Your Sunday Digest for September 27, 2020: New Kew & Exploring Our Reality [videos] ~ September 27, 2020

Starship Earth: The Big Picture September 27, 2020

In 37 days—just over a month—America will re-elect Donald Trump as their President—and it won’t be pleasant, unfortunately. When America and the world should be celebrating, the satanic El-ites will be making Earth hell, any way they can.

See the latest mil intel drops here.

Sarah Westall interviewed Harley Schlanger and former senator Col. Black recently because they say the scuttlebutt is that the psychopaths and their military/former military contractors and lobbyists are scheming to pull off a “military coup” when President Trump fails to step down in January before he can be inaugurated.

What does that say about their plans to hijack another election? They talk like it’s in the bag. Just how many ships with millions of ballots in their hold are there? LOL

We understand the deep infestation of the military, the SES, all the agencies, and have heard threats about a coup and the fact they may try a cyber attack and try to take down social media at the very least, or the Internet. We are expecting it, either on a large or small scale—and riots, to boot.

Let’s hope the Patriots have an ace up their sleeve and that the American people will get involved with monitoring the election.

Knowledge is power, and we need to be prepared for anything. You can listen to this interview in two parts at the link.

Sarah Westall: Military Coup! What is Planned & Names Behind the Plan – w/ Colonel Black & Harley Schlanger

As we explore the possibilities resulting from a hunch that we do not reside where we were led to believe, from time to time we encounter fascinating theories about our reality. The CuteTeam has provided truths and clues about many aspects of our world, so why not our home?

The video below is loaded with mind-bending, thought-provoking dot connecting. Perhaps some of this will resonate.

Wouldn’t it be a larf if WE are the “man in the moon”?

This is the referenced channel serving as the basis for this researcher’s work if you wish to explore there.

I find the “Trump as an outsider” angle pertinent as he does not feel like he’s from around here. As I’ve said many times, he’s not “just a guy”. He’s much more. There’s something much bigger than us and our limited Human sensibilities going on here with this invasion or infestation. The situation is so bad, they had to call in the big guns.

In one of his recent “peaceful protests” the President updated us on the wall and said there are wires in it. He said he wouldn’t tell us what they’re for, but they’re there. That corresponds to the intel we’ve had stating that the “wall” is actually armed with protection from some sort of attack, whether originating here, or above. Some think 5G, some say EMPs.

We have seen images of domes over craters on the moon so I don’t find this much of a stretch. Do we accept that the “waters” (plasma) we understand are overhead could be reflecting portions of Earth? A much bigger body than we’ve been told? Crazier things have been proposed. I think anything’s possible in this giant lie we’ve been living. We may not have a handle on what the truth is, but we know what it isn’t.

Does it really come down to “my crater’s bigger than your crater”? Multiple civilizations occupying space on one, massive sphere?

Getting to the REAL and FULL truth will, of course, expose those who claim to have been part of the “secret space program”, having worked on other planets, been super soldiers, astronauts, etc. who told us everything BUT the truth. We knew it was all a distraction. Controlled opposition. Look over here, not over there.

Whoever exposes this colossal psyop will be the target of the control freaks, no question.

Here we have dots connecting to the archer theme Kew referenced when Pelosi spoke of arrows in a quiver. Everything said by the 17 team and others seems to be couched in double meaning and innuendo.

hah, perfect timing.
Guess what @elonmusk tweeted 3 minutes after I started this thread?!


— GitmoChannel (@GitmoChannel) September 26, 2020

Stealth bomber? I’m expecting it. The Earth Alliance won’t leave anything to chance and the Patriots are in control.

Trump made mention of the American military’s air force in a recent speech and the Stealth bomber. He said the difference with our craft is that you can’t see them. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard a really loud jet overhead and when I ventured out to see what kind, there was nothing there. Maybe I was looking in the wrong place.

What if there’s another prosecutor outside of DC assigned by SESSIONS w/ the same mandate and authority as Durham?

Do you know a Stealth bomber is in your airspace before it opens its bomb doors?

What happens to the enemies plans when a Stealth bomber suddenly appears on radar?

— BardsFM 🇺🇸 (@BardsFM) September 27, 2020

I checked in with Laura Walker yesterday as I’ve missed a lot in the past month, and sure enough she had a few updates for us. Here is the one for September 17th – New Moon in Virgo. It’s always interesting to hear the parallels from her astrological prognostications lining up with what actually unfolds… like the fires.

A week ago two small fires spontaneously erupted about a quarter mile from us in the wash. I heard a lot of sirens and when I went out to look for the reason, it was a lot closer than I anticipated. The fires are getting closer and closer to us each time and it’s almost weekly now. Fortunately, all have been controlled by the fire department, but it’s interesting that they erupted on the ground just out of the blue, not far from homes. No lightning. No apparent ignitor. The fires under the ground in Oregon still burn in my mind’s eye.

The world is waking up, no question, and the numbers are growing.

#FreedomRally 🇨🇦………..❤️😊

— HaveWeAllGoneMad (@HaveWeAllGoneM1) September 26, 2020

The Miracles Intel Conference Call is tonight, as usual, with Scott Mowry and the team, for masterful dot-connecting. You can call in and listen at 6 pm Pacific/9 EDT. You can also access the archived call directly following the show, for one week.

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POTUS and SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett

I found it interesting that CNN thought it necessary to “translate” the words of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett. I thought “The law must be applied as written”, was pretty clear, but you know how they love to try to twist the facts and tell the weak-minded what to think.

Americans are sick of the fake news, and they’re saying so. Listen to the video clip at the link below:

CNN Cuts Away as Protesters Drown Out Supreme Court Reporter With “CNN Is Fake News” Chants (Video)

That is one brave lady as I’m sure she and her family were warned about the poo that’s about to be hurled at them from the lunatic left until she is confirmed.

As the CuteTeam has pointed out, what the deep state is doing isn’t really about finding dirt on President Trump, it’s about the circus meant to distract us from learning about the astonishing crimes the shadow government psychopaths have committed. The truth is now coming out faster, on the Bidens, Obama, the Clintons, and the rest.

General Michael Flynn’s attorney Sydney Powell states the truth in no uncertain terms in this video at the link.

Attorney Sydney Powell BLOWS apart the Clinton cover-up

If you’re not up on the framing of General Flynn, this recent short conversation with Scott Kesterson and the general’s brother, Joe Flynn, spells it out. We would love to see the case against Flynn dropped this week, and when it is, the fur will be flying, because as he state, “I am not done” and he knows things that will take down the deep state.

EP133 – Done in 30, An Interview with Joe Flynn

Here’s the latest update from Simon Parkes and this weekend’s Connecting Consciousness show. He’s got a new cat.

He mentions the latest Project Camelot video from Kerry Cassidy, ref. Charlie Ward. I have to wonder why Kerry is working so much with RDS lately. Based on how he has treated Sarah Westall, Dr. Katherine Horton, Kevin Annett, and myself, I won’t listen to anything he has to say or promote anything he’s part of. Once CIA, always CIA, from what I’ve seen.

Simon is telling us there are more “non-Human craft” coming into the Earth’s atmosphere and things that look like asteroids, etc. that aren’t. That is interesting considering the remarks I’ve mentioned recently from the Trump campaign events about “ships”.

If you’re new, we were told a few years ago that the “comet” Ison is not a comet at all, but a ship, as this photo seems to illustrate.

If I remember correctly, Rose of Yellow Rose for Texas channel told us she knows the captain of ISON.

Simon also says there are military exercises ongoing in Arizona, and that there are more tunnels in this state than any other. That’s interesting considering all the fires nearby, some of which seemed spontaneous. A recent one may have been started by “homeless” people camped out on the state land nearby. I’ve spoken in the past about some other mysterious things I’ve experienced within a mile or so of my home that suggest there might be things going on “down there”.

Simon’s intel and perspectives are always interesting and he gets into the “military coup” scenario discussed above. He assures us the true US military are more than capable of dealing with the cabal’s army they have recruited and trained (mercenaries) to prevent Trump from moving forward with his draining of the swamp, and the dismantling of the deep state systems.

President Trump has stated that it won’t be a “transition” it will be a “continuation”. Exactly—but that won’t stop the satanic El-ites from attempting to interfere. Simon suggests it’s a good idea to top up our stores of supplies in case we have a couple of weeks of disruptions to deal with in a few locations. Arizona is a battleground state, no question, and we’re prepared.

Trump 51% (+4)
Biden 47%
Trump 49% (+1)
Biden 48%@washingtonpost/@ABC, LV, 9/15-20

— Political Polls (@Politics_Polls) September 23, 2020

Highly recommended listening here, folks.

2020 09 25 Connecting Consciousness – Simon Parkes

I liked Simon’s closing remarks. Eyes to the skies. No doomsday scenarios permitted, my friends.

This is getting long, so I’ll sign off for now.  ~ BP

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