Quantum Energy Expansion and Support ~ October 1, 2020

Editor’s Note: Below, Lisa speaks of that oh-so-important point in this process of spiritual Ascension…that point being a total shift in our consciousness! This means dredging deep for those feelings we are all so familiar with – those moments of emotional dread and fear prompted by belief in the 3D world we are all too familir with.

Little did we know that these dreadful feelings we come to know and despise in reality program those very circumstances to reappear over and over again in our lives dredging up circumstances we would rather not see.

So…please read below, learn to recognize all the positive things in your life focusing on those with your Magnificent Heart, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Aloha Be-YOU-ti-FUL Soul-Star-Light BEings in form!
  When I started my own journey/path/experience, I had no clue about any of this. I was one of the strongest and weakest at the same time, because I lived from immense duality and separation consciousness inside of me, without expanded awareness that I was living from deep programming of “what reality was”, which was an extremely distorted version of all, because this is what 3D Old Earth is….

With all Ascension journeys, everything comes into play. Absolutely Everything. There’s not one “stone left un-turned” as we each go deep deep deep within and start to vibrationally align ourselves and our own whole lives. Not only is this process completely life-changing, it’s path altering and life-shifting in every way as well. It’s a re-prioritizing of everything and a vast restructuring/realignment process, as NEW Earth has a completely different Value/Operating System than old earth realities did.

The turning point for me, was when I stopped fighting my own Light/”Higher Self”/Soul and released my own inner-resistance and all preconceived notions that I understood/knew anything at all. I came to understand/realize/see that it was my own human ego aspect that was my own separation, my own dualism and the aspect of me that held out for some semblance of “control”, finger pointed/judged/blamed everyone else, which just exacerbated my own reality collapses, because my own heart was welded shut and always in this perception that everything “out there” was a threat. This mentality/inner belief system that I had running was what caused me to always be in protection/fight/flight/fear-based mode (zero trust), which meant my mind was fixed/closed/rampant, which meant that I was bound to never-ending loop cycles (karmic timelines) as a response to this. I was on “holding on so tight” to a mirage, an illusion of what I “thought” reality was, as well as functioning from immense distortions that only became visible as my own heart opened fully and completely to REMEMBER EVERYTHING again. Once I allowed my whole being/self to expand and shift to a completely different dimensional place/space inside, I was able to view all from completely different perspectives and accept things my ego aspect didn’t want to, let go of things my ego aspect didn’t want, do things my ego aspect didn’t want, because there was a “new me” present and “in charge”.

I share this, because “on the other side” of all of that inner-fight, duality and chaos (separation programming) is a whole new reality for us all. It truly represents pure HEAVEN…. literally, because we’ve dissolved/resolved all of that inner struggle, fight and resistance to PURE PEACE, PURE LIGHT and PURE LOVE and we’ve given ourselves PERMISSION to accept an entirely NEW REALITY that is simple and not complicated like before. We each were the ones “in the way” of having this absolutely beautiful EXPERIENCE (and new life), because our minds/fight/survival modes bound us to the old “karmic cycles” that only dissolve when we allow them to. We were the ones making excuses, found/listed every reason against and fought tooth and nail to hold onto the “old ways” that we “believed” into realness…. and we were the only ones that could open up to allow a full body/full consciousness/energy shift.

WE each are the ONES that have to do the deep deep deep inner exploration/work in order to expand through our own wide open hearts to be able to shift to a much “higher” level of Consciousness than our human-ego-aspect was. The “reward” is un-explainable in human words… we can only describe and share our own experiences while Living Our Own Light fully, which Lights the Way for us all.

The “work” means going so deep within ourselves that nothing is hidden and that we don’t turn a blind-eye to what’s going on inside of us anymore. It means we are not fighting ourselves, judging ourselves and resisting/suppressing those FEELings that are ready to emerge/come forth from within. It means opening up to all NEW, as within that “new” (human aspects call this the unknown, yet it’s actually quite the opposite)… is NEW opportunities, new possibilities, new potentials, new ideas, new visions, new adventures, new experiences, new choices and new decisions to make… that go completely beyond the old 3D (Old Earth) perceptions/constructs of what “reality” is….

This is not a “thing” to fear or shy away from, yet something we instead fully embrace. Once we get the hang of it, we actually inJOY it, as breaking our own programs/programming brings NEW FREEDOM and activates DREAM REALITY CODES (NEW EARTH) that were “hidden” (encoded) within our own Light BEing DNA.

Photonic Light (aka Ultra-High Frequencies) activate these NEW CODES for all of us. We do have to be WIDE OPEN to all of this, otherwise we resist and inner-fear with this very important acceleration/upgrade process. As we embrace fully, we each start to find shifting so much easier and start to reclaim our natural powers/gifts/abilities for shifting entire timelines/realities ourselves.

All of our NEW Earth realities will ask that we each step up to create all anew, bring into form, build and support the implementation of all new programs and systems that empower humanity in all new ways, completely different than everything was before. This means the formation of all new relationships, the Union of all in Service and as Pure Light,  the anchoring of immense Light Codes within our bodies/realities and the application of all new “rules” relative to humanitarian templates aligned with Source Consciousness/12D.

Part of the shift from 3D/4D to 5D+, is moving from Linear Consciousness to Quantum States of Consciousness from deep inside (and with our whole body/BEing) and by making the necessary changes for shifting timelines with our entire body/lives. This means each of us shifting from our head to our pure hearts to open up inner portals to NEW EARTH REALities which naturally and organically unlocks encoded knowledge within our own DNA.

NEW EARTH IS A LIVING DREAM REALITY vibrationally available to everyone through their own Pure Heart Connected Consciousness. Every now moment will present each with a choice of which dimensional timeline to anchor/hold/experience, which is affected by way of each’s vibration, energy, focus, level of Consciousness and acts.

The ego aspect perceives NEW Earth completely differently than all actually is. This is because it can only be understood through actual experience of living through our own pure heart connection and seeing everything from a much more expanded view. This expanded vision gives each new capabilities to realign entire realities on a Soul Level instead of a human ego one.

NEW EARTH is a living Unity-Based Reciprocal Consciousness. It’s transmitted out by each one of us through our own Light, while showing up as kindness, generosity, compassionate, caring, respectful Energy that treats all with the utmost respect. Yes, you/we see deep heavy duty programming, yet through Full Consciousness, we each also have the ability to bring this into Light/Visibility in order to break down, dismantle, dissolve, resolve, unify and shift to a much higher state of Consciousness, therefore shifting the entire belief/mentality/reality/energy to a completely different one.    A Total Shift in Consciousness means a total and complete shift in “reality”, a total shift in perceptions, a total shift in focus, priorities and what we align with as well. This total inner-shift in Consciousness is how we each open up access to all new timelines and the realities that we often refer to as “Our NEW EARTH”. It’s a new, improved and updated/upgraded version that honors each as a SOUL, while the old stifled, suppressed and did everything possible to minimize and diminish this. Our NEW Celebrates the beautiful energy of all of our LIGHT, all that we each have to offer through Unification, Pure Presence and Pure Hearts. It takes the best of all and combines it, redistributes all differently, as well as opening up vast opportunities for each to explore all new realities/ways that are completely different than the old.    

NEW: I’ve recently completed a September-December Energy Focus and included a gifted new Special Quantum LightBody DNA Activation Recording for all in resonance to utilize in shifting and clearing out Old Earth programming held/housed within the physical body template still. Here’s the main page link to access these (and other new articles) as well. ♥

p.s. If you want to keep up with that which I share to support, keep an eye on my website as all of my gifted offerings and updates are posted there. My Light Letters are an additional opportUNITY to receive directly via email. You may sign up here if this speaks to your heart too. 

Thank you for your own Beautiful Light and for bringing more love to the planet through your own presence and conscious acts too.  It’s beautiful and exciting to see so many stepping up/forth to implement and facilitate great change, to uplift and share and unite to  accomplish new realities, new programs, new systems and new ways that support humanity as a greater whole too. ♥
Keep Embracing, Honoring, Building, Shining and Sharing Your Light as Love,

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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