Grace Solaris ~ October 13, 2020

Yesterday I had a massive revelation and initiation which both affected me and my beloved. I was shown and experienced what it truly means to SURRENDER when you are in the heiros gamos process and in the merge… soul deeply yearns to return to ONE so much… it is an incredible force and drive… a magnetic craving that is extremely powerful, at least if you have met your divine consort with which you have contracted to do this with… whether it be your original twinflame or not. My guides showed me and led me thru the rite of passage of experiencing this FULLY… It was a deeply profound sacred moment…. but there was an instant of fear… of letting go of all resistance, of loosing controle… because it literally feels like dying… the moment when you gasp for the last breath…. but you know you must let it go to be entirely free, to dissolve, to merge and return to ONE. There is no half way…. I felt how my entire body desparately tried to hold on though at the same time it wanted and craved so much to surrender and merge…. (this was all experienced in an instant).. and as I succeeded in lettin go…. tsunamis of love washed over me and tears washed over me… tears of longing as well as of divine joy…. It was so expansive and I seemed to vanish into no-thing or rather pure consciousness, it was very orgasmic to say the least. It taught me a lot about what FULL SURRENDER means. You cannot do this half, nor 60, 70 or 99 % you either surrender or you don´t. And as you do, you truly return to the state of ONEness and know deep within you can never loose this state of being… it is pure grace…. so you transcend the fear of ever again being separated… (ego might come allright, but you cannot undo it). The interesting thing was that it triggered the fear in my beloved of loosing me which was deeply seated and had already popped up (I had gone thru the same fear, thus my guides facilitated this)… the fear was deep seated in both of us.. it is an ancient wound, that we all carry from when we left Source and separated from our twinflame… this wound is then being fortified when we leave the womb… and even more so, if we have incarnated in families where we were not seen or acknowledged and so felt abandoned. Deepest gratitude to my beloved for so couragously and corteously walking this path of unconditional love with me as an adept of love always openhearted and showing up in his vulnerability and playing with open cards. I am so proud of being your divine consort and could never have dreamt for any greater love. And we worked our way thru it together clearing all programming, all feelings of not being worthy, all feelings of lack, of not being good enough…. tears and tears flowing and released and so these patterns could leave as well as the resistance to let go of controle (you don´t want this patterns to surface right…. because it hurts to the core) but when one is willing to die for love, the greatest of blessings await… thru true surrender you shall become love and enter divine union with the ONE in all and the All in ONE. You shall become complete. You shall return home and become eternally ONE.

Grace Solaris with her most beloved divine consort eternal love Ryan Hill


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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