September 29, 2020: History in the Making and in the Waking on Debate Night [videos] ~ Septmeber 29, 2020

Starship Earth: The Big Picture September 29, 2020

Day 35 in the countdown to November 3rd, it’s debate night #1, and the Seventeen Team drops are fascinating, like #4789. See those here.

At the polls, it’s already begun.

TRUMP observers are being blocked entry to all of the satellite voting locations in Philly!! What are they hiding?

— Mike Roman (@mikeroman) September 29, 2020

BREAKING: NYC elections board says nearly 100,000 Brooklyn voters received wrong ballot return envelopes – CNN

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) September 29, 2020

And in Queens…

This is just another example of how disastrous massive mailing voting could be if we don’t pay close attention.

— Newt Gingrich (@newtgingrich) September 29, 2020

And what about General Flynn’s case?



— Qtah (@Qtah17) September 29, 2020

From the Flynn hearing – the most senior DOJ career official in DC attorney office Kenneth Kohl just wrecked – and I mean obliterated, ground into dust, nuked – the potential for any prosecution of Flynn by the government

— Undercover Huber (@JohnWHuber) September 29, 2020

And what the hell was going on with Trump’s former campaign manager Brad Parscale? This is highly suspicious. Something stinks.

Body Cam of Brad Parscale being taken into custody released by Fort Lauderdale PD

— Roscoe B Davis (@RoscoeBDavis1) September 28, 2020

Pesky ghosts still haunt Washington to this day. Is it a crime to impersonate a former Secretary of State?

We know. It was all out in the open.

— Patriot Covfefe (@zoochum) September 29, 2020

Hillary Clinton was behind the entire Russian collusion hoax all along.

The FBI *knew this* and happily partnered with her to take down @realDonaldTrump.

And the media was a willing accomplice.

Let that sink in.

Someone needs to go to prison. #LockHerUp

— Rep. Doug Collins (@RepDougCollins) September 29, 2020

UPDATE: Biden Campaign Agreed Earlier to Electronic Ear Inspection at Tonight’s Debate — BUT NOW HAVE BACKED OUT OF AGREEMENT!

Word on the street is that @JoeBiden got tonight’s debate questions in advance – per @KXEL1540

— toddstarnes (@toddstarnes) September 29, 2020

It’s hard to believe we’re having the conversation so casually about Joe Biden’s incompetence when the media spent an hour grilling Dr. Ronny Jackson about Trump’s health, age, cognitive abilities, weight, cardio, etc. when he’s obviously in excellent condition—yet they never, ever discuss the feeble-minded, cognitive decline of Joe Biden and his blatant gaps in logic and errant memory.

Former White House Physician Under Obama and Trump Says it is Plausible Biden Takes PEDs

The man’s not all there. Period. Why the pussy-footing around? Why do drugs matter when he’s obviously barely able to function? It’s painfully apparent he is in no way able to fill the role of the most powerful man in the world. It wouldn’t be this geriatric criminal making decisions and negotiating with heads of state it would be a deep state stand-in—another shadow puppet taking orders from the ones who are really running the planet.

The 84 people in total who have attended the Biden live campaign events this summer appear to have similar cognitive shortcomings to their candidate; either that, or a lethal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Is it possible that some people are so entrenched in party lines that they can never think outside them? If so, that’s one potent trance they’re in.

I trust the plan, however. I do believe that two dozen or more major threats to countrymen and state have already been appropriately dealt with by the US military and their tribunals. Justice has been done, and will continue.

What we are seeing is all for show; it’s overly dramatized theatre to get the unsuspecting American public on board so they can see the reality for themselves. They need to see that they’ve been betrayed and hoodwinked for a very long time.

Sanity will reign… eventually.

In the interim, the control freaks will attempt to save their sorry butts by rolling out more control and tyranny.

New York to Doctors: Hand Over Private Patient Information

Bill and Mel Gates; executioners

Keep spreading the truth and exposing the lies.

Melinda Gates Slams Social Media for Spreading ‘Disinfo’

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Canadian Liberal Government is steamrolling the NWO agenda into place regardless of what the People want. They aim to keep the masses brainwashed and thoroughly under the spell of the blarney the bought-and-paid-for legacy media spew.

The Liberal government is moving ahead with its plans to enact government regulation of online media.

According to @mindingottawa, amendments to the 1991 Broadcasting Act are imminent. #cdnpoli

— True North (@TrueNorthCentre) September 28, 2020

Trudeau, not Trump, is the real threat to freedom and democracy

The pedophile task forces are very active and successful.

Operation LeGend results in over 500 arrests, including 37 murder suspects

I stumbled on this little gem on Twitter and had to look verrrrry closely to see confirmation that we are only witnessing a thin veneer of decorum from the Patriots. They get their digs in, LOL. Pointed messages are sent out in many ways. Pelosi isn’t smart enough for subtleties like this; she resorts to overt means like ripping up State of the Union speeches.

— Bryan Roy (@BryanRoyAjax) September 29, 2020

CDC Admits There is No Proof COVID-19 is Airborne Virus and They Have Been Misleading the Public All Along:

— Beverley Johnstone (@hawkmam) September 29, 2020

Now that the ‘rona virus is a non-issue, we have the next “boogey man”. I guess Texans will have to stop drinking water. Belly up to the bar, folks.


This is another fascinating decode from Gene on Spiritually Raw that connects a lot of dots and shows us how the comms are challenging because there are so many possible meanings and dots to connect from just one word, sometimes. It’s a reminder not to take what President Trump says literally. You have to think, and research if you want to know what he is telling us.

GENE DECODE CoVFeFe Mystery Solved! Trump, 5G, 6G-Zeno Effect, Adrenochrome, White Rabbit, HQC, Wall

Signing off for now.  ~ BP

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