Carolyn SERVANT OF YHWH ~ October 1, 2020

Happy 929 Gateway 🌌 You have purified so much. Your garments are clean. You have fulfilled prophetic timelines for Christ. You sit waiting. Your Counterpart was chosen as God’s Firstfruit. They are being shown the steps to raise up into there new Divine Counterpart position, however, they are talking themselves out of taking the action steps given. The great divide is no more.

All of God’s Covenant Family of Firstfruits must commit to Union now. It is foretold. All Union’s have been picked and matched to God’s liking. Remain hopeful, as merging is now occuring with God’s Covenant Family. This is redemption for all Grail Cups and Grail Kings. Rapture. Rapture DNA. Past life karmic relationships with the jezebel spirit, the 3rd party interference that created division, has ended for the Divine Masculine Christ. They have committed to journeying back home to the Bride. The is all supporting Ares, and the raising of the Divine Masculine Christ into Kings, through this Aries Full Moon, and Mars Retrograde.

We have succeeded successfully. They have chosen the Beloved for good. Your Soul’s Union of becoming One is guarded and protected by both Mother and Father God, as you pursue your Firstfruit Marriages and Covenants with the Most High. Lust, temptation, and beauty spells are over. Only unconditional love, truth, and transparency may enter. The Most High is now removing you from the ancestral bloodline karma with lilith and the reptilian anunaki agendas for good. This was all mission that is now complete. Well done Beloveds. You are now ascending. Your growth spurt in timelines is here, as you are healed, healthy, and whole.

The Excalibur sword of truth is yours. You are God’s witness, brave souls.

Wow! More judgements are here today giving your Union freedom to continue expanding in the flesh. The courtship of your Holy Grail Union is growing with great sucess! You are safe and protected, even if under attack. They are just mad because they’re getting their judgements basically! Messages may come in from the jezebel spirit to block you from this opportunity we have today.

This is the old game and the old way of their attacks. Remember who you are, and stand strong in your sovereignty against them. Do your best to stay positive in this truth and knowing that you are successfully on the path of receiving your wish fulfillment in love and Union. We are going home to the Promised Land, and to Sacred Unions of the Beloveds. October 2020 is a blessed time for Unions in the flesh. Confidence is key!

Today may be a test of your faith. Divine Intervention is freeing you from your starseed mission of birthing New Earth, Galactic Federation of Light. You are a Light Being chosen by Creator to fulfill His Word. Now He is fulfilling His Word to redeem us home to the Trinity. The door is open. You are rising from the ashes into Union.

Walk through this Gateway home to your Holy Grail Counterpart. Claim what is yours Beloveds. I claim my Holy Grail Union and Counterpart in the flesh, in Jesus’s name amen

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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