To all Beloved Souls ~ September 3, 2020

To all Beloved Souls as Above in physical and non physical Divine bodies of Love and Light, and Divine Light and Love above, so physical and non physical Divine bodies of Love and Light, and Divine Light and Love below in inner Earth and on our surface, we are now in huge crossroads for many awakened Souls of Humankind, that have been awakened, but confused with truth coming on surface what negative alien agenda with their human minions have done to Humanity through many thousand years, with appearance of corona world lock down virus / programmed by quantum AI computer software program by negative ones to break down economy financial system and human societies with fear and panic with silly wearing masks and make new face fashion “kind “ of humanities, totally non functional / and it does not to be functional, because corona virus is just hologram of software program of remnants of 3 D, not existing in higher Dimensional world / but in differ shape, design and colour/. Many of awakened humanities are confused with political scenario with trying to start nuclear WWIII, with reduction of humanities less than 10 %, but this war will destroy our beloved Mother Earth, too, what can not happen in any scenario of NAA and Quantum Ai computer, because We awaken Star seed and Advanced Light workers with our multidimensionsl selves in 144 ooo White Brotherhood/ Sisterhood to our Beloved Divine Father / Mother God / Our Divine Source / as One, and We are collectively in Universe and Multi verse leaded by our Divine Love and light energies with collective Heart to Heart chacra portals. This is Divine Call for all Humanities / awaken and non awaken yet/ together with all beloved Souls in all kingdoms / lovely plants and animals, from insects / connected with antarian people, and Lyons and dolphins and Whales and all others, and with Crystal mineral kingdoms and Elements : Lovely Dragons in Ascension an Unicorns, and Fairies and Pegasus and many other Mythological beings, and I am calling all this Kingdom to together hart to hart, and hand to hand make strong Divine Light of Love, and heart to heart rainbow bridge to help all Beloved Souls of Light and Love to pass over this void / where the last remnants of darkness trying to take some of souls to negative side, even in this Full moon in Pisces / with both sides Light and Dark / , and particularly in this rare event of Saturn / Pluto conjunction, when the last was happen in 1576 year, when dark side fully take over our planet, and humanity and all Kingdoms.
Now and Here is time for all of us, Human kind, together with all Beloved Souls from all Kingdom and Elements / calling for mythological beings as our beloved Ascended Dragon society, being leaded by El Thor and Alisheriya as my connection, and fairies, and collective Pegasys and Unicorns and Giants and all other lovely beings to come back and all together with beloved Universal Divine souls of many Star Families, present in Star Families of Light and Love / In Galactic Federation of Light / and Ashtar Star Families, with all beloved Ascended Masters, and Masters, and All beloved Angelic and Archangelic realms with beloved Archangel Michael as leading them, with deeply connected with our Beloved Father / Mother God / our prime Creator with Cosmic and Universal Mothers of all of creations / to all together make new creation of Divine New Earth and new Divine Human Societies and societies of all Divine Beings, not just on our lovely Planet Mother Earth, but in all Universe, and Mulit verse and whole Cosmos, based on Divine Love and Light, bringing peace and love, and prosperities equally for all, with harmony and grace and abundance for all equally with happiness and joy, as being established here as Golden age of Aquarius, so be in whole Universe in Multiverse and Cosmos, with rebuilding, based on original blue prints, as before of all this nonsense destructive wars, with bringing global peace and prosperities, with shaking hands to hands / or taking pipe of peace / among the worse “ Enemies “ / actually We are all coming from one Divine Source of endless Love and Light, but forgetting for this, many playing negative roles for eons of time, non aware that this is only Game, but at one moment being leaded by software program of Quantum Ai computer, that change from heart to Ego mind software program in illusionary world, copying our emotions, and with this last edition of corona virus / that has aim to reunite world but with positive emotions and raising frequency with Love and Light, not at all by fear and panic / what media want to do /, and with raising our collective frequency, we will make strong defence system that will defeat any negative ideas, and any virus or any other kind of germs, and defeat any 5G, or any trying to start any new war, or any tragic events. This is the right time to collectively open our heart portals with all beings all around and above and bellow, absorbing this huge waves of Divine Love and Light, with new light codes trough Solar flesh. I am that I am, and calling for great reunion of our 144 000 star seeds with all of Human tribes, with all Beloved Souls of all Kingdom and Elements, to be heart to heart connected with heart of our beloved Mother Earth / Goddess Gaia, with our Inner Earth Families below, and with our Star Families above, with al of our beloved Company of Heaven, to our beloved Father / Mother God , and all together to jump over this void, and taking all beings, including those who joined to us recently, and connecting to the golden river to our Source, to being One of Divine Love and Light, and Divine Light and Love. This long Peace Divine train of sacred heart/ mind in the core of strong 144 000 bonds with all other connected, has starting to take all Souls from this 3D, that has been disappeared, to 5Dimensional world of Peace, and Divine Love and Light, and Harmony and Abundance equally for All, and Happiness and Joy, and respecting each other equally.
All our forgiveness and Love, to all of our past life times with all clearing of our memory bank of DNA, and forgiveness and Compassion and Love for all of those playing negative role, and making so much harm to our beloved mother Earth, and all beloved Kingdoms and Elements, and all Humankind, and message to be awaken being in bubbles of surrounded twin flames of love and light, or those who decided to continue 3D games, to finish positively to the light, playing on another 3 D planet.
All my love to whole Cosmos, and Love and Healing to our beloved Mother Earth/ Goddess Gaia, and Beloved Father Sun Sol.


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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