September 16, 2020: New Juicy Kew & Deciphering the Comms [videos] ~ September 16, 2020

Starship Earth: The Big Picture September 16, 2020

Editor’s Note: Just a thought my friends, as a hospital Laboratory Director, I know a bit about the virus/viral antibody/vaccine cycle. It is far to soon for an antibody to have been developed against COVID-19 unless this has all been developed before the virus appeared.

Hmm…here’s a thought. What if the vaccine being brought forward by Trump actually contains the helpful and proven antidote of Hydroxychloriquine as well as some other helpful vitamins? Hydroxychloroquine is a substance proven to be beneficial for many health conditions, just sayin…

Relax, enjoy the show, stay safe in your shelter, and BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Kew is bringing the PAIN.

You can read all the new Q drops here.

As we approach Election Day (Zero Day), which is 48 days away, we are watching the CV Hoax quotient to see how stringent measures may or may not impact “in-person voting”. The situation is different from state to state, city to city. It’s sheer mayhem as the governing bodies jerk the chains of citizens across the planet.

Here we have a breaking update from the CDC—this, after President Trump stated that there will be a “vaccine” within weeks.

CDC: U.S. should have enough coronavirus vaccine to return to ‘regular life’ by third quarter of 2021

We know not to take the President literally because he is not free to expose the “plan”. I am 110% certain that anything the White Hats and President Trump develop through the military oversight and companies they have a controlling hand in will be safe. I’m not getting a vaccine or any other therapeutic because I just don’t, but there are a lot of sick people in America with compromised immune systems and they might want to indulge in what the President and his medical team have to offer.

As discussed by the President, any remedy developed in the Unites States for the invisible enemy will be for the whole world, not just Americans. I’ll leave it to you to decide if he was speaking of the coronavirus or the real contagion—or both.

Some folks are wondering if there is a link between flu shots and the coronavirus. It’s a valid question since the elderly are the most common ones to get the flu shot and also the most hard hit by CV. James Corbett works from comments left on his website from thinking patriots. Click in the box below to listen to the audio, download it, or watch the video.

#QAlert 9/16/20 This my thread for all #QPosts for Wednesday September 16, 2020. be water
spread fire they are using the cover of sharing water/bringing water to first responders as cover to move around “spreading fire”

Let’s go!!

Consider supporting

— ]intheMatrixxx[ (@intheMatrixxx) September 16, 2020

The CuteTeam has been busy leaving crumbs like this one, below. As I said, Election Night will resolve very little. It will only confirm what we already knew and set off renewed opposition from the psychopaths.

4722 Sep 16, 2020 1:16:59 PM EDT Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 338ebd No. 10668955  Add it all up. 1. Virus 2. Riots [organized _ANTIFA] 3. Fires The ‘Why’: Make no mistake, they will not concede on Election Night. Make no mistake, they will contest this legally in battleground states. Make no mistake, they will project doubt in the election results Make no mistake, they will organize massive riots and attempt Anarchy-99 design Playbook known. Q

One might ask… if the White Hats know what the dark ones will do, why don’t they prevent it? I believe much of it has to do with the wisest and safest way to eliminate the enemy according to The Art of War. It’s not about the battles, it’s about the war. The long game. It involves allowing the enemy to expose their flank, to use up their resources, and tip their hand.

It is impossible to vanquish the infestation on this planet without consequence; without bloodshed or collateral damage. Most of Humanity will be alright, and that is the goal. Allowing the satanic soldiers to follow orders and create chaos is allowing the Earth Alliance to deal with them so they’re not a factor going forward.

When the Earth Alliance knows what the enemy’s strategy is, they have the advantage. They can manipulate them. Trump is a master.

The bedlam and violence is also serving to wake up those who have thus far not grasped what is happening. The situation is being managed, and I believe it’s going very well. We don’t want fear, and we don’t want violence, but the People should be sticking up for themselves, protecting themselves and each other as best they can in a calm manner.

The enemy is ruthless and has no regard for Human life. We must be ruthless as well, and do what needs to be done in self-defense. The Dept. of Justice is coming down hard on those who burn flags, destroy property, hurt innocents, and conspire to oppose law and order. Demonic governors and the Devil’s Disciples will be dealt with at the best time for all concerned.

We see mind-kontrolled bots climbing on the hoods of police cruisers and being thrown on their heads. That is exactly how we must respond to their aggressive acts. No quarter. It is unfortunate that the El-ite terrorists weaponized Humans, but they did.

This fight is to the death. Do unto them before they do unto you. If a masked marauder is standing in front of you with a flame thrower, do you wait to pull the trigger on your side arm to see if he’s really going to use it on you? These are difficult questions for sane, peaceful Humans to consider.

This is why we want as many people awake and aware as possible. We need everyone to be mindful of their surroundings at all times. Expect anything.

This explains what’s really unfolding. I’m sure it will make perfect sense when you hear it this way.

Darren Beattie & Tucker Carlson Discuss Color Revolutions & The Plot To Oust President Trump

We have the following warnings specifically from California, but we should all be wary no matter where we live. Guard your children. Never let them out of your sight unless they’re with a trustworthy adult. Train them to protect themselves because skyrocketing child abductions are going unreported anywhere but the independent news community.


(Editor’s Note: Please copy/paste the link below to hear this report from Bitchute)

I want to share this Tweet with two intriguing images. There’s no “forest” here. No “wildfire” roared through these neighbourhoods—yet the homes are dustified… left in ash… like the World Trade Center. What happened to them?

Click anywhere on the box below to launch in Twitter and click the individual images to launch a larger version so you can have a better look. No question, folks. DEWs. Directed energy weapons. From space—or even ground-deployed—but certainly with laser precision. Surgical strikes. How many innocents died not even knowing they were under attack?

— Tony Bitcoin Stark (@KingFromEgypt) September 16, 2020

We showed you how “laser beams” were discovered starting fires in Oregon and California.

Is this now relevant?

The Truth is coming out, bit by bit. Everything that the Patriots have been exposing is being confirmed! …-

— Mark Taylor (@patton6966) September 16, 2020

President Trump is holding a live event in Mosinee, Wisconsin tomorrow, September 17th. There was a link earlier to watch on RSBN, but that link has been deleted. It’s listed as a “livestream” on the Donald J. Trump Events website. This is from the RSB website. Let’s hope this one works when the time comes.

I’m pretty sure this is an important Tweet. How many pilots?

17 pilots & BOOM #Q17

— CJTRUTH (@cjtruth) September 16, 2020

Busy day. Closing for now.  ~ BP

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