ENERGY UPDATE. . . October 1, 2020

Ra James

We are in the Eye of the Storm. This is the third day in a row we have been in a Massive Stream of Ascension Energies. This Energy really will continue to build up towards tomorrow’s Full Moon In Aries. This Full Moon is the Harvest Moon and is bringing some Powerful Energy with it. The Harvest Moon is aligned with the power of the Equinox. We also have a ton of Solar Winds hitting us right NOW. The LIGHT CODES are continuing to pour in. These Geomagnetic Storms, we are in NOW, are having quite the effect on the Earth’s Magnetic Field. Let’s just say this Energy is making things more Magnetic. This means we are Manifesting whatever we are thinking about going through these SHIFTS. Just BE Mindful that we have a lot coming up within the shadow as we are moving through these Energies. We have more Healing to do and we have the perfect Alignments to help us do just that. Expect some Massive UPGRADES over the next couple of months. The rest of 2020 will BE to prepare us for December’s Solstice EVENT. This Full Moon in Aries is also conjunct Chiron. Chiron is the wounded Healer and may BE digging around in your past or in your family connections. Expect any old wounds to surface. We are going to continue to Purge and Release a lot as the Energies continue to Go Up. The negative is Clearing, and this goes for People to. TRUST the process if People are leaving. The Masculine is also going through a lot of Upgrades and Clearing within the Solar Plexus as we still have Mars Retrograde. There is a lot of Karma Clearing and you may be feeling it in the Astral or in the Dreams that you’re having. Pay attention to the things that are surfacing. Emotions may be running High with this SHIFT so it’s a good time to Chill Out and integrate your Upgrades. We are going through some Massive LIGHT-BODY and DNA Upgrades right NOW. We have some amazing Energetic SHIFTS ahead of us as we shed September and step into October. On the 2nd Venus enters Virgo. This will BE a Powerful SHIFT for any LightWorkers or StarSeeds. This Alignment will BE Reminding you that you are Here for Service. The theme this week will BE SELF-CARE… Helping Others… and Stepping Fully into your Purpose.


Harvest Moon~Powerful Elements

We have a Full Moon In Aries this week.This is the Harvest Moon, and one of the more important Moons of the year. The Energy is still so HIGH from the Equinox too.The Energy has sort of reached a tipping point. Things are about to get intense Energetically as we wrap up 2020.This Energy is preparing us for the SHIFT into 2021.Thursday’s Full Moon In Aries is its own anomaly, it’s one of two Full Moons this month.We also have a second Full Moon In Taurus on The 31st. This second Full Moon will also be a rare Blue Moon.These are some powerful elements. We had a Massive Wave of Ascension Energies come in last night.We can also expect a ton of Solar Wind today too, as we continue to move through this Geomagnetic storm.We are for sure feeling the effects of these incoming Solar Flares.We are going through some Massive Upgrades and many are feeling these changes physically.The Energy may be a little dramatic this week too. We also have Aries Chiron Rx, and Aries Mars Rx so we will BE feeling the fire this week.We have had a lot of Planets Shifting in and out of retrogrades this year, which has been affecting the flow of Energy.It’s been pushing us to go deeper within. Emotions may be running High as Aries is a powerful Energy.It represents the Indigo StarSeed. It’s a Warrior Archetype, meant to bring Change.Powerful Manifesting Energy. It’s Time to really get Creative.We have a lot of work ahead of us. This Full Moon In Aries will bring with it some Massive Bursts of Energy.We are also entering the darker part of the year. This energy will take us through and past the veil.It’s an amazing time for receiving Messages. Pay attention to your dreams and the things your seeing.We also have some awesome Meteor Showers going on the next couple of weeks.October will bring the Draconids Meteor Shower and the Orionids Meteor Shower.Expect some amazing Energies and Shooting Stars to come with both of these.Since we have two Full Moons, and a Super New Moon this month the theme is Cleansing and Purging.We have a lot to continue to Heal and Release.We are going through a Massive Expansion so really take care of your SELF right NOW.This Energy is bringing with it a Powerful Transformation. Ra James


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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