being is prepared, that the physical body is ready to absorb and transmute this urge. And this can only happen if the individual has been able to raise their vibrations to a sufficient level.

On any given day, the world will be turned upside down. On a normal day, when people do their daily chores, clouds will fall from the sky and an ethereal light will rain down. (The inversion of the poles.) With the help of Nibiru!) Nibiru is a spaceship of the Andromeda Galactic Federation but this topic, come on, Nibiru, I will explain in another message !!)

On a normal day, when people turn their eyes to Earth, the sky above them will begin to open. On an ordinary day, the impossible will begin to unfold, the divine announcements of many thousands of years will occur, and in the evening nothing will be like what it was in the morning. (It could be the (sneeze) of the Central Sun.

On a normal day in space-time, the forces of light will come out and be visible to all who see, audible to all who hear, they will be reality for all, to those who have already opened themselves to this knowledge, in the time of ‘darkness. (The appearance of galactic ships in the skies. And the Federation will appear)

On any normal day, as the media continues to spread lies, the financial crowds and politicians will continue to pretend, as if the whole world is imperceptibly trapped in their web, you will hear a heavenly sound that will put an end to this confusion, and thus come to the sudden that even those who are well prepared “freeze in a block of stone!) a celestial sound, almost a music. sweet and beautiful, for those who are already awakened they will understand, that they must go)

On a normal day, whatever the change in the world, all underground services and shelters, aimed at saving mortal life, cannot be reached, and all those elites, who believe they have made the best preparations for themselves, will be captured. from the surf of time and immersed in nothingness. (Nowadays, elites are looking for new escape routes, but that’s impossible.)

On any normal day, the Earth will be covered in silence that is second to nothing and the Inner Earth people will take command of the surface for a short period of time, until the new enlightened beings of time return to Earth, and they will give the chosen holograms (aka governing as a public image) a new impetus and a happy life. (In fact, it’s already happening.)

On a normal day, the worlds will be separated, and this in a spectacle that has never been seen by a human and experienced by a living being on Earth. On an ordinary day, birds will fall from the sky, come out of mountain ranges, where there was no water before, there will be, where previously there were arid or lush landscapes. (Of course, with the reversal of the Earth’s axis, the Earth must find a new balance.)

On a very ordinary day, the (Guardians of the light of the Earth), the masters of many worlds, angels and archangels of creation will show up in the sky!

The entire Galactic Federation is well prepared for these days of spiritual awakening

The Galactic Federation of Andromeda is very prepared for weaponry of any kind, the 12 SPHERES of the Galactic Federation are ready to host all those who are awake and ready for this leap into 5 dimensions my dear, warm greetings from the Federation ,,

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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