Your Sunday Digest – Part 2 – For September 13, 2020: New Kew & The Agenda Under the Microscope [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture September 13, 2020

They just can’t create enough crises, can they? We shall overcome.

To see the Q drops for today, visit this link, or this one.

Here’s a short one:Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 648bc4 No.10632166
Who benefits the most?
Virus or election?
Lab or nature?
Coincidence or foreknowledge?
Difficult truths.

If you missed it this morning, two LA cops were ambushed by Satan’s minions and subsequently rushed to hospital. This is how the deep state’s mind-controlled bots responded:

Protesters are chanting “WE HOPE THEY DIE” & blocking emergency room entrance as 2 Los Angeles cops are fighting for their lives following ambush in Compton.

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) September 13, 2020

Dave’s X22 Report update gets into many of the issues we’re watching develop over months and days. It’s not easy to stay current, so we appreciate the expert analyses from this master because he picks up older threads and brings them around to the latest developments.

People Are Breaking Free Of The Narrative, For The First They Can See Clearly – Episode 2274b

Just a point of interest…

I find it very interesting the USNS Mercy is docked at Portland right now.

— Brian J. (@BeeJaySee) September 13, 2020

From another master dot-connector… Scott Mowry’s team holds the Miracles Intel Call tonight. Here’s how to listen in at 6 pm Pacific/9 EDT, or to the archived call after the fact.Our conference call line is:Dial-in number (US): (712) 770-4598 Access code: 767664#
International dial-in numbers:
Online meeting ID: scottm6975
Join the online meeting:
Replay Number: 712-770-5402 Access code:  767664# / followed by # again

Backup Number: 425-535-9162

If you encounter any issues with our Miracles Intel Calls please reach out to Free Conference Call Technical Support: (844) 844-1322

Another point begging to be made… about our counterparts who like to ingest certain Human-derived drugs… (adrenochrome)

“white-hats in control”
If the PCR test is ineffective at detecting virus’s, Have you asked yourself why it is being used?
What can it be used to detect/collect?
What do we know about what the d33pstate/vampires/mas0ns like to take?

— Qohn Galt (@QohnG) September 13, 2020

It would explain the mystery as to why they promoted such widespread testing, wouldn’t it? I saw no point to it, but this makes perfect sense. There had to be a good reason for Trump to encourage it.

Have a look at this shocking update from Josh Bernstein.


All over the planet, the natives are restless and know they can no longer sit by and allow the corrupt shadow governments and New World Order to walk all over them.

Yes, the theatre of war is primarily America at the moment, but are the patriots around the world sitting on their tushes waiting to see what will happen in our election?

NO! The People are protesting many kinds of grievances and fighting back hard in their own nations. We have to hit them hard on all fronts. No quarter—and no time to lose. We need to awaken and alert as many as possible.

Two to three thousand COVID-19 sceptics protested in Warsaw on Saturday against the restrictions imposed on citizens by the government amid the ongoing pandemic.

The crowd walked through the city chanting slogans like: “Stop the false

pandemic” and “Take off your mask”.

They blamed media for allegedly lying about the health crisis in the country and around the world.

Police forces gave instructions to organisers but did not intervene during the protest. No arrests have been reported.

Poland: COVID sceptics decry measures in Warsaw protest

Munich now takes up the war cry in Germany.

LIVE: Coronavirus sceptics stage protest in Munich – PART 2

Italy dealt with an unexpected crisis, as well. Have a look at this undetonated WWII bomb that presented.

Italy: Thousands evacuated after WWII bomb found in Palermo

LT at And We Know hit the 360K subscribers. Good job. Here’s today’s outstanding roundup.

9.13.20: Organized CHAOS exposed! NETFLIX exposed! Enemy getting louder!

Mr. MBB gets into the potential for weather problems and says it could get “biblical”, so be prepared.

The crew shared this next video, and people do need to understand that the reason we are still using the internal combustion engine and gas and oil is not because there are no alternatives; it’s because the ruling class want it that way.

They have alternative safe, clean, free energy, but they suppressed technologies and patents so WE would continue to pay through the nose for the energies they control. That is going to end.

It has to be handled thoughtfully and cautiously, however, because it will have a massive impact on so many aspects of our lives. It must be done in a gradual, controlled way.

You might begin by asking a very pertinent question put forth in the following video: Why was the name Nicola Tesla never discussed in our text books and classrooms?

I saw a Twitter post the other day with several shots of Tesla towers dotting the landscape. It’s coming, folks. Free energy. Better technology. Cheap. Efficient. Freedom for Humanity—and it will deal a crushing blow to the greedy, satanic El-ites.

Tesla tower Oklahoma

Tesla tower Russia

Tesla tower Texas

If you’re not aware, President Trump’s Uncle John was a contemporary of Nicola Tesla with access to his research. Coincidence? No. President Trump is a game changer.

UNVEILED: Secrets of the Universe . . .

Perhaps you thought the image in that video of the circle of magnets creating a current was vaguely familiar. It resembles the bottom of “flying saucers” and other space craft, like this one exposed under the ice in Antarctica.

It also resembles the bottom of the “secret space force” TR-3B.

Or a pepperoni pizza. Coincidence?

Back in 2012 we had this article. It’s actually old news, folks, but you’ll not hear about it on the 6:00 news just yet. They have to break it to us gently.

US Air Force’s 1950s supersonic flying saucer declassified

You can see a similar design in the schematic for the Airbus craft in the article below. This is why President Trump continues to speak about the new “space force”. It’s already a reality—and no secret.

FYI—magnets are a marvelous tool for many things. Holistic chiropractors use them to do adjustments in their patients that simply require an “energy” shift within the body. Worked for me! Many don’t understand how it works, just that it does—and marvelously well.

Airbus applies to patent ‘flying saucer’ plane

Learn more about Tesla technology here:

Inventions and Experiments of Nicola Tesla

Here’s another revealing look at technology most Humans are unaware exists—never mind that the control freaks have been using it against us for decades.

No, they do NOT want this getting out because when the masses are aware of the truth, the jig is up and their reign of terror is over—and so are they. They know we’re coming after them and they’re terrified.

Why Space Force Terrifies the Deep State & Rogue Secret Space Programs

Learn more about the webinar Dr. Salla speaks of below the video on YouTube or at

Don’t click away without looking at these beautiful ships in the video below. Gina Hill shares the astonishing footage taken by another patriot. Yes, our friends upstairs are keeping a close watch on the shit show unfolding on our planet.

They cannot prevent this war and we have to fight our own battles, but they are protecting us from extinction-level events and do what they can to help without interfering too much. They’re doing more than we know and we couldn’t have done this without them.

We don’t need to worry about “rods from God”, asteroids, fake alien invasions, or anything else on a grand scale… just our planetary skirmishes… Human to Human, so to speak.

There are 5 Ufo Ships!

Thanks to the crew for the shares, as always.

If we can keep our sense of humour, it will go a long way.  ~ BP

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