There is a divinely orchestrated higher purpose to your life ~ September 12, 2020

Editor’s Note: This article really resonates with me! I totally agree with twins “meeting themselves in another form”. This explains how twins are actually mirror images of the other, but more importantly, how their union brings wholeness becoming “One”.

Each of us has the potential to BE ONE within ourselves, so…please read this article with your Magnificent Heart, Beam the Quantum LOVE of this Heart back into Yourself, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


There is a divinely orchestrated higher purpose to your life; you feel it. You are here at this pivotal point to make a special contribution.

A part of coming to Earth is to evolve yourself as well as to serve humanity in some way. Your evolution is your life purpose & your service to humanity is your life work or mission. Both of these things are intertwined because you serve others through your own evolution.

As you evolve, you naturally hold more light code frequency & are able to be that pillar on Earth to anchor the higher dimensions. Each moment you evolve yourself, you automatically are serving the collective as well. In order to do your soul mission, you align with both the higher will & your Higher Self. Many advanced souls are here as Twin Flames, so they fully activate themselves back into alignment of who they are & why they are here on Earth.

Your highest vision about your ideal life on Earth is showing you the potential of your higher path. Do not discard your dreams & visions because they are messages that hold the key to manifestation. Honour yourself & these visions from the deepest part of your being about why you came here now. You are here to transform your world.

Your soul knew that this lifetime there would be new frequencies & energies coming through that were designed to anchor a greater capacity to love & be in harmony than our past. You knew this wave of light frequency would come through & you would meet yourself in another form to assist aiding this world to expand beyond all into the infinite divine potential of higher consciousness.

The higher vibrations that has been coming to Earth is shifting & allowing you to become even more compatible with your soul & on your path of spiritual growth. The inner shifting you experience will create massive changes in your outer reality.

t is no longer a question of having what you want, but making sure you have asked for what you want so you may receive it. As the vibration increases, things will manifest much more rapidly because the aspect of the higher plane is taken on.

When connected to the higher dimensions you experience anything you think about immediately. Right now on Earth, there is an even greater opportunity to open to joy, growth, love & aliveness.

You are a multidimensional being that is tapping into the higher plan of humanity & the evolution of this planet. It is an exciting moment of profound transformation.

~ Abigail Wainwright


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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