Your Sunday Digest for October 11, 2020: The Sky’s the Limit for the Future [videos] ~ October 11, 2020

Starship Earth: The Big Picture October 11, 2020

I hope Humanity has an appetite for truth because we’re going to dish up a lot of it in the coming days; things they wanted to know and things they didn’t.

As we approach Hallowe’en, we’re going to hear some horror stories. I must say I’m enjoying learning about some of the “wild theories” and “intel” floating around the WWW, though. Discernment required, as usual, but it’s most intriguing to consider the possibilities. We’ll find out eventually who is who, and what is true as the greedy factions duke it out.

One isolated horror story involves the medical industrial complex. If you have a mouth full of metal, you may not want to hear how toxic those mercury/amalgam fillings are but you might be suffering damage or experience that in the future if you don’t have them removed.

The following exposé tells us many dentists are still ignorant of the pitfalls of mercury as a neurotoxin so we have to be our own health advocates. Many people, but particularly children, are at risk as this toxic metal constantly off-gasses into our brain, bloodstream, and tissues. We need to ban mercury from the dentist’s office.

Watch the video from Del Bigtree at The Highwire by clicking in the box below.

Fortunately, there are spectacular healing technologies available once the suppression stops. A few are beginning to emerge now but you won’t hear about them on the six o’clock news or from your doctor.

Here is the interview. I was a guest speaker for Projects 4 Humanity where two inventors spoke BACK to back. One had med bed Healing autistic children. They are holographic reverse timeline continuum machines.

— MelizeKaye (@KayeMelize) September 22, 2020

The Luciferian left are hard at work, scheming to cheat and fool the eyes of the world through this election process.

This Craig’s List ad for Cincinnati says it all. There’s been a lot of ballot fraud in Ohio, as well. It’s a major theatre of war.

Is this Joe Biden’s finest hour? It just may be, but it’s all relative. I think it’s down hill from here on for Creepy Uncle Joe and the Biden family.

WATCH The Fake News Media COVER for Joe Biden as He Flees Reporters after Speech

No matter what they do, they cannot oversome the red tidal wave washing over America.  There are millions of people in other countries who would vote for President Trump, too, if they could. They all want one, and he has been successful in winning over the Hispanic populace as evidenced by this jaw-dropping display of support in Florida.

Miami PD Estimates More Than 30,000 Cars Participated in Anti-Communist, Latinos For Trump Caravan in South Florida (VIDEO)

The Human trafficking business is a major aspect of the atrocities committed on this planet and will have to come to Light.  The horror that we will experience when it becomes mainstream news will elicit a serious shock—but let’s face it—that’s what a lot of people are going to need to eject them from the trance they’re in.

They’re going to learn about trauma-based mind control and satanic ritual abuse. Cannibalism. The consumption of Human flesh and the marketing of aborted fetuses and organs and other body parts.

Sean at the SGT Report had an excellent interview with author Josh Peck who researched and exposed the horrific practices of so many of those playing prominent and sometimes exalted roles in our civilization. Information revealed over thirty years ago was buried and ignored to protect the perpetrators. It can no longer be covered up, however, and there are countless skeletons in the closet.


The Miracles Intel Conference Call is tonight, when Scott Mowry and team connect the dots, bring the latest news, any inside hints from high-level military sources, and discuss the new space -age technologies just released or soon to be. The time is 6 pm Pacific/9 EDT. The details are below.

Our conference call line is:
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As far as the ‘rona goes, the CDC/WHO/NIH and accomplices have reversed, upended, negated, retraced, backtracked and slaughtered any advice they gave since the onset of the “virus”. Any sense of expertise we might have attributed to them and their recommendations evaporated and we can see their directives are an incomprehensible mass of disinformation, lies and retractions like that mess of yarn.

Who can follow it? There’s no science behind their tyrannical edicts and the evidence we see in front of us speaks for itself. The reality has materialized for all to see. A large chunk of the population are mad as hell and they’re not going to take it any more. They are protesting all over the world and telling their governments to stuff their anti-virus protocols.

The virus is everywhere, apparently, and millions are testing positive… but almost no one is sick and the recovery rate if we do get it is between 94 and 99%… so… where’s the pandemic? It doesn’t exist.

Swab of pavement and dog fur tests positive. TIME TO MASK DOGS, CATS, AND THE SIDEWALK.

— Rocco Galati (@roccogalatilaw) October 11, 2020


WHO Tells World Leaders To End Lockdowns …?

As we train our eyes on the skies, we continue to see unprecedented sights. Mr. MBB shows us those “giant spheres” are back.

Massive “Sphere” in Space Near the Sun RETURNS! | Strange Photos Surfacing of ‘Mini-Moon’?

In this short video we can see the stars disappear. We’re not talking about winking on and off one at a time. Are they “turning off” or is something very large passing between us and them, obscuring them from view? Something like the heavenly bodies referenced above or a very large craft?

What is a star, exactly? We’ve shared some fascinating close-ups in the past and they’re not solid, round planets reflecting the sun (or moon’s) light.

Stars Turn off and back on & “meteor shower”

We know there are UFOs/UAPs/USOs. Suggesting we allocate massive funds to research them is ludicrous. The governments of the world and the militaries are well aware of what they are AND whose they are. They have already siphoned trillions of taxpayer dollars into their black projects.  What we need now is THE TRUTH.

Carlson on new documentary: ‘There is now an enormous amount of evidence, including physical evidence, that UFOs, whatever they are, are real.’ You are going to hear more and more about this and we have to be very careful about where it’s planned to lead. All is not necessarily what it seems.

Tucker Carlson – UFO Sightings Uncovered In A New Documentary

One of the horrific things the masses will learn about is the agenda the controllers had for Humanity as a whole. We have seen ample evidence over the past ten years and more about the morbid plans. It’s not only America they planned to destroy. Canada is part of the extermination plan, too and there is no transparency in the Trudeau government which is fraught with corruption and unsavoury intentions for its citizens.

Below is a discussion via Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson with an Ontario MPP discussing the presence of the UN and government documents indicating that “isolation camps” or re-education camps/concentration camps scheduled to be assembled in Canada under the guise of the “Strong Cities” initiative. They always camouflage their evil agendas with appealing names and gullible people are fooled. It’s all a psyop.

It’s time to get to the bottom of this dastardly plot to subjugate and control the Canadian People—but you will notice the “Strong Cities” list isn’t only about Canada. There is a very long global list on the document revealed here.

The “virus” is not only a biohazard medically speaking. It is even moreso the vehicle with which the New World Order psychopaths intended would enable them to rapidly advance their agenda to destroy ninety per cent of the population and enslave the rest.

For years we’ve seen fields of grave liners piled up and “hidden” until they’re ready to use them—which would contain up to four bodies, we’re told. Millions of rounds of ammunition requisitioned by the shadow government, FEMA camps and Wal-Marts encased in razor wire and full of empty tents and chain link cells. For whom?

As QAnon has intimated, it’s not about a “virus”. It goes far beyond and the fact that such a huge chunk of the population so willingly complied AND CONTINUE SEVEN MONTHS LATER with these outrageous measures supposedly to prevent the spread and control the disease told them everything they needed to know. Without intervention, they would be able to control Humanity as a whole and would simply round up the dissidents and eliminate them.

If local law enforcement will not follow orders and round up their neighbours, the cabal’s army of UN psychopaths will happily do what is necessary, sans empathy or compassion. They’re mercenaries; trained assassins. Can we make it any clearer?

What—they’d never do that? Really? Isn’t that mentality how we got in this pickle in the first place? If you’re new, and just beginning to investigate what is happening on this planet, we can assure you that your government is not your friend. They do not have your good in mind, and seek only to control you and every man, woman and child because they believe their bloodlines make them born to control us all. They believe they own us and everything in our world. They are greedy psychopaths without conscience or empathy for sentient life. We’re the same as animals to them; a food source.

The world needs to wake up and acknowledge what is unfolding and take steps to call them out and stop it.

Video Notes:
Must see interview with Ontario MPP Randy Hillier. Government refuses to respond to his questions about the building of internment camps and who will be housed in them. Strong Cities Link:…

Shocking interview with MPP Randy Hillier

I chanced upon a photo on the JFK HSRetoucher Twitter account and had to stop and take note. At first glance I thought it was Kaleigh McEnany past and present, but when I looked again I realized it’s also Carolyn Bessett Kennedy. Hmmmm…


— 23 Days – John F Kennedy Jr. (@HSRetoucher) September 21, 2020

I had this older photo someone suggested were the JJ – Carolyn kids. Something to think about, considering we know they like to keep it all in the family. Usually, but not always, you can trust your family members. There are always exceptions, however, and we’ve seen examples of the Trump family treachery. It might explain why Kayleigh is so damn good at what she does—and her “attitude”, because she most definitely does cop a ‘tude and wrangles the media whores masterfully in the daily pressers—almost like it’s “personal”. Sorry, don’t have time to mess around with cropping.

Since we’re on the subject of lineage, I watched this research trace the bloodlines of Donald Trump, claiming he’s from the “biblical” Judah line. Another hmmmm…  It’s a bit long and meandering but Melissa provides interesting illustrations to go along with the story.

Since we are completely in the dark about how our reality works with respect to timelines, etc., at this point it seems anything is possible.

President Trump Is In The Royal Line Of Judah by Melissa Red Pill

Can things come back from the dead—like ET’s chrysanthemum? Examples of regeneration abound if you’re looking for them. I bought a marked down bunch of flowers yesterday and until I got home I didn’t even see the limp, shrivelled hydrangea for the mums and sunflower I particularly wanted to remind us of Thanksgivings gone by when our beloved mothers were still here.

I chopped all the stems off short and put them in a stubby vase and throughout the afternoon between making pastry and peeling apples I watched the florets on the hydrangea rehydrating, one by one. It looked to be toast in the beginning and I nearly threw it away but I’m glad I didn’t. This morning, every floret is plump and the entire head looks freshly picked. Miracles do happen, but sometimes patience and faith are required.

Life-giving water was all that blossom needed to revive and thrive. Taking it one step further, what will happen when Humanity has clean food, water, air, and a nourishing environment, as intended? It will be like we came back from the dead. Our society will be almost unrecognizable and we’ll be pleased the creator gods didn’t throw us away.

Healing machines that atomically render our DNA the way it was designed would theoretically fix anything that ails us. They might literally bring us back from the brink of death and extinction.

Here’s an example of a celebrity we may see back from the dead. They have been hinting at it in this Twitter feed recently.

I don’t need to explain the impact it would have on America and the entire world if beloved characters like JFK Jr, Princess Diana, and Michael Jackson returned to tell them the truth about what has happened on this planet. Who’s missing? Elvis? Perhaps not. We’ll see what happens. Nothing would surprise me.


— 23 Days – John F Kennedy Jr. (@HSRetoucher) October 11, 2020

I’ll repeat myself for the benefit of anyone new, and the ranks are growing.

Expect the unexpected. I don’t believe ANYONE can anticipate the junk the patriots are gonna put on this ball when they hit it out of the park. We’re going to make Earth great again. MEGA.

And with that, I have much baking to do. The inscription in one of the cookbooks I’m using from my mother says that baking and cooking can be great therapy. Wise words from my mini-Mum. ~ BP

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