Santa Surfing ~ October 4, 2020


Marathon End: Cue! Dominoes to Begin!

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Source: Beach Broadcast | By Santa Surfing October 2, 2020 Marathon End – Cue! Dominoes to begin! YouTube Trump Cards EIDL Lo… X22 Report — Episode 1942: Fear Meter off the Chart, Sky is FallingX22 Report — Episode 1941: Fed Pushes Fear, Panic Over Brexit, Conspiracy No MoreBenjamin Fulford Report: “A Look at Power Centers” — August 5, 2019

Source: Beach Broadcast | By Santa Surfing

October 2, 2020

Marathon End – Cue! Dominoes to begin!


Trump Cards

EIDL Loan Application


Oh the Timing!!! This one clip summarizes Com_ey’s hearing day! It’s a doozy!

Comey got CRS


We have all waited for this day for years and in many cases decades! Her evilness is finally going to go Public. The left refuses to believe that HRC, Loser Barry or any of the left is evil. We know they have already been dealt with, either GITMOED, in prison, house arrest, or left this earth…but now it is time to red pill the masses.

Cue has been posting so much about the Clinton Foundation money trail. #followthemoney needs to trend.

This next phase to to red pill those that still are not convinced. And Team Trump and Cue Team is fully ware of exposing all of them that would red pill a large percentage of those that won’t believe it. We have done our part, and that is YOUR ROLE in the Great Awakening! Now it is up to them to redpill themselves. BUT because they have already heard the majority of it from YOU, and now Trump/Cue Team will drop information that VALIDATES YOU and all that you shared!

All those frustrating conversations; tears shed hoping to help humanity; relationships tarnished; loved ones doubting you, and suddenly the PUBLIC news will bring closure to their evil deeds. I just hope and pray the liberal media will report this. President Trump did say in one of his briefings last week, the media needs to endorse him or they will drop like a thug. See 45 second mark:

When the media begins to share the real news, then we are looking at a huge victory! The liberal media today, is truly the enemy of the people. When they flip to the good side, then this alone will red pill the masses.

HRC CRIMES ARE SO HORRID that police officers that viewed the contents in the Weiner Laptop were repulsed beyond belief. These are police officers in NYC that have seen just about ever horrid crime, but for the contents to be so evil and horrid that it made these officers weep hysterically and vomit, that is an indication of the extent of her evilness.

When she goes down PUBLICLY, the rest follows. I do not know who is next, but I do think that there will be so many that it will be difficult to keep up. Remember, this is just one person, imagine when everything else gets exposed:




FISA Declass

This information about HRC being the first is the reason our Angel Anon has warned us to get stocked and ready. The civil unrest for the true blue Hillary supporters could cause a shockwaves throughout the world. The rage and anger would stem from constant defeat and in this case, learning that her crimes were so heinous! Inasmuch as her deep state pals are all put away or dealt with, it is the supporters that will display their denial. But maybe their anger may be against the crimes she committed and how she treated humans, child, people. Maybe their rage will stem from knowing and being so angry to have been deceived for so many years. Either way, it is not going to be an easy process at all. For them and for us. Some of our own loved ones may be that liberal that loves/ loved her and will come running into your arms to weep. Or some may say to themselves, this party lied to us for all these years. All I ask, is to hold them and love them. I am getting ready for the day when my liberal neighbors may bring cookies or pies so they can just talk. They may say, have you known about all of this? Then they will say, why didn’t you warn us? Remember, that party is a party of pointing fingers and blaming others. The simply response is…because you had to find out on your own. You may not have ever believed me.

Then there will be those that will be in so much shock and they will be embarrassed to see you, then try to reach out to them at the right time. Humility will be so important at this time. We have a 3-20 year head start over them. And for Former Democrats that have jumped on the Trump Train, remember how angry you were when you did jump and learned the truth? That is why I believe the Democrats or Former Democrats for Trump are very fierce fighters, because they/we were brainwashed and we got angry.

President Trump has been giving us so many signals and warnings during his briefings and rallies. Lately, he has been very bold and blunt. Even last night, this clip got Cue’d:

Is exposing all of this helping our President get through the finish line…absolutely!


Our Angel Anons have proven themselves so many times. Yes, they are very connected. Months ago, I was told someone that is two degrees from President Trump, found and listened to our broadcast. I did not believe that person (because we have been told things like this so often, yes), then the channel doubled in size within 30 hours and when I have a bad day broadcasting, one will reach out to me in confidence. They have shared photos of the oval office that is not found anywhere, they share links that I share with you. They share so much. Now, our Angel Anon has provided such solid information about the QFS, GCR and swamp rats. Just a couple of weeks ago, an Angel Anon warned us to get ready and no arrest happened, but 33 other big booms happened that week including the news about RBG.

When our Angel Anon speaks, I listen. They have never let us down. Then I either celebrate or I cry because it is overwhelming. So when you see dancing bears or squirrels, or a crazy tweet know that I am getting great information.

I do the best I can and because of you, they are listening and watching! WE LOVE YOU ANGEL ANON!!! They are humans so when you say hello to them, that will bring a smile to their faces! They are certainly working so hard to bring the ultimate smiles on our faces.


Big named Swamp Rats begins to go PUBLIC; then Trump’s numbers are reported by November 1, 2020; then the Election but remember Cue has posted “This is not another 4 year election”; then the GREATNESS PLAN. Many people are stating dates and we do not rely on dates. I am told that QFS for the debt forgiveness rolls out at the VERY VERY end of the year and the roll out takes time so it rolls into next year. The initial roll out is less than 3 months from now!

QFS is separate from the Global Currency Reset (GCR) and that is separate from NESARA. While each 3 elements are essential, they are all three interdependent of one another. QFS is our new Digital Banking system. Global Currency Reset is the Gold Backed Dollar. NESARA…well that has 20 beautiful components in it that will change our lives and world. NESARA first then GESARA (Global). We are witnessing the process of NESARA right before our eyes! Some people say I am talking crazy talk, say what you want, the acts of our President; the miraculous peace deals; the random debt forgiveness; the SBA loans that were getting funded so quickly; the new judges; the banks having a shortage of coins and cash; the cures and therapeutics that POTUS keeps talking about; Constitutional law and government as shown by the 1776 Commission; the take down of the cabal; the Federal Reserve now under the Treasury control; and so much more. These are not normal circumstances, these are all signs of NESARA in the works. I have been told that NESARA has not been officially announced, but the inner workings of NESARA has been in the works for awhile. Most of all, NESARA is about helping Humanity! That is the most beautiful part of NESARA. When we live in a world that is no longer controlled by the corrupt, that is the first step of humanity! I cannot wait!!!


Our President has referred to Transition to Greatness and the only way NESARA / GESARA could fully roll out is when the BIG BAD guys are done/gone/dealt with. They will not have any of this greatness. They will soon sit in their community room watching TV and see us celebrating, while they rot in their 8×8 cell. While we are helping humanity every day, because we can!

Our President has repeatedly said, “The Best is Yet to Come” and that indeed is what I look forward to the most!

Thank you President Trump, our DOJ, our Military, Cue/GCR/QFS/ NESARA Teams, ANGEL ANONS!! Truly you are the best we’ve ever had!


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