***The Crystal Pyramid Temples are rising…plus..PREPARING OUR BODIES TO RECEIVE MORE LIGHT*** ~ October 18, 2020

Pyramid-temples The Ancient Pyramid Temples and the Crystalline Grid…

In Ancient times… long before Atlantis, Lemuria and Avalon existed, there used to be a massive energy grid, called the Crystalline Grid, surrounding this Planet. A set of 12 Crystal Pyramid Temples, reflecting the 12 Master Rays, anchored in the Cosmic Light ….

They were placed at the most important energy centres of this Planet, and fed the grid….

There was a Thirteenth, and Master Pyramid, which was called the Pyramid Temple of the White Flame…..

This was the Master Energy Conduit, and it in turn was directly linked up the Crystal Pyramid Temple of the 7th Temple of the 7th Sun of the 7th Galaxy….

A Galaxy that we have forgotten exists….

There were smaller Pyramids, which interlinked with the main 12 (13)….the Giza Pyramids were some of the later ones, as well as those in America and elsewhere… indeed, these are found all over the world….

Some were used for healing…. others to fine-tune one’s vibratory state… others for connection to other dimensions and states of BEING…. others for inter-dimensional travel …. some were teaching and learning centres, as all teaching was conveyed by means of giant and small crystals, programmed with the information a person needed to assimilate….

The Temple of the White Flame, was a vast centre of Higher Learning….

It was here that the High Priesthood was trained….

It had vast Halls of Wisdom and Halls of Records….

Only those who were initiated, (especially the women had to go through stringent initiations, as they were the PURE TRANSMITTER SOULS) could have access to this temple…..

When the first people of this planet, started playing power games, and in a war between two factions (instigated by war elsewhere in our solar system, Universe and Galaxies), these Temples either sank under the sea, or where deactivated….

They do exist still on the ethereal planes….

They will be placed onto this planet once more, when we are ready to step into the Higher Dimensional State, when the New Golden Age truly starts to have effect….

In the meantime, we, who are Wandering Souls, are asked, at this time, to simply hold the Light steady….

When we reactivate our 12 Chakras we are then anchoring in these Higher Rays and the more we do so, the greater the Energies released….

These Higher Energies are affecting our DNA.. our glands…… our spinal cords’ tonal scale …. and our central nervous systems…..

Indeed, our whole bodies are being fine-tuned…

We are being prepared for much Lighter Bodies… thus our physical bodies will start vibrating at much Higher Frequencies….

We are returning to our TRUE states….

We are the only Creations who ever fell from the 7th and 5th dimensions into the 3rd…..

Normally the cycles are an UPWARD evolution and not a downward one….

There are Souls who volunteered to hold the Light steady during this time…..

This is their main reason for being here…

Some are here to reactivate the pyramids and the energy grids….. for certain souls have the innate ability and are programmed to do so….

A lot might do this unconsciously, but still it is there….

It takes but one single candle to light up the world….

It takes but a handful, to change the whole patterns of this planet…. and to heal it…. to bring back WHOLENESS…..

Never by force… by simply by anchoring in the Highest Frequency Rays of Love and Light!

Ps. This is not to indicate that the Temples were entities on their own….

They were merely a source or sources, connecting this planet to the Divine Source (God/Goddess) from whom ALL LIFE HAS SPRUNG and then interconnected us on a far vaster scale to the GREAT COSMIC HIERARCHIES….

At that time ALL WAS ONE…. there was no separation….

source: judithkusel.com

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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