Rick Jewers ~ September 28, 2020

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As You are witnessing, the Crown Chakra Opening Event that occurred on Sept 22 is revealing many confirmations that a significant raising of consciousness and reality, has come to be. With these Crown Chakra Upgrades, also came a new found higher power and ability that is felt by You NOW and accessible by You Now. 

 It is Creators will to advance humanity into a joyous free existence in a very Divine Timely manner, which involves steps to be carried out by You, of which the steps are delivered to You through Your guidance. With this Ascension, it is ALSO Divinely assured, that You, are empowered with gifts and abilities that are above anything on the surface, to get this job done. Many of You were shown that You could not be killed, when it was time, to eliminate Your fear and rise in Your Divine Power upon the surface, to carry out Your mission, in Unity with the growing numbers of Others. Many of You were kept from each Other or even knowing each Other, for important strategic Divine reasons, until the time was right, to Unite, that time is also NOW. 

 Very rapidly, the old government systems fall that are upon the surface as the Light Forces, the Ground Crew bring forth the NEW TEMPLATE for humanity, to rapidly advance forward into what the majority of the planet desires, the eradication of what is considered slavery and intentional hardship, that was created by the governments to keep humanity in a state of misery and lack, to better control them and prevent them from reaching their true right and potential. It is futile for any resistance  by any government to what is occurring, and with resistance comes a great wrath upon themselves, which involved perpetrating the crimes to violate Universal Law, then the sentence for them to live out. For they judge themselves through their choice, that only leaves a sentence that they created for themselves. They have been Divinely warned many times, yet they chose not to believe, Now their confirmation is upon them, and they will know. 


 You are to continue focusing fully on going forward, events are occurring very rapidly and this unprecedented time of miracles will increase, as many of You are performing Divine miraculous feats NOW and ALL will know that You are here, where the irrefutable confirmations of Your Divine Prowess will be witnessed by ALL of Humanity. 

 This planetary Ascension is imminent, nothing prevents it, it is the WILL OF PRIME CREATOR AND ALL OF YOU. 

 An army a million strong, is no match for One of You, for You are the will of Creator, and all things less, are powerless against You. Stand in Your Divine Trust and impress Yourself, of Your Divine abilities when You do so, You ARE MORE POWERFUL in this NOW, than You ever have been, and You are fully supported by the various Divine Energies which are dominant here in Your present reality, when You fully trust and are into that aligning knowing. You ARE immortal. 

The power to the People is fully restored shortly after Dec 22, things will rapidly unfold in this favor between now and then, as more Awaken constantly. You are in the most blissful unprecedented time on Earth. All of Your seeds have grown, more seeds are constantly planted, and it is time to harvest the first crop.

Love and Light 
Rick ❤

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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