Walking Terra Christa ~ September 15, 2020

Pleiadian Goddess Awakening

The Pearlescent Flame is the 10th Ray of Integration of the Masculine and Feminine Divine.

It works within the 4th Dimensional Chakra Grid in the Sacral Chakra.

Pearlescent is a mixture of pinks, greens, blues, yellows mixed with a pure white silvery light. The Golden Etheric City of Aslaanetair looks like a labyrinth with many labyrinths throughout the entire landscape.

The Temple of the Eternal One sits on one large labyrinth with a beautiful river flowing behind its structure. The river is called the River of Flowing Movements.

The city represents finding oneself through the depth of mystery. It is a city that brings forth the ability to bring unity of all consciousness into Oneness – sense the balance of the Mental and Emotional bodies which in the higher frequency is the Masculine and Feminine Divine.

Master Voltar and Lady Valencia bring forth a love vibration that is linked to the creation codes of the Universe. Master Voltar teachings an individual how to change the issues within the masculine self while Lady Valencia brings forth the warmth and love to nurture the Feminine Self. Both of them together elicit qualities of balance within the four-body system as the blending of the Higher Self occurs more naturally with the acceleration of the higher light realms to be infused.


As I walk with the Andromedans, Lord Voltar and Lady Valencia, In the Golden Etheric City of Aslaanetair, Which resides in the Etheric Earth over Sweden, Finland, and Norway; I realize how important it is for me to learn how to be in Oneness, That it just does not happen automatically.

This Golden City is magnificent, As it is one large Labyrinth, With many other labyrinths within the city; It is mountainous with hillsides, There are waterways throughout the countryside, With the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia on its borders. As we walk together through the main Labyrinth, I start to feel more acceptance occurring within me; The color of Pearlescent resides in all of nature, With colors of purples, pinks, yellow, and greens.

I feel the energy running through me; It helps me to feel more balanced within my four-body system. Master Voltar shares with me that the shape of the Labyrinth, Guides me into the right direction, It helps me not to think so much about what I am doing, But just to allow the walk to guide me.

I feel as if I am being blessed with the most Divine understanding, That all I was worried about ceases to exist. We walk around the main temple, The Temple of the Eternal One, There is a massive river that flows behind the structure of the building; We enter the main hall of the temple, I am enamored by the exquisite energies, With a massive altar reflecting the Pearlescent Flame.

I take time to sit and reflect, As the journey I am about to experience, Is going to help me understand from my higher perspective, How important it is for me to just breathe and take in the energies. I hear angelic music flowing through the room, There are other souls doing the same as me; As I sit and allow my breath to take me to an altered stated, I start to feel the sensations of my body, But yet have no desire to move, I just relax and feel my Higher Self flow through my full body system.

I believe that I am calmer than I ever have been before; It is a wonderful experience to feel these energies, As my Sacral Chakra is flowing with my Masculine and Feminine Essence, Starting to work in unison.

It feels good, I desire to have more, So I sit and reflect on the beautiful healing I am receiving. As that is all that matters in this moment. I am ready to learn more of how the Pearlescent Flame, Can help me to become more of what I truly desire.

I am deeply grateful to be in this moment,

Of my Re-Creation. I AM that I AM that I AM Read the entire article:

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