September 12, 2020: New Late Night Kew & Humanity Top of the Cabal’s Hit List [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture September 12, 2020

T minus 52 days until the election in America. Prepare for chaos to ramp up and particularly on zero day. When you see what is unfolding across the world, you cannot deny we are under attack. Below are many examples of what they are unleashing on us. They will still lose.

Here’s the link to watch the love fest in Reno, Nevada today.

You’ll have to get the Kew drops here.

Did you know that after 9/11 @realDonaldTrump brought in HUNDREDS of workers to Ground Zero who he paid out of his own pocket to help find & identify victims.

He’s a BORN LEADER & is why I’ve slept soundly since Nov. 8th, 2016.

— 𝑴𝒊𝒄𝒉𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒆 6.0 The Best Is Yet To Come (@TrumpRulzz) September 11, 2020

For anyone who doesn’t believe there are demonic entities in play… to whom Human life and suffering mean nothing…

Justify this:

Abortionist Who Said She Cuts Baby Vocal Chords Before Abortion So They Can’t Scream Loses Medical License via @gatewaypundit

— Eyes On Q (@EyesOnQ) September 11, 2020

Yes, the pentagram over Melbourne is unmistakable.

Guys – a fellow anon @janaforjustice caught this on the RadarBox app. I didn’t believe the screen recording either so I downloaded it & SURE ENOUGH.

What in the actual hell. That pentagram is as clear as DAY.

I zoom in on other flight patterns & this one isn’t changing.

— Red.Pill.Pharmacist (@Red_Pill_Pharma) September 12, 2020

Look at Satan’s police force in Australia.

Is this a joke?

— Dr Sherri Tenpenny (@BusyDrT) September 12, 2020

I finally had to venture into my local credit union for services and went maskless. The big, new bank was empty, and a greeter with a mask approached and asked if I had a face covering. I replied that I didn’t, and have a medical exemption. No challenge. No big deal. Of course when you’re a member, they might be inclined to treat you better than when you’re just a “client”. And when I’m the only customer in the entire place, there’s lots of social distancing.

Who manufactures these hazmat suits? Another profitable enterprise.

Meanwhile in India

— Kingdom Builder (@Kingdom49867884) September 12, 2020

The CDC Accidentally Admits Cloth Masks Are Not Effective

In the UK, the spunky Brits are not having it!

The Corona Virus Hoax being exposed worldwide. Listen and Enjoy! #TheGreatAwakening

— CJTRUTH (@cjtruth) September 12, 2020

Paladin of The White Hats Report did an interesting update recently with a Q&A at the end. The topics varied, but there was a fair bit about the new Quantum Financial System, cryptocurrencies, NESARA/GESARA, and how they’re going to handle the switch to the new currencies.

Podcast #12 – Paladin Solo

Who financed this for Megyn Kelly?

Former Fox News Star Launches New Independent Media Company

Are you aware of this, Canada? On July 1, 2020—Canada Day—legal documents were hand delivered to the US Embassy in Ottawa by Norman Traversy and a gaggle of patriots, successfully logging the grievances to President Trump. The White House has also acknowledged receipt of the electronic version. Learn more here.

If you follow the money Ottawa sent away, it leads to funding terrorism?

— Susanna for New Canada🇨🇦 (@SusannarussoP) September 12, 2020

For thinking people… of course we will rebuild better next time around because we’ve learned from our mistakes.

In 3 00 min Ben Swann Will Tell You How This Pandemic Is An OPPORTUNITY for Reform!

Another early retirement. Very suspicious.  The White Hats must have shown him that compromising material in his file. Step down or else…

Rep. Tom Graves announces early retirement

— The Hill (@thehill) September 12, 2020

Here’s the new video update from And We Know.

9.11.20: [DS] Full N@ZI attack BLITZ on display! FIRES exposed!

Gene goes deeply into the GESARA program and a lot more in this update with Cirsten W. If you are not familiar with how GESARA was set up, this explains it, and also gets into who did what along the way to steal Humanity’s funds. Gene packs a lot into a short show.

Gene says he will be doing a show with Charlie Ward, whose name has come up recently. More on that below from Simon Parkes.

#GeneDecode #22 Nesara,Gesara

Simon Parkes has a brief (30 min) update for us, and Charlie Ward comes up again. As usual, plenty of great information and perspective.

2020 09 11 Connecting Consciousness

Thanks to all the fires, the skies here are foreign. Solid grey filters the sun. It’s like another planet. That’s not the moon, below. The sun looked like this around 7 on Friday morning here in the Valley of the Sun, with a faint pink halo. Until it got over the mountain, you couldn’t tell there was a sun over there. Today we have more of a corona, but it’s still grey everywhere but directly overhead where it’s ice blue, at best.

Check out some of the posts on the Q board about fire experiences. It’s real, alright. America is under attack. Expect it. Maintain situational awareness. If you’re in fire-prone areas, have a bug-out bag ready and a place to go. This one below expresses the threat these animals present. >>10613807 Arson is extremism

Here is the fire drone video that Twitter, Google, and YouTube didn’t want us to see.

— Fukushima Exposed🇨🇦 (@fukushimaexpos2) September 11, 2020

FBI field office, @FBIPortland, is a corrupt agent of the #insurgency taking place against the United States. While paid mercenaries are setting fires all up and down the West Coast, they and their media allies are doing everything to pretend these darkened skies are random.

— Unspeakable Dregs (@GitmoAwaits) September 12, 2020

Police brutality in Germany and the corrupt mass media around the world stay silent because it’s related to the plandemic. If it was to promote one of their causes like BLM then it would be in every channel and paper across the planet 😡

— jon kirby (@jonkirbysthlm) September 12, 2020

What is wrong with people?!

This is Child Abuse.

— Jan (@GeodanNew) September 12, 2020

The Twin Towers…

— DanAuito (@DanAuito) September 12, 2020


Mansion of Founding Family of CIA Raided by FBI’s elite Hazardous Evidence Response Team (HERT)

Trump orders raid on one of the most secretive and powerful Deep State families in America for reasons still unknown.

— MaReQ⭐ (@Mareq16) September 10, 2020

Judging by the number of people I know leaving the planet, there just might be a time crunch. I learned an uncle of mine passed last week, two weeks after my mother and mother-in-law. This video leaves me wondering where they went.

Rose posted this in the small hours this morning when I couldn’t sleep. It’s only about a minute and a half of English text, then several other languages, and then continues on with some video and more after that. Spanish, Russian, French, Turkish, Chinese.

Where is Jesus’s Division? 9-11-2020

(Editor’s Note: Video blocked!)

Prepare for the worst, folks. Scott Mowry has confirmed his high-level military contacts are expecting “round two” this fall. The cabal told us months ago they were planning the second wave. It’s a possibility. They also said it’s a bacteria, not a virus. If that’s true, it’s behaviour and properties will probably be slightly different—although we certainly have very effective protocols for dealing with whatever it is swiftly and surely. Prepare for the worst, but expect the best.

Unsourced but notable.

— Martin Geddes (@martingeddes) September 12, 2020

It’s difficult to watch all the suffering, particularly when you’re also suffering. Being in service to others helps take the focus off our own struggles.

Thanks to the crew for the shares and links. Do check the comments for their contributions. That’s plenty for today. Stay strong; stay safe.  ~ BP

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