September 28, 2020: The Way to Win the War—Lies, Lies and More Lies? [videos] ~ September 28, 2020

Starship Earth: The Big Picture September 28, 2020

With 36 days remaining in the countdown to the election, we can see the activity ramping up. The left gets more vicious, the right more awake, vocal,  and taking more counter-actions. The first debate is tomorrow. How the hell are they going to pull that off? Get your popcorn. This is quite the show, as our favourite Anon said it would be.

Joe Biden is telling the American people in one of his ads that 1,000 people per day die of the coronavirus in America and the President has failed to protect the nation. Outright lies. Almost NO ONE dies of the coronavirus—particularly now that we know Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, Azithromycyn, Ivermectin, and other medications clear up the lung conditions very quickly. Various doctors have developed their own protocols and shared them, but of course Themtube and Twitter have been busy removing as much as possible.

We now know that at least some of the tests were faulty, tainted, too sensitive, and testing for something nearly all of us have in our bodies as Humans if we’ve ever had a cold. Testing “positive” doesn’t mean you’re sick, infected, or contagious with any disease. There is no reason to restrict healthy people from living their lives as normal. None whatsoever.

This is the total number of people who have died from COVID-19 in DC, MD, VA

Survival rates are over 99.997%

Dig into the numbers via @HeritageDataViz

— Lyndsey Fifield (@lyndseyfifield) September 28, 2020

The tyranny is off the charts as they attempt to stifle the truth about the fake pandemic, the SCAMDEMIC that is the coronavirus aka amped up common cold.

You may remember Dr. Shöning from the freedom rally in Berlin a few weeks ago where over a million people came out to protest the extreme measures supposedly to counteract a cold virus, who says…

It is not a medical pandemic, it is political pandemic.

Here’s a communication he wrote and delivered live to the People in English as part of a transcript from a panel of several doctors who met on June 20th to address the situation.

He was arrested in London on Saturday where he spoke to large crowds. A video interview with Schöning on his release follows.

German professor arrested after speaking at Anti-Mask rally in London

Dr Heiko Schöning Arrested in Hyde Park

I suggest taking 10 minutes to listen to this message of unity and encouragement. On October 10th (10-10-2020) there will be an even larger peaceful gathering in Berlin. He doesn’t speak only of the virus, but links it to the coming “financial reset”. He knows what’s going on and has really put himself out there. It’s wonderful to finally have the doctors speaking out on the sham of the coronavirus and more as they have a lot of credibility with the public.

Heiko Schöning after his arrest in London

You may also wish to visit They can’t shut him up, either.

Take a look at what has been unfolding across the pond. This is the reality, but I don’t think you’ve seen it on CNN, have you? Less than 2 minutes, but there is the truth. It would be so much easier if the police would just do what’s right and side with the People. We must all choose our side.

Bloodied heads in the UK amid coronavirus restriction protests in Europe

In Canada, the Doug Ford regime in Ontario is holding their press conference and telling the people about “undulating waves” that are coming and all the experience they now have after the “first wave”, while Ontarian miscreants DEFIED the rules and went to a car rally this weekend. OMG. Clearly, the control freaks are losing their grip. They put hundreds at risk! Shameful, considering the DIRE warnings issued. Boo-hoo!

Global National: Sept. 27, 2020 | Hundreds attend car rally in Ontario, ignoring restrictions

So, the OPP are bound and determined to hold accountable a few heathens who didn’t socially distance and went out on the weekend and had some fun, rather than directing resources to a proper investigation of the massacre that took place in April of 2020 in Nova Scotia involving the death of one of their own. I’ve never heard such BS in my life as in that video above. Canada’s establishment is beyond the pale at this point. Truly disgusting—and I’m glad I don’t live there.

There are a lot of protestors in Spain. Looking back, people are going to be embarrassed that they wore masks at all. I would be, at least. Haven’t worn one yet. Hubby’s going home for Christmas for a last hurrah in the family home before it’s sold now that Maman is gone. I’m staying here. I won’t be party to that tyranny. If the People allow it, it could go on into 2021 regardless of what happens here in the States because people believe the media lies and they’re far worse than here in America.

Spain: Residents of Vallecas protest against COVID-19 management in Madrid

It’s an information war, and information is a weapon. A lethal weapon. Information can and has lead to death, and so can the withholding of information. The tyrants in this construct have wielded that weapon ruthlessly and fiercely protect it. The Patriots use it against them, however—and very skillfully, I might add.

Our personal armour of knowledge should help to protect us from the onslaught, but it takes time to develop that armour and “fake news” (propaganda) is so prevalent.

Here in Arizona the political ads show Mark Kelly acting like it was his idea that medical bills have been sprung on people without telling them how much they will have to pay. President Trump is the one who set up a committee to examine the corrupt practices of the medical industrial complex including the insurance companies, to bring fair pricing on drugs and to force hospitals to publish their pricing so patients can “shop around” and not be taken by these greedy shysters who think nothing of profiting grossly from sick people.

The dimms are putting out ads attacking Republican Martha McSally, saying she has tried to eliminate insurance coverage for people with pre-existing health conditions, which is simply not true. They have no shame about outright lying to the American People.

How desperate are they to keep us from knowing the truth? Take at look at this commentary from researcher Jim Stone. He suggests that this NEW (original) footage from the attack on the Twin Towers in Manhattan on 9/11 is being used to distract from the hundreds or even thousands of election ballots discarded. Sounds right.

Extreme Truth can be a weapon used by the enemy when the chips are down and they got nuthin’ else. If you haven’t looked at the massive dump of ballots and heard Jim’s opinions on the coverup, it’s worth a few minutes.

Look Ma, no plane!


James Corbett has two articles directed at the newly awakened about conspiracy theory and “false flags” like the 9/11 attack, the Boston Marathon Bombing, and Sandy Hoaks (sp. intentional)—where not one child died.

He provides sound guidance if you’re looking for pointers to find your way through the jungle of information and disinformation and discusses the mechanics of false flag events.

A Message to New “Conspiracy Theorists”

When False Flags Go Viral

Within Humanity at large, unrest is widespread and the People of Peru have been protesting in Lima this past weekend.

Peru: Hundreds hold anti-govt protest in Lima

We see protests in Italy as the People make their dissatisfaction known to the government.

Italy: Students, teachers protest against school shortcomings in Rome

The President has no grass growing under his feet and continues to protect the American People and their children.

Did you see the President’s tiffany blue tie again on Saturday night? That’s the second time this week. It was almost an Arizona sky blue, from my perspective here in the desert.

Trump Signs Executive Order Blocking Taxpayer Dollars From Federal Contractors Promoting Critical-Race Theory Training

Yup. They’ve declared war on America—and Christianity—and don’t try to hide it. We’re past that point. It’s all out in the open. Domestic warfare.

Biden Islam Campaign Ad

America is waking up quickly now and in Beverly Hills this past weekend the People held another Trump peace march. There were a lot of happy people there. Quite the juxtaposition in these gatherings compared to the angry ANTIFA/BLM mobs full of hatred.

Another Peaceful Trump Rally in Beverly Hills – Your Thoughts?

This is Hawaii. Blue state Hawaii

— shannon Text Trump 88022 (@thewriterme) September 26, 2020

As predicted, it’s going to get a lot uglier, folks. Law and Order will ultimately prevail, but when the damage has already been done, it’s too little, too late. These programmed bots are less ethical than animals. There’s no telling what they will do. Always be aware of your surroundings.

UPDATE: BLM Activist Who Drove Her Car Through Trump Supporters in Yorba Linda is Arrested and Charged with Attempted Murder

This is an interesting discussion with a real minister going by the name Pryme Minister on the Spiritually Raw channel. PM said he had important information to drop and wanted to do it on their show, specifically. Will October SEVENTEEN be a day of note—an “October Surprise”? We’ll see in a couple of weeks. Not all of us would be surprised.

He tells us that the Twitter account HS Retoucher belongs to JFK (Jr), and why under that particular moniker.

PRYME MINISTER, JFK Jr, Fusca, Valiant Thor, Mark of Beast, Christ, UFO, Illuminati, Galactic Beings

In this update from Paladin of the White Hats Report, he sets the record straight on a document he recently shared, and afterward gets into the validity of Charlie Ward, Charlie Freak, and the “new King of England” scam.

Correcting the Record

Law Enforcement is doing their job. Criminals all over America are being arrested.

The U.S. Marshals Service announced the arrests of 140 “violent fugitives” during a gang enforcement sting in Phoenix, #Arizona.

— NTD News (@news_ntd) September 28, 2020

Some criminals still appear to be free, but things are not what they seem.


Project Veritas undercover cameras find purchase in the democratic party AGAIN, and what do you know—it’s Ilhan Omar, hard at work. The only way they can hope to keep their seats is to cheat. It’s that simple. Thinking people can see that. America must vote RED all the way to keep these treasonous plants from the Obama administration out of office. The coverage below is from The New York Post.

Project Veritas uncovers ‘ballot harvesting fraud’ in Minnesota: Devine

This is a very long post so I’m going to close now. Man your battle stations, folks.

Just at press time we saw another fire burning nearby. It’s in the same place as ten days ago when they closed the highway and we thought it might be the homeless people at fault. I recall that it’s also the same place I saw two, big puffs of dust rising from the desert after I heard very loud explosions nearby a year or so ago. I never saw any evidence of explosions or any disturbed soil over there afterward. Very curious.  ~ BP

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