September 2, 2020: New Kew & Going for Broke in a High Stakes Game [videos] ~ September 2, 2020

Starship Earth: The Big Picture September 2, 2020

No one can truthfully say nothing is happening or that arrests have not taken place. See the exhaustive list in the latest Kew drops. The list comprises Democrats followed by Republicans.

Most of the world is unaware of the epic battle unfolding on our planet between factions they are unaware exist. On the surface it appears to be the People versus their respective governments, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The shrouds concealing our history are slowly falling away, however, and Humanity is rapidly roused from their hypnotic trance as events become so outrageous and so dangerous they can no longer ignore them.

I’ve heard interesting things about how our elevated brothers and sisters have reached out to government representatives and explained where we actually are with respect to this construct we occupy and call a “planet”.

Some suggested the “ten days of darkness” we’re half expecting might entail ten days of the pre-recorded videos the White Hats have prepared to re-educate Humanity as to our true history and just what has been happening all these decades and at whose bloody hands.

The pace has certainly ramped up as we have only 60 days or so until the most critical election ever. The tension is palpable. The stakes are high.

Most are yet unaware that the dark cabal fired a missile at Airforce 1 a couple of years ago in an effort to eliminate President Trump. The People must realize this isn’t about an election. It’s not about parties. It’s not about a few corrupt politicians.

What is unfolding is the penultimate battle in our quest for our final freedom. On the surface, it’s about freedom from tyranny and oppression, but the final act will be freedom from this construct where Humanity has been trapped for lifetime after lifetime. It’s not even possible to explain this to more than a handful of people at this point. They can’t conceive of it. There is no language to convey the concept.

The bloodline families of the “global elite” have had their media do a convincing job of ensuring Humans believe we live on a spinning ball called a planet. If you question, you are ridiculed. They don’t want us to be aware we are fighting a bitter spiritual war, including in realms we don’t see or know exist.

We have been brainwashed into believing we are alone in the Universe because those who have been preying on us didn’t want us to suspect they might be from outside our reality. Hybrid monsters pose as Human. They’re bloodthirsty creatures not from here. It may sound absurd, but… we know who the satanic marauders are and we have help from outside this realm to eliminate them from Creation. They are the arch-enemies of all sentient life, it seems.

The takedown won’t be accomplished through escalated murder and bloodshed, however. It will be done peaceably, calmly, methodically, and Humanely; according to the Rule of Law. Sentient life must be respected and preserved as much as possible, but there will be collateral damage. This war is not different in that respect.

If one chooses to go against the Galactic Codex, one can expect consequences. Many sacrifices have been made by those who understand the gravity of this war and we can expect a rocky road but we will get through it. The world is already a better and safer place than it was four years ago.

The deep insiders communicate with those of us who chose to awaken earlier than the rest but we had to learn how to communicate. “Learn our comms”, QAnon told us, and also “everything has meaning”.

Melania Trump army-style garb at RNC August 2020

Numerology, Gematria, colours, symbols, wordplay, clothing, hand signs… they aren’t limited to the secret societies waging war against us. In times of war any means to communicate within the ranks of the factions are used. We see it every day. Some of us see more than others and some are masters at dot connecting.

The truth is revealed every day, and more is coming. Disclosure is coming—whether Humanity is ready or not. It’s time we grew up and stepped into our power.

The first two videos Themtube showed me this morning as I cruised for news were these, so let’s go with it.

LK does a beautiful job bringing through the wisdom of SerialBrain2 in his videos. These are interpretations. Take them for what you will. Develop your own. We’re all feeling our way along on our individual journey “home”, and in a world where nothing is what it seems, it’s quite a journey.

SerialBrain2: Are We Alone?

We’ve given up trying to explain the things we see and hear any more. This is all part of our “new normal”, less than 5 minutes.

For anyone new, we understand the triangle craft are Earth fleet ships; TR3B or something of that line. The truth about the “secret space program” run by the dark cabal for a very long time will be coming out eventually.

Hovering Craft Filmed Right NEXT To The Road! – Less Than 300 Meters Away

Rallies have morphed somewhat in the plandemic days and the President will be ramping up the energy at another hangar in Pennsylvania tomorrow.

Watch LIVE: President Trump Holds Campaign Event in Latrobe, PA 9/3/20

Eyes on… heads up. When the cabal tweets about a family dog dying, it’s usually about something else. A hit.

Last week, our family said goodbye to our beloved dog Mia after 13 and a half joyful years.

These past few months, we were lucky to get so much quality time with Mia at home.

For those of you with furry friends in your family, I hope you can cherish the extra time with them.

— Adam Schiff (@RepAdamSchiff) September 1, 2020

The deep state never ceases to plan ways to try to wrest their control back from the Earth Alliance. An interview the President recorded with Fox’s Laura Ingraham revealed that a team of trained men, agents provocateurs was intercepted on a flight to Washington to terrorize people during the Republican National Convention.

Dan Bongino confirmed that in yesterday’s podcast from his own sources, saying the city the President didn’t mention in the interview was Portland. The gangs trained by the New World Order to cause chaos and destruction in major American cities are transferrable to whatever locations they desire. They’re mind controlled mercenaries, activated as needed.

We have this interesting comm from the folks hosting the Q board at 8Kun.

It is almost time to release <codename> Project Odin.

— Ron (@CodeMonkeyZ) September 2, 2020

Another tactic the enemy uses to sway the opinion of the public is lies about President Trump’s health. Why would they even go there when Joe Biden is holding on by a mere thread, presenting as an imbecile who can’t even read from a telepromter? Of course the fake news must be addressed.

Strange they never talk about Joe Biden’s TWO brain aneurysms and brain surgeries. Yes, Biden had two explosions in his brain, but obviously that has nothing to do with why he can’t remember where he is most days!

Read all about it in Liberal Privilege!

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) September 1, 2020

The LIES about @realDonaldTrump‘s health are DISGUSTING.

Here’s the truth: As the President’s doctor, I knew about this trip WEEKS in advance & it had NOTHING to do with his brain or heart.@CNN is using this as a distraction to cover for the cognitively compromised Joe Biden.

— Ronny Jackson (@RonnyJackson4TX) September 2, 2020

The Patriots are fighting back in clever ways.

Trump had the US Marshall’s go to Portland OR and cross deputize the Oregon State Troopers.

So now when the sheriffs arrest Antifa rioters and looters they automatically face federal charges which include up to 10 years in prison. #Checkmate #LawAndOrder!#antifa

— Ann Vandersteel (@annvandersteel) September 2, 2020

The tales of murder and intrigue continue today.

German government says Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was poisoned with a nerve agent

I can only handle so much death before I shut down and didn’t want to talk about the latest murder of a young soldier near Fort Hood but I wondered since there have been so many, why haven’t we been able to stop it? Perhaps they’ve made some progress.

🛸TooTallRN🛸 (@VeteransAlways_) September 1, 2020

Anyone who believes the medical industrial complex is designed to make our lives better needs to wake up and protect their children.

I wonder if the vaccine companies should be investigated?

— They never thought she would lose. (@Goodfrens1) August 31, 2020

Humans are prey. The research of selfless people shows us just what these predators have been up to at Planned Parenthood and it is beyond revolting. This young journalist is currently embroiled in a costly lawsuit to protect himself from the firestorm that erupted when he made his undercover interviews public.

Now you know why the Democrats insisted that abortion clinics are “essential services” and needed to remain open during the shutdown. They need their food supply and injections of cash available.

Court hears that harvesting fetal hearts requires the baby to be living: Daleiden tells of horror at discovery

The corruption never seems to slow down and the Caribbean is a hotbed of illegal activity.

Agents Seize $27 Million In U.S. Currency Inside Boxes Bound For St. Thomas.

— U.S. Attorney PR (@USAO_PR) September 1, 2020

The truth will have to come out for those who cannot yet see it. Those used by the bloodline families to control their fellow man are discovering their Humanity.

I got to meet a few more Patriots on the walk home. They told me some of the younger police officers had broken into tears and had to be taken off the job. They know “Coronavirus” (lockdowns, masks, fear) is a Big Lie™ and cannot cope. There is hope for the future.

— Martin Geddes (@martingeddes) August 29, 2020

I understand that @metpoliceuk wrote to #ExtinctionRebellion to remind them that organisers of any group gathering of more than 30 people will face fines of £10,000. In the event, nobody was fined £10,000. Why is the law enforced on some gatherings but not on others?

— Adrian Hilton (@Adrian_Hilton) September 2, 2020

Of course the tyrants are going to put on a show of force and ensure there are deterrents.

In Berlin the storm troopers strolled down the avenue during the Freedom Festival and picked out peaceful patriots at random and arrested them; no doubt claiming they weren’t wearing masks or social distancing.

In London they made an example of Jeremy Corbyn’s older brother, the organizer of the UK Freedom protest, because gatherings larger than 30 people are against the law, they claimed.

The police are largely sheep and if they are not working to serve and protect the People and support the tyrants instead, they are the enemy. It’s not what they get a paycheque from taxpayers for and they have to come to terms with that and make their decision as to whose side they are fighting on.

Piers Corbyn, 73, arrested and handed £10k fine over Trafalgar Square ‘anti-lockdown protests’

It’s really bad in Australia. In Melbourne the police come to your home if you publish “conspiracies” on Facebook and it’s happening in Victoria, as well. This isn’t a “government”. It’s a dictatorship. Utter tyranny. How does law enforcement sleep at night?

This is nuts!

— Karli 🇺🇸 (@KarluskaP) September 2, 2020

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse… Canada’s going whole hog on locking in the coronavirus as a long-term way of life. Trudeau stated long ago it’s the “new normal” and will extend into the next two years.

It’s time to indoctrinate our youth.

Ontario universities to teach COVID-19-related courses this fall

What October surprises can we expect in America?

POTUS just confirmed a Kennedy will unify America again.

— DOQ 🇺🇸 (@doqholliday) September 2, 2020

BREAKING: CNN shut out of presidential debates for first time in 12 years ostensibly due to the cable network’s overtly anti-Trump bias

— Paul Sperry (@paulsperry_) September 2, 2020

Election entertainment.

Can Joe Come Out And Debate?

— Mad Liberals (@mad_liberals) September 2, 2020

This last one is the ultimate but might make you lose your lunch.

Signing off.  ~ BP

Creepy Joe Biden Phone Tongue Girl Meme

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