How Does Your Divine Purpose Affect Your Abundance?…And What To Do If You Don’t Know Your Divine Purpose ~ September 8, 2020

Editor’s Note: Hmm…why am I here living near Mt. Shasta at this time? Why do I feel “something” imminent in the very near future? Many questions for al ALL, my friends. Please read this message below which resonates strongly within, know our future is secured In Quantum LOVE, and BE in …

Quantum Joy!


Q: How many locations will you be emerging from?

A: Know that there are many, many locations on the planet that are designated as Points for our Emergence. We will not elaborate on them all, as there are just too many. Points of emergence, of course, are entrance ways that open up onto the surface from below, from where we will emerge. They are all camouflaged at this time, and some of them have not as yet been designated. Some entrance points will change in time. We are still in the process of clearing tunnels that havent been used, and clearing entrance ways of piled up debris. Our points of Emergence will not be finalized until the day we emerge, to accommodate the swiftly changing mass consciousness on the surface, and to accommodate last moment contactees.

Q: Can you tell us where some of those entrance points are located?

A: There will be points of entry in every country on the Globe. We dont as yet know the exact locations until we know who the contactees are. Yes, Austria, Australia, Switzerland, Greece and Germany are most definitely included; as is Mt. Shasta in California, Pacifica in California, Rochester, NY, Hawaii, Washington State, Illinois and Texas. As we have spoken before, the locations are just too numerous to name them all. But rest assured that we will be emerging around the Globe, and you can picture these points by imagining the Globe dotted with sparkling diamonds, and wherever you cast your gaze, you will see sparkling lights dotting the landscape. These lights are our entrance points on the surface, camouflaged until the very moment of our appearance.

Q: How can one sign-up to be a contactee in these locations?

A: Just ask, and you are chosen. It is that simple. Know that nobody is ever chosen for anything. Everybody chooses themselves for whatever it is that they want to participate in. This is Universal Law. So when someone asks to be a contactee, that person already has been chosen, by the very act of asking the question.

Q: How do I know if there is a Point of Emergence where I live?

A: Know that if you ask to be a contactee, your locality is then designated as one of our Points. Q: What will be the signs of your Emergence?

A: When the time for our emergence is ripe, there will be many signs for you to heed. You will feel our presence surrounding you, and your sense of feeling that you are about to be contacted will heighten. You may even hear our thoughts as we try to reach you telepathically. But rest assured that you will clearly know that we are about to embark on our trip up to the surface.

Q: After one has signed-up to be a contactee, what would be the duties prior to and after the physical contact with your people?

A: After one has signed-up to be a contactee, all the information and responsibilities that this person will need, will be given in the dream state, and ready to access when we begin our emergence. They are like codes that will fire off at the precise time, so that each person, in each locality, will know exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. You will know everything you need to know, and the information will reside within your etheric body, where it will be safely kept until the exact time of our emergence. You dont have to do any thinking about what your tasks or responsibilities will be, for you will be inner-directed and inner guided, and you will feel our presence, and feel our guidance, coupled with your inner codes firing the information to your outer mind at the exact moment necessary. All that you need to accomplish your task as one of our contactees will be already within you. So rest assured that you have nothing outwardly to do to prepare for this time, when you will be helping us by serving as one of our contactees. But you do have something inwardly to do to prepare for this time, and that is to open your heart and feel our love streaming to you; merge your heart with this current of love, and connect with it in your heart space. We ask all who read these messages to do the same, whether or not they have volunteered to be one of our contactees.

Q: Where will you live when you come to the surface?

A: I AM ADAMA speaking to you on behalf of our people from the SUBTERRANEAN CITY OF TELOS, located beneath MT. SHASTA in CALIFORNIA, USA. Mikos suggested that I answer this question.

We greet you on the dawn of our emergence unto the surface of Earth. We have waited long for this day, and now it is here. We from below are fully ready for this momentous and grand emergence unto your surface lands and into your houses, where we hope to be welcomed by all. We know your love and light will make us feel right at home. Now we have some business to take care of. Know that there will be many thousands of us emerging from below, and we will all need homes to stay in. So we are asking those Lightworkers from above, who would like to volunteer and open up their homes to us, to please let us know. You can do this by calling on Mikos in the Hollow Earth or myself in Telos, and sending your thoughts stating that you wish to open your homes to us when we appear on the surface in the very near future. This will help us greatly in formulating our individual plans and preparing for our trip to our new homes upstairs. We thank you for taking this communiqué.


We Hope You Will Hasten To Our Call

Our hearts are lit up with the joy of our connection with you this day, and the joy of knowing that all our words will go out to the masses on the surface so that they will know that their condition is reversible and can be changed in a moment into beauty and Light. The health of all life on Earth is dependent upon this connection into your inner beings, into the connection with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth, the Subterranean Cities of Light, and We, in the Hollow Globe.

Your mental and emotional health is dependent upon this connection, and your survival is dependent upon your connection with all life forms; especially the trees, who beckon and call to you and yearn to speak with you. Flow yourselves into us, as we flow ourselves into you, and this mighty ocean will flow this whole Earth into the fifth dimension of Light.

We bid you adieu, our brothers and sisters on Earth, and hope you will hasten to Our Call, for Our Call is also Your Call from Within.

It is all the same Call. It is the ONE CALL from the Mighty Creator calling us all home. All planets, In all Universes, Will only evolve now~ Forever for Eternity! source:


Photo: Koronadal City PHILIPPINES September 3, 2020

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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  1. There are some of us lightworkers already on the surface who could use a room, garage, attic, shed or simply tent space, too — happy to make rental contributions for same. California is easiest but will go where called. Just thought I’d put it out there. Blessings, beautiful souls.


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