Carolyn SERVANT OF YHWH ~ September 10, 2020

Happy 909 Gateway Mars Retrograde Jupiter Direct 🎉 Happy 909 Gateway Mars Retrograde Jupiter Direct this is the final destination of the rising of the Divine Masculine Christ. Egos are no more. Fasten your seat belts, put up your trays, we are heading in for landing. Verdicts are here for your Counterpart over all the entities that broke their heart.

The Most High is saving your Counterpart from mental slavery and mind control. This is giving us all freedom to step into unconditional love of self and each other. This is rapid transformation of the heart space that is rebirthing in the Divine Masculine Christ Collective. The third party karmic seed point in your union that created cheating, lust, and promiscuous behaviors is ending. Your Counterpart is stepping into heart mastery, with the support of the Divine Feminine Christ.

Her love is freeing and filling their heart space with pure unconditional love and prana from the Most High YHWH. This is freeing your union to enter the Kingdom of New Earth.

This is completing the separation we have been clearing since July 2020. Karmic balance is here in your favor. Roses. Sit on your throne and receive Beloveds.

Liberation is here freeing you both from Karmic loops of abadonment and selfishness. Rewards and darma are here for you now, as these verdicts are being delivered now through the weekend of Jupiter direct.

You will be seeing physical results of this all unfolding, as the illusion spells leave all of our minds, and the truth comes to light. God says to continue following the direct guidance He is giving you. He says this is your mission to complete and to keep running to the finish line… coming in for landing 🛬 All Praises to the Most High 🙌🏻 Equilibrium Complete ✅  source: #starseeds#newearth#144000#lightworker#spiritualtruth#ascensionenergy#activations#quantumenergy#intuitivehealing#alchemy#spiritualguidance#twinflames#raiseyourvibe#abundancemindset#divineunion#houseofisrael#sacredunion#createyourownreality#soulpurpose#YHWH#propheticword#brideofchrist#innergrowth#prophecy#christconsiousness#sisterhoodoftherose#liontribeofjudah

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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