invitation to join the divine union worthiness ceremony ~ October 4, 2020

Editor’s Note: This message is intended for all who read my blog reassuring all that the moment for discovering/accepting/revitalizing your “worthiness” to be in a twin flame relationship is NOT connected with any external support.

Inner guidance from your own Magnificent Heart will lead your involvement in a twin flame relationship which is rather conferred through Who You Are. Yes, indeed…these are the times for twins to join adding their own magnificent “high vibes” to those of the human collective consciousness.

Loook within for your own answers, trust your own intuition, and watch the Universe lead you on your own path as a Quantum Being leading to your own…

Quantum Joy!


Dearest brothers and sisters,

I am sending out this email to all of you to let you know that tonight I will be facilitating an extremely important ceremony, not only for us all personally and individually but for the entire collective.

as we all know the fifth dimensional Ascension timeline is intricately Connected to the successful number of twin flame unions which have anchored onto the earthly plane.

 This is because the twin flame template holds the stabilised frequency of paradise and bliss and this is the trump frequency which will lift the third dimensional collective into the fifth dimensional paradise timeline, therefore it is so important that we all do the necessary work to clear What ever is blocking us from manifesting these divine unions.

 as I mentioned in my previous invitation email it is possible for us to do this work on an individual level but due to the incredible stickiness and depth of this false program it has been advised that we work in a large global group setting in order to support each other with the removal of this lie forever.

I will now include the invitation to join this event below

Dearest brothers and sisters,

the universe has decreed a vast number of true twins soul divine consorts come into union from now to the monumental 21st of December new age threshold point, I was shown that the main issue that is blocking The vast majority of these unions is the false belief that one is not worthy to be in a sacred and eternal relationship with the true divine consort, the best friend of ones soul.

The third dimensional matrix has been able to ensure that the unworthiness program has penetrated very deep into the subconscious mind of the personal individual and of the collective, and therefore it is absolutely imperative that we do this ceremony in order to support us all individually as well as the entire collective to fully and completely remove this false program entirely forever from the Earth matrix grid.

We will be working with the higher self of our ancestral lineage- our ancestors that first took on this false program, we will be clearing it via seven generations behind as well as from our own vessel/ consciousness.

Once the false program has been removed we will work with the higher self of 144,000 ordained holy grail twin soul contracts to align with the true god codes of remembrance of ones selfworth, remembrance of one’s inherent sovereignty,and remembrance of one’s heritage as mother-father God‘s son or daughter.

We will work with the power of the group consciousness to empower the transformation in each of us individually this is why we have been guided to do this work in a large group setting as opposed to a one-on-one setting this is needed right now to add the necessary momentum to clear this dark sticky program forever from humanity is beautiful consciousness.

The cost to take part in the ceremony is £33 there is a concessionary price of £22 for those that are not working I will also offer a pay it forward option which will give those of you who are very abundant the opportunity to pay it forward for your brothers and sisters who do not have the necessary abundance at this time.

The ceremony will take place at 20.00p.m. UK time on Saturday the 3rd of October 2020..

for those of you who are not on Facebook and are unable to join the secret group please message me and I will send you the Zoom link.


Jen Mccarty

please click the pdf to book, or use this link to book your place in the ceremony

as soon as you sign up you will receive a pdf with all instructions to join the fb group and i will email you the zoom link if you are not on facebook.

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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