September 4, 2020: Mounting Tyranny is Red Pilling Humanity [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture   September 4, 2020

Here’s an interesting Tweet referencing the Trump rally last night. I really needed that injection of energy, levity and confidence. President Trump was very relaxed and seemed to enjoy himself—as did the crowd. He abandoned his usual “uniform” of red, white, and blue, and donned a beautiful turquoise tie. His ties have been very colourful of late.

Some called it tiffany blue… like John Kennedy Jr.’s blue coat at his father’s funeral.

They also played Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Fortunate Son” before the President arrived. Coincidence?

While on the topic of Trump events, you may wish to take in the boat rally scheduled for Sunday. RSBN will cover it. Watch at the video link below.

On Tuesday, September 8th the rally venue is Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Tickets here. Click on the “Events” tab.

RSBN suggested Las Vegas, Nevada may be the next one, on Sunday, September 13th and they anticipate they’ll be doing two rallies a week before long.

LIVE: Potomac Boaters for Trump “Trumptilla” Boat Parade LIVE from DC

There was an extraordinary Schumann Resonance reading yesterday. Did we short out a large contingent of the demonic entities? Folks noticed a flatline. Perhaps a reset. Some suggest the strong solar winds played a role, while Jim, the Unknown Lightwarrior and the Ground Crew were hard at work in the nether realms recently so it may be a combination.

Simon Parkes is back from vacation and did an update on the weekend. His first bit of war news involves what’s unfolding in Australia with respect to the tunnels, underground bases, explosions, and the extrication of trapped children. The quarantines are in part, cover for the special forces to go in and do what they need to do.

The usual fascinating topics come up as well, including alien disclosure, information downloads, extradimensional Beings, forced vaccinations, etc. It all depends on what happens on November 3rd, 2020; the most important election Humanity has ever faced, Simon states.

It’s an extra-long show at 1 hr: 31 min.

2020 08 29 Connecting Consciousness – Simon Parkes

Yeah, the media hate Trump, and it shows. They don’t “spin” stories any more—they just plain make shit up. No basis in fact whatsoever.

Anyone familiar at all with President Trump and the work he has done to protect and serve the American veterans would relegate The Atlantic’s article to the dust bin without reading the whole thing. Over and over again the President has honoured and elevated the veterans.

He has ensured that staff at the veterans’ hospitals who dishonoured, disrespected, and abused the patients were removed. He has ensured if vets need immediate medical attention they can go to any provider and be reimbursed. He speaks of these initiatives often. To put out such drivel is suicide and only a moron would believe it. The media is done. Thank you to Charlie Kirk for this perspective.

How much more torture of Human Beings do we have to witness?

I can’t believe people are sitting here listening to this Wiccan crap, or that the military administration would even allow it. WTH is wrong with America? It’s time the military got woke.

Some are upset about this, as well. Why is the most powerful military force on the planet doing exercises with masks on and paraded all over social media?

If you’re worried about getting coronavirus, get your preventive medicine handy and relax—just in case.

Approved by American Intelligence Media leadership, Betsy/Tyla and Thomas/Douglas Gabriel. You pay for a consult, and then hopefully they will approve your prescription. Hydroxychloroquine is a very inexpensive product and it sounds like this provider is working out well.

Here’s a blast from the past, in case you missed it. Not too distant past. Not a deep fake, either. He said it. On live television. We’re coming for the rest of you, too.

Another one bites the dust. Law enforcement has killed the ANTIFA psycho who murdered Trump patriot/Patriot Prayer Group member Aaron “Jay” Danielson in cold blood in Portland, OR recently.

Man linked to fatal downtown Portland shooting killed by officers in Washington

Trump supporters who attend to the needs of other peaceful protestors are called “far right” by the treasonous media, of course.

I’ve spoken of the scandalous amount of taxation in Canada on occasion. Perhaps you thought I was exaggerating. Not so.

They have to collect enough money to house, feed, and care for the thousands of immigrants pouring in under the Trudeau government, don’t they? And they have to come up with the “subsidy” Trudy awarded the CBC so they would protect his interests in the media, and let’s not forget all the millions sent to corrupt globalist organizations.

Canadians spending more on taxes than basic necessities

Canada—speak up! Defund the CBC! They are supposed to answer to YOU.

You must stop the tyranny, Canada. Journalists cannot simply be arrested on public property for doing their job. It’s not lawful. Video at the link.

BREAKING: David Menzies ARRESTED in Brampton

LT at And We Know uploaded a new video this morning  covering the latest important news.

9.4.20: Pelosi’s HAIRy highlights + Biden’s IV – Here we

Readership is usually lower on Fridays, so we’ll leave it there.  ~ BP

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