Collective Timeline Shift – You Are the Alchemists ~ Collective Timeline Shift: Imminent and Palpable ~ September 1, 2020

Editor’s Note: Please join me as we ALL experience the bliss of our fast-approaching wave of connection, leaving us to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Today there is a blackout in the Schuman resonance indicating we are hopping timelines collectively today.

Set very clear intentions to be aligned to the highest possible timeline, working for the highest good of earth and her inhabitants.

Happy travels my multi dimensional family. Time to sit back and watch yourself shift into the bliss state of deep connection. (Missing data = timeline hop) By Bridgette Jester : Starseed Mass Meeting


Blessings Beloveds ~

Another positive collective timeline shift is imminent. Gratitude to all who have participated during this Gateway. Congratulations on a task well done. This shift will physicalize as we enter September, another reality-shifting month in this transformative year.

Please stay focused on highest outcomes for all of HUmanity through the Crystalline Full Moon next Tuesday. The magnetics may make it feel like a switch has been flipped – because it has.

This continues to be a powerful passage, with massive amounts of positive change ahead. Dismantling and revelation are imminent side-effects. Rough to witness this collective subconscious purge sometimes. Of course there are attempts to steer hearts and minds into drama; let them have their experience, it does need to physicalize and release. As always, keep focus on the revelation of New Earth – and co-creating it.

Deconstruction of the old includes physical changes in these realms. This should not be a surprise, nor an opportunity for sensationalism, nor a way to keep old narratives alive. The inorganic realities must collapse, just as the time structures must collapse, in order to reveal the organic truth of Now Presence. This is a strong passage for physicalization of the etheric, and much of our elemental activity is reflecting clearing across the realms. Everything is amplified; be discerning about which stories (or spells) you support.

Amplified Visions of New Stargates and New Geometries

We are in a highly charged wave, increasing in photonic density, which is flipping our collective realities. If you find yourself entangled with the lower drama, now is the moment to change lanes. Give yourself the gift of responsible Creation: Feel the New, emphasize new choices to retrain the body, and be grateful for all of it.

Positive photons create order, which can look like chaos as inorganic realities crumble. Apply multidimensional awareness to everything; the lower realities have been called an illusion for good reason. Utilize your superpower of LOVE. Higher choices, moment to moment. The heart field expands and reveals discord within. Release, reset, flip to the organic realities of peace.

Anticipate some reverberation across the dimensions as the organic timeline override takes place. It won’t be over in a moment, we are blessed to witness the dismantling of the old fading away from our timelines. This shift initiates a phase of accelerated dismantling (we requested this as a collective). This also accelerates revelation of the New, and implementation of new systems.

Grand stargates have been opened in August. Vivid and New pliable, dynamic geometries flow through these organic gates. Meditate on Freedom of the heart and pineal, less reinforcement of the old limiting structures. Remember the 2020 sleight-of-hand messages, and let your heart steer your personal experience through these shifts. As Gaia has said; There are no old stories in the New Earth realm. Reflect this in your lifestream and flip your narrative if needed.

You may feel exhausted as the spiraling crystalline plasma light intensifies. Many will take on a new level of Christ consciousness over the next few months to stabilize the December influx. We become the bridge between worlds, right through our activated DNA.

Suggestions for Embodying the Higher Timeline Experience

Divine Neutrality. Neutral and empowered to pivot in a moment. Drop the dualistic judgment of who is good or bad. Place your focus on what you desire, see the collective lessons in everything. We receive what we focus on. Heart-based discernment serves these magnetic and timeline shifts.

Water Fast. One of the simplest ways to uplevel DNA, gain focus and raise your light quotient is a 1-3 day water fast. Just water. Fasting clears the fields, mind, glands (chakras), organs, cells and DNA, which is why it is an honored spiritual practice. It boosts your mitochondria and sweeps out weak/distorted cells. As always, check with your body, Higher guidance and health care guide to do what is best for your path. Follow your guidance; your body and path are unique.

Meditation and practices of highest intent. Bring all of your Multidimensional Self to the table right now. Practice radiant, expansive, Godhead-level meditation. Sound, toning and Light language are powerful activators in this Now.

Join us for the SUNday Unity Meditations, use that collective support to create the New. We connect offline to strengthen the organic experience of pure unity consciousness. The vibration of Love on SUNdays (the day of honoring Crystalline-Solar light within and without) is palpable and healing.

Move your body and lightbodies. Yoga, exercise, dance, walk, whatever you love. The vibration of the NEW freedom codes needs to be expressed – not pondered on a mental level. Get the energy moving so you release the old timeline entanglements easily and encourage new DNA to reconnect.

Rest, Sleep, BE in this new light. Collective Timeline shifts have always been exhausting. This year is powerful, and yes, it is exhausting. It requires deep rest, sleep, meditation and Presence to reconnect and rebundle our DNA. The Crystalline strands level up every time we hit these collective choice-points for how the journey will unfold. And this is a HUge leap connected to December outcomes. Sleep is necessary. Don’t make it a problem. Rest.

Apply Mastery skills of forgiveness, clemency, gratitude, unconditional love, and Ascension in every thought, word, and deed. To know is to do.Unity Consciousness reveals everything: this requires a level of transparency which may be out of your comfort zone. Be seen, felt and heard as the Crystalline BEing you are. Practice highest intent moment to moment.

Connect with Gaia. As active participants in this co-creation of Ascension, we level up our Creator skills with the unlocking of the Living Library. This isn’t just the revelation of who we were, rather who we are becoming. This continues to expand with our collective shifts. Get outside to align and receive. If you cannot get outside, connect with plants, animals, wood, minerals, crystals, nature sounds, epsom/salt baths and organic fragrances in your space.

Anticipate brilliance. Miracles are a natural outcome of embodying pure spirit. As we become conduits of our Multidimensional Self, embodying the positive photonic plasma, our realities reflect crystalline BEingness (and it makes your skin sparkle). The Creator State is a very different way of BEing; encourage a little bit of New every day.

Pliable reality. Organic Primary timelines operate in flow, Now time. As they become readily available, let your plans be pliable, stay alert to higher callings in the heart space. Creativity is key to resonating with New Earth realities; apply creative solutions to everything which presents on your path.

Here is a Gatekeeper decree for the Now:

We call forth the pure organic Primary Christed timelines of Ascension
 to override and overwrite all lower timelines and distortions,
and provide the pure and true organic experience of Ascension for all willing hearts.

We call forth the positive Photonic Light and Source-encoded Crystalline plasma
to infuse the cosmic stargates, Solaris, Gaia, kingdoms, elementals and beloved Humanity,
across all timelines, parallel realities seen and unseen,
to puritize and Divinitize all creations to the highest level allowed by Cosmic Law.

I open myself as a conduit of Source, the One pure and true Infinite Creator,
to flow the Diamond-Solar Light of revelation, unconditional Love and purification,
through all of these realms, in the highest interests of all concerned.

I ordain this under all graces and forces of pure Source consciousness. So it is.

SUNday Unity Meditations

Join us offline in the unified field on SUNday, August 30. All Crystalline Hearts on Deck for the palpable acceleration of the higher timeline. Global Unity Meditations at 5:11am, 8:11am and 11:11am Pacific Daylight Time. (UTC-7).  Details and guided meditation HERE

I send all of you Love and strength as we move into the final months of 2020. This is a phase of wonder and brilliance. May we honor it and use the energies to co-create the highest experience for all concerned. Let us show Humanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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