Isis Channelings ~ October 18, 2020

New Moon and The 9 Nights of Mother Durga; Navratris and The Mother Wound Today the New moon begins with the celebration The Navratris ( 17 0ct-25 oct) , the most significant and auspicious period dedicated to the 9 forms of The Divine Mother/Shakti / Mother Durga .

While Traditionally the Navratri , or 9 nights of the Goddess/ Mother/ Shakti represent the battle of Good over Evil ie when Ma Durga battled the demon Mahishasura / Lord Rama battled the demon king Ravana….ie a period of cleansing and purification of our inner evils of Ego, lust, greed, anger etc….at this time specifically we are currently confronting and releasing attitudes, attributes, patterns and distortion’s associated with the Distorted / wounded feminine and more specifically the mother wound. Where are we holding on steadyfast to past hurts and betrayals and projecting our sense of victimhood (perceived and/or otherwise) via obstinate, rigid and illogical behaviour. The Mother is our first caretaker and protector (physical and emotional), but as an unhealed /not in her power entity she may have been emotionally absent to the very nurturing , nourishing and protection responsibilities towards her offspring . The child is thus raised in an emotionally unstable environment rich in undercurrents of guilt and victimhood projections and unbalanced giving and receiving paradigm the scars of which are carried through lifetimes and the ancestral lineage till healed (or repeated).

As we confront ,heal and release our Ancestral and Karmic Lineage of this distorted Feminine behaviour and mother woundings ,You may feel this acutely at your Root chakra (pain and stiffness in lower back) extreme bouts of tiredness and slight flu symptoms as we release these distortions and patterns .

This period begins with the New Moon in Libra which this year culminates in the full moon/ Blue moon of Taurus/ Hathor , both of which are ruled by Venus. Venus is currently at Heart Chakra at Gate of Compassion on her shamanic 8 year Journey (2020-2028) of tracing the 5 Petaled Cosmic Rose in the MOTHER Avatar (2012-2020 was the maiden Avatar). She is guiding us currently, as we revisit old wounds of the Mother and distorted feminine, to heal old hurts by Heart medicine of Forgiveness , Compassion, Non Judgement and Acceptance, Gratitude and Grace , to move beyond the old stories that hold us hostage to the past and embrace Bold actions guided by Faith and Trust as we regain our Power and to strive to achieve a balance between receiving and giving and hence greater balance in our relationships ( within and without)!!

For those who would like some more information on the Navratri;

The Navratri’s (9 nights ) of the 9 forms of Mother Durga are divided into 3 sets of 3 nights devoted to Goddess of Power/ Mahakali (where we purify the Root / earth and sacral / water chakras), Goddess of Spiritual Wealth / Goddess Lakshmi ( fire/solar and heart chakra) and Goddess of Wisdom/ Goddess Saraswati (throat and third eye chakras).

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