The Late Edition for October 19, 2020 [videos] ~ October 19, 2020

Starship Earth: The Big Picture October 19, 2020

A 7.5 earthquake off the coast of Alaska today has a tsunami alert out to the coastal regions in that state, British Columbia Canada, and elsewhere.

7.5-magnitude quake prompts tsunami warning from Aleutians to Kenai Peninsula

Steve Lookner examines the reports available from NOAA, etc. There is breaking news of a 2 foot tsunami at Sand Point, AK.

We don’t know at this point if it’s a natural earthquake or activities related to DUMBs.

7.4 Earthquake off Alaska Coast – LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE

A key goal at the moment is to dispel the lies and propaganda behind the ‘rona virus hoax and we will continue to publish the FACTS as stated by REAL medical experts—not the globalist’s FAKE experts and the tiresome fear porn promulgated by the treasonous legacy media.

When you understand the facts and the agenda behind the deception you won’t fear anything and can go back to living your life, as you were before this global psychological operation launched to make President Trump look bad and remove him from office—among many other objectives.

Andrew Kaufman, MD: The Pandemic Fraud Runs Deeper Than You Think

The President has been ridiculing the lockdown policies and tells us to get back to normal. Doctors have been treating the symptoms of the Chinese Plague for decades and know exactly what to do. You can even make your own hydroxychloroquine at home if you like. Add a little zinc from the health food store and you’ve got a super booster for your immune system. No worries.

Journalist Bill Still brings us the emergency presser where the Trump administration made it clear where we stand in the astonishing place we find ourselves with respect to the blatant censorship of the Biden scandal. It’s official, it’s on the record, and it’s historic.

3272, Still Report Attends Urgent Virtual Presser, 3272

Dan Bongino gets into the current status of the information released to date involving the laptop/hard drive belonging to Hunter Biden.

Ep. 1372 The Biden Scandal Explodes – The Dan Bongino Show®

Those who have been running the world have no love for us or anyone involved in the operation to remove them from their ruthless reign or terror. When people talk about killing the President of the United States and show images of him coming to harm, you know it’s about far more than just “politics”. It’s a spiritual battle between good and evil; evil beyond what Humans ever thought they could be up against or they even knew existed.

Hardly what we’d consider “subtle”.

Nasty Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Displays ‘Kill Trump’ Symbolism in Background During Sunday Interview

They seem unable to hide their true nature and in many cases are coming out of the shadows. This fellow is reported to have “exposed himself” on a Zoom call. Do they mean, “exposed” as in private parts? I thought they were going to say he revealed his extreme left doctrines. WTH?

CNN Legal Analyst Suspended for Inappropriate Internet Behavior

Corey Lynn shared this on her blog recently.

This information is presented to you by The Speaker and The Sharp Edge, from Dig It! Podcast, on their H1veM1nd channel.

Be sure to read Corey’s Digs report on Church Pedophiles and Child Sex Trafficking Nests Intersect by The Thousands, by Corey Lynn.

The Pope and the Vatican

Many of our best content creators and analysts lost their YouTube channels when Big Tech had a snit fit and tried to cover up the evidence of the Biden family corruption but there are still many good channels remaining.

BCP is still with us… for now.


A lot of distasteful and shocking information will follow in the coming months, and some of it is bound to lead to the 9/11 terror attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth have worked tirelessly to get to the bottom of the event and alert the populace to the fact that it could not, and did not, happen the way we were told.

The first response of some will be denial. We will have to walk them through it because until we can all face the truth, the healing can never fully take place. We have to ensure that everyone understands what happened on this planet, how it happened, who the perpetrators were, and why we failed to see it until it was almost too late. If we do not handle this properly, similar situations could arise again in the future.

This update highlights their latest efforts as well as those of some of the families of victims numbering in the many thousands.

Justice Rising Day 1 Focuses on 9/11 Truth Legal Efforts

LT at And We Know has a backup channel where we find the video below. For background, if you’ve not read or seen the Game of Thrones series on the telly, they made repeated reference to the statement, “winter is coming” and you just knew that when it did, the boogeyman would arrive and it hung over the heads of the characters like a pall.

It also had readers and viewers waiting, wondering, worrying about what would happen when winter arrived. Winter is coming for the cabal.

Here’s LT’s latest update on the situation in the fall of 2020 on Planet Earth.

10.17.20: Censorship, Town Halls and Nods … oh MY!

I enjoyed this one, too. Even Wolf Blitzer called out Nazi Pelosi. She’s really hard to watch, IMO.

Mark Levin: Pelosi’s Unhinged Meltdown Shows Just How Much She Hates America

Some people don’t just research and collect information, they take action. In the following video we learn that one patriot developed a template for addressing the tyranny in a proactive way that anyone can use to avoid losing their rights and freedoms. It’s a fascinating discussion on how the globalists’ system works to deceive and control us AND how we can use their “laws” against them. Lena says they have had very positive results from these initiatives so far.

You can learn more at Lena’s Fabulous and access her NOL – Notice of Liability so you can go on the offensive and protect the rights of yourself and your family BEFORE they are threatened. Many believe it is imminent.

260- Watch as Liability follows a Masquerade that is Unsustainable on its Face

In this interview with David Icke, Shaun Attwood gets into not only the precarious position of the British “royal family” as a result of the escapades of certain members linked to pedophilia, Jeffrey Epstein and others, but later on they get into the really meaty material David is famous for revealing and explaining so well about our reality that they don’t teach us in school. They can’t have us understanding our physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual reality and also keep us at a disadvantage due to our ignorance. While it’s serious subject matter, they also have some fun with it.

The Royal Family

Jason Shurka and Charlie Ward get into the more urgent aspects of our current reality and I found the pointers on how to negotiate these challenging times for warriors good reminders. What is a virus? Is this a virus? How is the Human body equipped to deal with outside threats? Fascinating stuff. Just 42 minutes.

Live w/ Charlie Ward: from darkness into the Light

I’ll leave it there for now as it’s the second one today.  ~ BP

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