Inconvenient Truths-the Outworkings of Karma ~ Septmeber 29, 2020

Editor’s Note: Yes, yes, yes…BE the change you wish to see, NOW more than ever! Imagine what you want, and then see this arrive in your own Quantum field of endless possibilities with your Magnificent Heart, causing you to radiate your energy in…

Quantum Joy!


By Hare in the Moon Astrology

Tuesday September 29 2020

“Sometimes the scariest bridge to burn is the one between you and the person you thought you were” Tanya Markul.After yesterday’s shocking political revelations, after today’s grim milestone of 1 million covid deaths globally and reeling from the increasingly heavy hand of the state removing personal freedoms one by one, it feels like the Men in Black Saturn and Pluto are running a movie called:” Inconvenient Truths-the Outworkings of Karma”.

Even though it makes for painful viewing, its existential remit is to ensure that we get what we need in terms of accurate, relevant and revelatory information, as we finally see the through the Emperor’s new clothes. Expect spikes in terms of fear, fragility, frustration and outrage as the darker global agendas both surrounding and outside of Covid 19 become increasingly apparent.

But, just as it feels as if the darkness is closing in permanently, the heavyweight planets and the tide are beginning to turn, slowly, slowly…. As October begins, we are now just 11 weeks and counting away from the beginning of a more progressive 24 Year Aquarian Era.

Finally, the Unholy Trinity of Saturn/Pluto /Jupiter in Capricorn-the engine of 2020’s great transformation- is now moving direct, to be followed by Mars on November 14th . We have experienced/endured months of retrogrades this year – there was no moving forward until we got the message.Today Lord of Time and Karma Saturn turns forward at 25 Capricorn separating from Pluto and heading towards the exit and Aquarius on December 21st on his last visit Capricorn for 29 years.

On Thursday October 1st the radical Aries Full Moon on Chiron will feel like lancing a boil.

Then on Sunday October 4th, Dark Lord Pluto turns forward on Capricorn 22. From this point on through November and onwards, the centre of power cannot hold.

Choose always to be at Cause, not at Effect, knowing that, no matter what is going on around you, you always have choices. Align yourself you with the incoming Aquarian Resonant Timelines which are all about living from Self, Core and Personal Power .You don’t have to go out and make things happen. You don’t have to create change. Change in the form of Chaos is the currency of these times and already exists in abundance. Your role is to channel the flow of change. And you do that by weaving into your life, day by day, the changes YOU want, the new ways only YOU can imagine.

Start by insourcing everything you’ve been outsourcing and de-conditioning yourself. By experiencing a new reality, in which you can be free and still live in a world that is not yet free. Engage with the world but on your own terms.

Learn to use your unique “Online” windows to create the New and “Offline” times to uncreate the OldBe very be discerning about which stories or spells you support as everything on all levels is being amplifiedWalk away from reinforcing the spells of the old illusion with your words, attention, thoughts, and especially your emotions. You know better .New! Be prepared for October’s unprecedented astrology: Pluto Direct + 2 Full Moons + a Super New Moon + Mercury Retrograde!!Sign up to my October 5D Report:” Disclosure, Dismantling and Disentangling” at:******

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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